South Korea is a historically significant nation with a rich cultural legacy, and it comes as no surprise that South Koreans have enriched the world in diverse ways through their contributions to the fields of business, science, mathematics, fine arts, and sports. One of the thriving economies of the world, South Korea has been the native land of several successful businesspeople like Moon Kook-hyun, Park Han-yong, and Seokhyo Jang. Their rich literary heritage is reflected in the works of writers and poets like Cheong Chi-yong, Oh Soo-yeon, and Kim Seong-dong. South Koreans are known for their intelligence and creativity. The nation has given birth to numerous creative souls who have made a mark for themselves in the fields of filmmaking, dance, acting, and visual media. The works of film directors like Nelson Shin, Song Hae-sung, and Yoon Je-kyoon are popular not only in South Korea but also have a substantial global audience. Talking of internationally famous South Koreans, we have to mention prominent lawyer Song Sang-Hyun who once served as the President of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Check out this section to know more about famous South Koreans.

Ken JeongKen Jeong

13 July 1969

Park ChanyeolPark Chanyeol

27 November 1992


22 May 1991

Xiumin Xiumin

26 March 1990

(Lead vocalist of the South Korean musical band, Bangtan Boys)

01 September 1997

Jennie KimJennie Kim
(K-Pop Singer)

16 January 1996


18 February 1994

Park Shin-hyePark Shin-hye

18 February 1990

Song Hye-kyoSong Hye-kyo

22 November 1981

Park Seo-joonPark Seo-joon

16 December 1988

Hyun Bin Hyun Bin

25 September 1982

Song Joong-kiSong Joong-ki

19 September 1985

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Park Min-youngPark Min-young

04 March 1986

Lee Byung-hunLee Byung-hun

12 July 1970

Ji Chang-wookJi Chang-wook

05 July 1987

So Ji-subSo Ji-sub
(South Korean Actor)

04 November 1977

Park Hyung-sik Park Hyung-sik
(Singer, Actor)

16 November 1991

Kwon Ji Yong G-Dragon

18 August 1988

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Steven YeunSteven Yeun
(Actor, Singer)

21 December 1983

Soon-Yi PrevinSoon-Yi Previn

08 October 1970

Ahn Jae-hyunAhn Jae-hyun
(Actor, Model)

01 July 1987

Bae Suzy Bae Suzy
(Singer, Actress)

10 December 1994

Kim Hyun-joongKim Hyun-joong
(South Korean Actor)

06 June 1986

Seo Hyun-jinSeo Hyun-jin
(South Korean Actress)

27 February 1985

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Park Bo-youngPark Bo-young
(South Korean Actress)

12 February 1990

Son Ye-jinSon Ye-jin

11 January 1982

Song Ji-hyo Song Ji-hyo
(Actress, Model)

15 August 1981

Kim Woo-bin Kim Woo-bin

16 July 1989

Jay ParkJay Park

25 April 1987

Lee Joon-gi Lee Joon-gi
(Actor, Model)

17 May 1982

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Kim Yoo-jungKim Yoo-jung
(South Korean Actress)

22 September 1999

Jung So-minJung So-min

16 March 1989

Jun Ji-hyunJun Ji-hyun
(South Korean Actress)

30 October 1981

Kim Soo-hyunKim Soo-hyun
(South Korean Actor)

16 February 1988

Seo In-gukSeo In-guk
(South Korean Singer)

23 October 1987

Gong YooGong Yoo

10 July 1979

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Seo Kang-joonSeo Kang-joon
(Singer & Actor)

12 October 1993

Lee Seung-giLee Seung-gi

13 January 1987

Yoo Seung-hoYoo Seung-ho
(South Korean Actor)

17 August 1993

Ku Hye-sunKu Hye-sun

09 November 1984

Nam Joo-hyukNam Joo-hyuk
(Actor, Model)

22 February 1994

Kim So-hyunKim So-hyun

04 June 1999

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Jang Na-raJang Na-ra
(Musician, Actress)

18 March 1981

Lee Kwang-sooLee Kwang-soo

14 July 1985

Moon Jae-inMoon Jae-in
(Current President of South Korea)

24 January 1953

Han Hyo-jooHan Hyo-joo
(South Korean Actress)

22 February 1987

Yoon Eun-hyeYoon Eun-hye
(South Korean Actress)

03 October 1984

Im Yoon-ahIm Yoon-ah

30 May 1990

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Kim Tae-heeKim Tae-hee
(South Korean actress)

29 March 1980

Choi Tae-joonChoi Tae-joon
(South Korean Actor)

07 July 1991

Sung HoonSung Hoon

14 February 1983

Lee Min-jungLee Min-jung

16 February 1982


12 December 1990

Kim Tae-riKim Tae-ri

24 April 1990

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Kim Tae-yeonKim Tae-yeon
(South Korean Singer)

09 March 1989

Yoon Kyun-sangYoon Kyun-sang

31 March 1987

Ha Ji-wonHa Ji-won
(South Korean Actress)

28 June 1978

Shin Min-aShin Min-a
(Actress & Model)

05 April 1984

Lee Sung-kyungLee Sung-kyung
(Actress, Model)

10 August 1990

Yoon Shi-yoonYoon Shi-yoon
(South Korean Actor)

26 September 1986

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Moon Chae-wonMoon Chae-won
(South Korean Actress)

13 November 1986

Lee Dong-wookLee Dong-wook

06 November 1981

Yoo Jae-sukYoo Jae-suk

14 August 1972

Jo In-sungJo In-sung

29 July 1981

Park Chan-wookPark Chan-wook
(Film Director)

23 August 1963

Yoo Ah-inYoo Ah-in

06 October 1986

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Yoo In-naYoo In-na

05 June 1982

(South Korean Actress)

28 June 1991

Kim TaehyungKim Taehyung
(Pop Singer)

30 December 1995

Choi Min-hoChoi Min-ho

09 December 1991

Ji SungJi Sung

27 February 1977

Jang HyukJang Hyuk

20 December 1976

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Hong Jin-youngHong Jin-young
(South Korean Singer)

09 August 1985

Oh Yeon-seoOh Yeon-seo

22 June 1987

Bae DoonaBae Doona
(South Korean Actress)

11 October 1979