They say if you lose one sense, the other four becomes stronger. Quite true it is for the below mentioned list of famous blind people who achieved so much in their lifetime despite their physical shortcomings that can put any ‘normal’ or ‘physically perfect’ man/woman to shame. Blindness was just a small obstacle in the journey of greatness for these iconic figures. They did not let the visual impairment come in between their ambition and determination and with a strong grit and resolve, went ahead to conquer the world. Helen Keller, a political activist and author, became the first bind-deaf person to get a Bachelor’s degree of Arts. Composer, musician and producer Stevie Wonder became the ‘Wonder Boy’ of the music industry despite his visual impairment. Had it not been for Louis Braille, no blind person in the world would have ever enjoyed a story or been able to comprehend important paperwork. Inventor of Braille writing, which enables blind people to read through feeling a series of organized bumps representing letters, Louis Braille transformed the world for the visually challenged. And these are just a handful of the many more famous blind men/women who rose above their inadequacies. Check out section to know more about famous blind people who made it big in life.
Helen KellerHelen Keller
27 June 1880, American
Stevie WonderStevie Wonder
13 May 1950, American

Andrea BocelliAndrea Bocelli
22 September 1958, Italian

Ray CharlesRay Charles
23 September 1930, American
Singer and Composer

Gordon BrownGordon Brown
20 February 1951, British

Jackie RobinsonJackie Robinson
31 January 1919, American
Professional baseball player
0800 BC, Greek
Greek author

Thom YorkeThom Yorke
07 October 1968, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

James JoyceJames Joyce
02 February 1882, Irish

John MiltonJohn Milton
09 December 1608, British
Poet, Polemicist, and Civil Servant for the
Leonhard EulerLeonhard Euler
15 April 1707, Swiss, Russian
Mathematician, Physicist

Jorge Luis BorgesJorge Luis Borges
24 August 1899, Argentinian
Frank GehryFrank Gehry
28 February 1929, Canadian, American

 , Greek

Louis BrandeisLouis Brandeis
13 November 1856, American
Former Lawyer & US Supreme Court Associate Justice
David BlunkettDavid Blunkett
06 June 1947, British
Former British Home Secretary

Gordon StrachanGordon Strachan
09 February 1957, Scottish
Scottish football manager
Charles F. KetteringCharles F. Kettering
29 August 1876, American
Inventor, Engineer & Businessman

Alfred NoyesAlfred Noyes
16 September 1880, British

Gustaf Dalén Gustaf Dalén
30 November 1869, Swedish
Inventor of Automatic Regulators, AGA Cookers,
Alberto Santos DumontAlberto Santos Dumont
20 July 1873, Brazilian
Brazilian aviator

José FelicianoJosé Feliciano
10 September 1945, Puerto Rican
Musician, Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Jazz
Doc WatsonDoc Watson
03 March 1923, American
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Street artist,

Ravindra JainRavindra Jain
28 February 1944, Indian
Musician, Composer

Fanny CrosbyFanny Crosby
24 March 1820, American
composer, poet, singer, writer, teacher,

1478 AD, Indian
Blind Willie JohnsonBlind Willie Johnson
22 January 1897, American
Musician, Singer, Guitarist
Taha HusseinTaha Hussein
14 November 1889, Egyptian
linguist, historian, translator, writer, literary

Blind Lemon JeffersonBlind Lemon Jefferson
24 September 1893, American
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Street artist,

Joaquín RodrigoJoaquín Rodrigo
22 November 1901, Spanish
Composer, Choreographer, Pianist, Educationist,

Geoffrey Gurrumul YunupinguGeoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
1970 AD, Australian
musician, singer
George ShearingGeorge Shearing
13 August 1919, British
Composer, Pianist, Jazz musician

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Suzanne LenglenSuzanne Lenglen
24 May 1899, French
Tennis Player

Lennie TristanoLennie Tristano
19 March 1919, American
Jazz Pianist

Laura BridgmanLaura Bridgman
21 December 1829, American

Joseph PlateauJoseph Plateau
14 October 1801, Belgian
Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist
Francesco LandiniFrancesco Landini
1325 AD, Italian
composer, astrologer, musical instrument maker

Ed WalkerEd Walker
23 April 1932, American