Which names readily pop up in your mind when you think of greatest American dancers? Is it the King of Pop Michael Jackson and his famous moonwalk or the graceful Beyonce and her sexy swag or is it the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and his signature pelvic thrust? Or do you deem Hollywood dancing pioneers like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, John Travolta, Jennifer Beals, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, and Natalie Portman as the country's best dancers? America has been hotbed of some really amazing dancers, besides showbiz entertainers, who influenced generations and generations of dancers (and some showmen too). Danseuses like Mary Wigman, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Lester Horton, and Twyla Tharp who laid the cornerstone of contemporary dance with their avant-garde, non-traditional moves and style, inspiring millions to tap their feet like no one is watching. Without any ado, let us get exploring the timeline, trivia and interesting facts of famous American contemporary dancers in the biographies here.
Chloe LukasiakChloe Lukasiak
25 May 2001
Dancer, Actor, Model, Social Media Personality
Isadora DuncanIsadora Duncan
27 May 1877
Dancer & Choreographer

Dominic SandovalDominic Sandoval
15 October 1985

Martha GrahamMartha Graham
11 May 1894
Modern dancer and choreographer

Juliet ProwseJuliet Prowse
25 September 1936

Merce CunninghamMerce Cunningham
16 April 1919
Dancer and Choreographer
Brynn RumfalloBrynn Rumfallo
01 July 2003
Dancer, Model

Katherine DunhamKatherine Dunham
22 June 1909
Dancer, Choreographer, Social Activist, Author

JoJo GomezJoJo Gomez
09 July 1993
Dancer, Choreographer

Nadia TurnerNadia Turner
19 April 2004
Ian EastwoodIan Eastwood
16 April 1993
Dancer, Choreographer

Nicole LaenoNicole Laeno
05 December 2005
Dancer, Actress, Model
Lilia BuckinghamLilia Buckingham
09 April 2003

Nick MaraNick Mara
08 November 1997

Olivia HaschakOlivia Haschak
01 September 2005
Alan BerstenAlan Bersten
26 May 1994

Doris HumphreyDoris Humphrey
17 October 1895
Dancer and Choreographer
Julian DeGuzmanJulian DeGuzman
13 April 2001

Larsen ThompsonLarsen Thompson
19 November 2000

Lexee SmithLexee Smith
02 March 2001
Dancer, Actress, Model
Madison HaschakMadison Haschak
28 June 2000
Dancer, social media personality

Mollee GrayMollee Gray
15 May 1991
Dancer, Actress
Russell HorningRussell Horning
19 December 2001

Jacy JordanJacy Jordan
24 February 1997

Camryn BridgesCamryn Bridges
11 May 2002

Bella BluBella Blu
30 April 2008
Dancer, Reality TV Personality
Kamryn BeckKamryn Beck
25 February 2000
Addison MoffettAddison Moffett
03 February 1998

Aniyah InmanAniyah Inman
23 March 2002

Brightyn BremsBrightyn Brems
10 January 2006

Crystianna SummersCrystianna Summers
20 June 2002
Contemporary Dancers
Dylynn JonesDylynn Jones
26 April 2002

Gianna NewborgGianna Newborg
20 November 1999

Maesi CaesMaesi Caes
18 March 2005
Dancer, YouTuber

Robert LammRobert Lamm
13 October 1944
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Pianist

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James PankowJames Pankow
20 August 1947
Musician, Songwriter
Matthew NelsonMatthew Nelson
20 September 1967