Syria is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including Syrian Arabs, Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, and Circassians which is reflected in the nation’s rich and vibrant cultural traditions. Even though the fast few decades have been marred by political instability, violence and chaos, the resilient Syrians have emerged to make a mark for themselves in the world. The nation is well known for its literature and has produced writers like Adonis, Muhammad Maghout, Haidar Haidar, Ghada al-Samman, Nizar Qabbani and Zakariyya Tamer who are famous internationally. Salim Barakat, a Syrian emigrant living in Sweden, is an especially well-known figure in the genre of Syrian folk narrative. Syrian music has long been among the Arab world's most important, especially in the field of classical Arab music, and singers and musicians like Asmahan, Farid al-Atrash and Lena Chamamyan are playing a significant role in popularizing Arab music throughout the world. The Syrian Civil War which began in the early spring of 2011 has unfortunately led to the incarceration of several of the country’s illustrious artists, poets, writers and activists, including famed cartoonist Akram Raslam who was killed in 2013. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Syrians.
Bashar al-AssadBashar al-Assad
(President of Syria)

11 September 1965

Asma al-AssadAsma al-Assad
(First Lady of Syria)

11 August 1975

Hafez al-AssadHafez al-Assad
(Former President of Syria)

06 October 1930

Jwan YosefJwan Yosef
(Painter, Artist)

06 September 1984

Nizar QabbaniNizar Qabbani

21 March 1923

Mustafa TlassMustafa Tlass
(Senior officer)

11 May 1932

Muhammed FarisMuhammed Faris

26 May 1951

Saint PeterSaint Peter

0001 AD

Yazid IYazid I

20 July 0647


0240 AD


0872 AD

(Sultan of Egypt)

19 July 1223

Pope Gregory IIIPope Gregory III

0731 AD

Rifaat al-AssadRifaat al-Assad
(politician, military personnel)

22 August 1937

John of DamascusJohn of Damascus

0676 AD

Michel AflaqMichel Aflaq
(politician, writer, sociologist, philosopher)

09 January 1910

Al-Walid IAl-Walid I
(Caliph of Damascus)

0668 AD

Demetrius I of MacedonDemetrius I of Macedon
(Military leader)

0337 BC

Julia DomnaJulia Domna
(Septimius Severus' wife)

0160 AD

Muawiya IIMuawiya II

28 March 0661

Hisham ibn Abd al-MalikHisham ibn Abd al-Malik

0691 AD

Najwa bin LadenNajwa bin Laden
(Osama bin Laden's wife)

1959 AD


0135 BC

Antiochus I SoterAntiochus I Soter

0324 BC

Pope AnicetusPope Anicetus

09 December 0092



0254 AD

Publilius SyrusPublilius Syrus
(Writer, Playwright, Poet)

0085 BC

Omar Bakri MuhammadOmar Bakri Muhammad
(Militant Leader)

1958 AD

Salah JadidSalah Jadid

1926 AD

Pope ConstantinePope Constantine

0664 AD

(Writer, theologian)

0120 AD

Ptolemy VI PhilometorPtolemy VI Philometor

0186 BC

Wafa SultanWafa Sultan
(psychiatrist, writer, psychologist)

14 June 1958

Pope SisinniusPope Sisinnius

0650 AD

Pope SisinniusPope Sisinnius

0650 AD

Demetrius I SoterDemetrius I Soter

0187 BC

Abd ar-Rahman IAbd ar-Rahman I

0731 AD

Seleucus VI EpiphanesSeleucus VI Epiphanes

Bilal ibn RibahBilal ibn Ribah

0580 AD

Tariq ibn-ZiyadTariq ibn-Ziyad
(Military commander)

0670 AD

Abu AbbasAbu Abbas

10 December 1948

Levon Ter-PetrossianLevon Ter-Petrossian
(Former President of Armenia)

09 January 1946

Iamblichus of ChalcisIamblichus of Chalcis

0245 AD

Abd al-MalikAbd al-Malik
(Caliph of Damascus)

0646 AD


1087 AD

Abd al-QadirAbd al-Qadir
(Algerian military leader)

06 September 1808