Squeezed between the European countries of Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has always been deemed as an underdog by rest of the world. However, after thriving under the shadows of its two powerful neighbors, Uruguay, South America’s smallest country, has finally succeeded to find its place under the sun. Dynamic, safe, and sophisticated, Uruguay has plenty of opportunities and experiences to offer to its visitors. But that is not the sole unique selling point of Uruguay. To tell the truth, the ingenious, extraordinary men and women are the real asset of Uruguay. Diego Forlan, Carlos Gardel, Juan Carlos Onetti, Horacio Quiroga, Jose Gervasio Artigas, Barbara Mori, Cristina Perri Rosi, and Jorge Drexler are just some of the exemplary Uruguayans the world looks up to. Join us as we explore the legendary Uruguayans — the rich, the famous, and the extraordinarily talented men and women whose biographies will surely serve as an inspiration to many. All said, their timeline, trivia, and interesting facts is worth your perusal.
Edinson CavaniEdinson Cavani
14 February 1987
José MujicaJosé Mujica
20 May 1935
Former President of Uruguay

Tabaré VázquezTabaré Vázquez
17 January 1940
President of Uruguay

Eduardo GaleanoEduardo Galeano
03 September 1940

Luis SuarezLuis Suarez
24 January 1987
Uruguayan Footballer

Jorge DrexlerJorge Drexler
21 September 1964
Luis Alberto LacalleLuis Alberto Lacalle
13 July 1941
Former President of Uruguay

Carlos Páez VilaróCarlos Páez Vilaró
01 November 1923

Cristina Peri RossiCristina Peri Rossi
12 November 1941
Joaquín Torres GarcíaJoaquín Torres García
28 July 1874

Sofia BalbiSofia Balbi
10 November 1989
Wife of Luis Suarez
Ruben RadaRuben Rada
17 July 1943

Federico VigevaniFederico Vigevani
01 October 1994
YouTube Star

Diego GodínDiego Godín
16 February 1986

Diego ForlánDiego Forlán
19 May 1979

Martín CáceresMartín Cáceres
07 April 1987
Uruguayan footballer
Álvaro RecobaÁlvaro Recoba
17 March 1980
association football player

Gus PoyetGus Poyet
15 November 1967
Association football player, Association football

Diego LaxaltDiego Laxalt
07 February 1993
Association football player

Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro
19 May 1977
Actor, Singer, Model
Sebastián AbreuSebastián Abreu
17 October 1976
Association football player

Fernando MusleraFernando Muslera
16 June 1986
Association football player
Sebastián CoatesSebastián Coates
07 October 1990
Association football player

Enzo FrancescoliEnzo Francescoli
12 November 1961
Association football player

Gabe SaportaGabe Saporta
11 October 1979
Carlos Páez RodríguezCarlos Páez Rodríguez
31 October 1953
Writer, Motivational speaker, Businessperson

Pablo CuevasPablo Cuevas
01 January 1986
Tennis player
Horacio QuirogaHoracio Quiroga
31 December 1878
Poet, Writer, Novelist, Children's writer

Mario BenedettiMario Benedetti
14 September 1920
Poet, Writer, Journalist, Novelist, Essayist

Diego LuganoDiego Lugano
02 November 1980
Association football player
Bruno FornaroliBruno Fornaroli
07 September 1987
Association football player

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Nicolás LodeiroNicolás Lodeiro
21 March 1989
Association football player
Comte de LautréamontComte de Lautréamont
04 April 1846
Poet, Writer

Paolo MonteroPaolo Montero
03 September 1971
Association football player

José Gervasio ArtigasJosé Gervasio Artigas
19 June 1764

Walter GarganoWalter Gargano
23 July 1984
Association football player
Marcelo ZalayetaMarcelo Zalayeta
05 December 1978
Association football player
Walter PandianiWalter Pandiani
27 April 1976
Association football player

Álvaro PereiraÁlvaro Pereira
28 November 1985
Association football player

Luis Suárez MiramontesLuis Suárez Miramontes
02 May 1935

José Batlle y OrdóñezJosé Batlle y Ordóñez
21 May 1856
Joaquín Torres-GarcíaJoaquín Torres-García
28 July 1874

Juan María BordaberryJuan María Bordaberry
17 June 1928

Alcides GhiggiaAlcides Ghiggia
22 December 1926
Association football player, Association football

Raúl SendicRaúl Sendic
16 March 1926

Aparicio MéndezAparicio Méndez
24 August 1904
Jules LaforgueJules Laforgue
16 August 1860

Juan Carlos OnettiJuan Carlos Onetti
01 July 1909
writer, journalist
Fede AlvarezFede Alvarez
09 February 1978

José Enrique RodóJosé Enrique Rodó
15 July 1871

Juana de IbarbourouJuana de Ibarbourou
08 March 1892
Uruguayan poet
Miguel BritosMiguel Britos
17 July 1985
Association football player

Jayson GrangerJayson Granger
15 September 1989
Basketball player
Delmira AgustiniDelmira Agustini
24 October 1886

Luis CruzLuis Cruz
28 April 1925
association football player

Rodrigo MoraRodrigo Mora
29 October 1987
Association football player

Ondino VieraOndino Viera
10 September 1901
Association football player, Association football

Julio AbbadieJulio Abbadie
07 September 1930
Association football player
Jorge Batlle IbáñezJorge Batlle Ibáñez
25 October 1927

Jorge Batlle IbáñezJorge Batlle Ibáñez
25 October 1927

Gonzalo RodríguezGonzalo Rodríguez
22 January 1971

Maximiliano PereiraMaximiliano Pereira
08 June 1984
Diego PérezDiego Pérez
18 May 1980

Julio María Sanguinetti CoiroloJulio María Sanguinetti Coirolo
06 January 1936