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Aleksandr Scriabin
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Birthday: January 6, 1872

Nationality: Russian

Died At Age: 43

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Also Known As: Alexander Scriabin, Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin

Born Country: Russia

Born in: Moscow, Russia

Famous as: Russian Symbolist Composer

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Spouse/Ex-: Tatiana Fyodorovna Schlözer

children: Julian Scriabin

Died on: April 14, 1915

place of death: Moscow, Russia

City: Moscow, Russia

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education: Moscow Conservatory

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Who was Aleksandr Scriabin?

Esoteric, imaginative, and idiosyncratic, Aleksandr Scriabin’s contribution to the world of music is peerless. A mystic and an eccentric, Scriabin’s music and his problems were a result of his philosophical ideas. He was a person with diverse visions and was considered one of the main Russian symbolist composers because of his unusual harmonies. The amalgam of colors, textures and sound in his compositions is what set him and his music apart from others. Scriabin’s music contained eroticism although he preferred to refer to it as ‘ecstasy’. He claimed that the end of the world would in fact be a universal orgy. Such was the thinking of this eccentric virtuoso. A mystical musician with spiritual influences, Aleksandr developed and experimented with original musical structures and harmonies. Scriabin was amongst the most innovative and most controversial composers of his time. His earlier works were romantic melodies. IN contrast, his later compositions reached different harmonies. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia extolled Scriabin by remarking, "No composer has had more scorn heaped or greater love bestowed...”

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