Dominated by the astrological influence of planets, Mercury and Jupiter, Virgo people born on September 3rd are unique in their disposition and mannerism. Diplomatic in their dealing and great at communication, these people are fair and just. They have ample levels of patience and an inquisitive logic. In addition to being practical and efficient, they are serious and cautious in their approach and thus do not make silly mistakes. However, on the negative front, due to their great sense for idealism and perfection, people born on this date can get incredibly stubborn. They need to conquer their love for perfection and idealism to be happier and pleasant.

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Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen
54, American
Jaggi VasudevJaggi Vasudev
62, Indian
Yoga Guru

Malcolm GladwellMalcolm Gladwell
56, American
Writer, Journalist

Whitey BulgerWhitey Bulger
90, American
American convicted murderer and former organized

Garrett HedlundGarrett Hedlund
35, American
Actor, Model, Singer

Jack Dylan GrazerJack Dylan Grazer
16, American
Rachel JohnsonRachel Johnson
54, British
Editor, Journalist

Dominic ThiemDominic Thiem
26, Austrian
Tennis Player

Alan LaddAlan Ladd
50, American

44, American
Rapper, Singer
George HearstGeorge Hearst
70, American
Former United States Senator

Kaia GerberKaia Gerber
18, American
Model, Actress
Rich BrianRich Brian
20, Indonesian

Noah BaumbachNoah Baumbach
50, American

Ferdinand PorscheFerdinand Porsche
75, Austrian, German, Hungarian
Founder of Porsche Automobile Company
Drena De NiroDrena De Niro
52, American

Sebastian LletgetSebastian Lletget
27, American
American soccer player
Pilar PalletePilar Pallete
91, Peruvian

Maithripala SirisenaMaithripala Sirisena
68, Sri Lankan
President of Sri Lanka

August Anthony Alsina, Jr. August Alsina
27, American
Singer, Songwriter
Chamath PalihapitiyaChamath Palihapitiya
44, Sri Lankan
Venture Capitalist

Eileen BrennanEileen Brennan
80, American
Valerie PerrineValerie Perrine
76, French

Shaun WhiteShaun White
33, American

Nichole HiltzNichole Hiltz
41, American

Louis SullivanLouis Sullivan
67, American
Pioneering Architect
Chabeli IglesiasChabeli Iglesias
48, Spanish
Kyline AlcantaraKyline Alcantara
17, Filipino

Christine WoodsChristine Woods
36, American

Caryl ChurchillCaryl Churchill
81, British
Dramatist, Women's Rights Activist

Eduardo GaleanoEduardo Galeano
74, Uruguayan
Levy MwanawasaLevy Mwanawasa
59, Zambian
Member of Parliament

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Valentina PaolaValentina Paola
21, American
Instagram Star

Carl David AndersonCarl David Anderson
85, American

Prudence CrandallPrudence Crandall
86, American
Connecticut's official State Heroine

Frank Macfarlane BurnetFrank Macfarlane Burnet
85, Australian
Virologist & Noble Prize Laureate
Jamie LindenJamie Linden
39, American
Screenwriter, Boyfriend of Rachael McAdams

Nick WechslerNick Wechsler
41, American
33, Jamaican

Kevin BojorquezKevin Bojorquez
20, American

Trixie TrujilloTrixie Trujillo
37, American
Kai LawrenceKai Lawrence
31, Canadian
Murder Convict

Jean Currivan TrebekJean Currivan Trebek
56, American
Alex Trebek's Wife
Natalie JulietNatalie Juliet
17, American
LIKE star, TikTok star

Holt McCallanyHolt McCallany
56, American

Dick StrawbridgeDick Strawbridge
60, British
Television Presenter

Vivek OberoiVivek Oberoi
43, Indian
Actor, Screenwriter

Shakti KapoorShakti Kapoor
67, Indian
Dave RamseyDave Ramsey
59, American
Radio host

Mason CrosbyMason Crosby
35, American
American footballer

Gareth SouthgateGareth Southgate
49, British
Football manager

Paz de la HuertaPaz de la Huerta
35, American
Fearne CottonFearne Cotton
38, British
Television presenter, Voice actor, Journalist,

