Find out more about the greatest 19th Century Pianists, including Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, Duke Ellington, Camille Saint-Saëns and Sergei Prokofiev.
Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington
29 April 1899, American
Composer, Pianist and Bandleader
Frédéric ChopinFrédéric Chopin
01 March 1810, Polish

Franz LisztFranz Liszt
22 October 1811, German, Hungarian
Composer, pianist, conductor and teacher

Erik SatieErik Satie
17 May 1866, French

Florence Foster JenkinsFlorence Foster Jenkins
19 July 1868, American

Jimmy DuranteJimmy Durante
10 February 1893, American
Actor, Comedian, Singer, Pianist
Sergei ProkofievSergei Prokofiev
23 April 1891, Ukrainian
Composer and pianist

Camille Saint-SaensCamille Saint-Saëns
09 October 1835, French
Composer, Organist, Pianist

Gabriel FauréGabriel Fauré
12 May 1845, French
French Composer & Pianist

Isaac AlbenizIsaac Albeniz
29 May 1860, Spanish
Adolf von HenseltAdolf von Henselt
12 May 1814, German

Franz SchubertFranz Schubert
31 January 1797, Austrian
Composer, Pianist
Clara SchumannClara Schumann
13 September 1819, German
Pianist, Composer, Music educator

Irving BerlinIrving Berlin
11 May 1888, American, Russian
Street artist, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter,

Jelly Roll MortonJelly Roll Morton
20 October 1890, American
Pianist, Bandleader, Composer, Conductor, Jazz
Alexander ScriabinAlexander Scriabin
06 January 1872, Russian
Composer, Pianist, University teacher

W. C. HandyW. C. Handy
16 November 1873, American
Trumpeter, Composer, Songwriter, Autobiographer,
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldErich Wolfgang Korngold
29 May 1897, Austrian, Czech, American
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Film score composer

Jules MassenetJules Massenet
12 May 1842, French
Composer, Musicologist, Music educator, University

Francisco TárregaFrancisco Tárrega
21 November 1852, Spanish
Guitarist, Composer, Classical guitarist, Pianist
Anton RubinsteinAnton Rubinstein
28 November 1829, Russian
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Musicologist, Music

Fanny MendelssohnFanny Mendelssohn
14 November 1805, German
Composer, Pianist
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorSamuel Coleridge-Taylor
15 August 1875, British
Composer, Pianist, Conductor

Carl NielsenCarl Nielsen
09 June 1865, Danish
Conductor, Composer, Choreographer,

Max BrodMax Brod
27 May 1884, Czech, Israeli
Linguist, Composer, Pianist, Novelist, Translator,

Darius MilhaudDarius Milhaud
04 September 1892, French
Classical composer, Conductor, Autobiographer,
Charles-Valentin AlkanCharles-Valentin Alkan
30 November 1813, French
Composer, Pianist, Linguist, Translator, Music
Henry CowellHenry Cowell
11 March 1897, American
Composer, Musicologist, Music theorist, Pianist

Alexander GlazunovAlexander Glazunov
10 August 1865, Russian
Composer, Choreographer, Conductor, Educationist,

Bruno WalterBruno Walter
15 September 1876, German
Conductor, Pianist, Composer, Autobiographer,

Arnold BaxArnold Bax
08 November 1883, British
Composer, Poet, Writer, Pianist
Karol SzymanowskiKarol Szymanowski
03 October 1882, Polish, Kosovar
Composer, Music educator, University teacher,

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Reynaldo HahnReynaldo Hahn
09 August 1874, French, Venezuelan
Conductor, Composer, Choreographer, Music critic,

Moritz MoszkowskiMoritz Moszkowski
23 August 1854, Polish
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Musicologist

Nikolai MedtnerNikolai Medtner
05 January 1880, British
Composer, Pianist, University teacher

George SzellGeorge Szell
07 June 1897, Hungarian, American
Conductor, Pianist, Composer, University teacher
Cécile ChaminadeCécile Chaminade
08 August 1857, French
Pianist, Composer, Musician

Artur SchnabelArtur Schnabel
17 April 1882, Austrian
Composer, Pianist, Music educator
Mario Castelnuovo-TedescoMario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
03 April 1895, Italian, American
Composer, Pianist, Film score composer

Emmanuel ChabrierEmmanuel Chabrier
18 January 1841, French
Composer, Pianist

Ernest ChaussonErnest Chausson
20 January 1855, French
Conductor, Composer, Pianist
Kaikhosru Shapurji SorabjiKaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji
14 August 1892, British
Pianist, Composer, Music critic, Writer

Josef HofmannJosef Hofmann
20 January 1876, Polish, American
Pianist, Composer, Screenwriter, University
Federico MompouFederico Mompou
16 April 1893, Spanish
Composer, Pianist

Erwin SchulhoffErwin Schulhoff
08 June 1894, Austrian, Czech
Composer, Pianist, Choreographer, Conductor

Alfredo CasellaAlfredo Casella
25 July 1883, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Pianist

Albert WolffAlbert Wolff
19 January 1884, Dutch
conductor, Choir director, Composer, Pianist