Uttam KumarUttam Kumar
53, Indian
Jérôme BoatengJérôme Boateng
31, German
Association football player

Jennie FinchJennie Finch
39, American
Softball Player

Ray StevensRay Stevens
60, American
Al JardineAl Jardine
77, American
Musician, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist,

Amber LynnAmber Lynn
55, American
Boston StranglerBoston Strangler
42, American

Albert DeSalvoAlbert DeSalvo
42, American
Murderer, Criminal

Mario DraghiMario Draghi
72, Italian
Economist, Banker, University teacher
Tyrone SpongTyrone Spong
34, Surinamese
Kickboxer, Boxer, Thai boxer

Junaid JamshedJunaid Jamshed
52, Pakistani
Recording artist
Maria BamfordMaria Bamford
49, American
Stand-up comedian

Pauline CollinsPauline Collins
79, British

Zine El Abidine Ben AliZine El Abidine Ben Ali
83, Tunisian
Politician, Diplomat

DJ EnvyDJ Envy
42, American
Costas MandylorCostas Mandylor
54, Australian
Actor, Association football player
Anne JacksonAnne Jackson
90, American

Jevon KearseJevon Kearse
43, American
Football Player

Freddie KingFreddie King
42, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter

Irene PapasIrene Papas
93, Greek
Jenny HanJenny Han
39, American

Olga Constantinovna of RussiaOlga Constantinovna of Russia
39, Russian

Jean-Pierre JeunetJean-Pierre Jeunet
66, French, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Film

Scott CarsonScott Carson
34, British

Gérard HoullierGérard Houllier
72, French
Association football player, Association football
Andrew McMahonAndrew McMahon
37, American

Jake QuickendenJake Quickenden
31, British
Kitty CarlisleKitty Carlisle
96, American
actor,singer, musician, opera singer

Damon StoudamireDamon Stoudamire
46, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Jonathan HickmanJonathan Hickman
47, American
Writer, Comics artist
Urho KekkonenUrho Kekkonen
85, Finnish
Politician, Diplomat, Athletics competitor,

Sadhu Sundar SinghSadhu Sundar Singh
85, Indian
Grace PoeGrace Poe
51, Filipino

Michael HuffingtonMichael Huffington
72, American

Eugène de BeauharnaisEugène de Beauharnais
42, German
Military commander

Kiran DesaiKiran Desai
48, Indian
Novelist, Writer
Matthew BoultonMatthew Boulton
80, British
Businessperson, Engineer

Mary Parker FollettMary Parker Follett
65, American
Social Woker
Swapan DasguptaSwapan Dasgupta
64, Indian
Journalist, Columnist

Jean JaurèsJean Jaurès
54, French
Political leader
John Humphrey NoyesJohn Humphrey Noyes
74, American

Shōta SometaniShōta Sometani
27, Japanese
Actor, Child actor
Joseph Wright of DerbyJoseph Wright of Derby
62, British
Painter, Artist

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 3

The personality traits and characteristic of individuals with this birthday include a creative disposition with an analytical mind and a helpful nature. Highly intellectual, these people have a sharp memory and skilful communication capability. They are great at explaining others and equally proficient in listening to the advice given by people. Additionally, their sharp memory, problem solving ability and deep thinking assists them in the same and makes them efficient. September 3rd individuals are blessed with a fair and independent temperament and are enthusiastic and optimistic by nature. They can even get idealistic with a touch of perfectionism that can make them occasionally unrealistic and critical. These people are fair and just in their mannerism and hate inequality and injustice meted out to anyone.

Endowed with a robust health and a strong affinity to stay fit, illness and sickness are unheard terms in the life of September 3rd born individuals. These people have a sensible approach towards eating and mostly indulge in a nutritious diet. Even when they gorge on unhealthy food, they follow an active lifestyle so as to remain fit and stable. Additionally, they keep their mental health also steady by possessing an abundance of positivity. The only thing that September 3rd born individuals need to watch out for lack of sleep and ability to get inactive.

Though individuals with this birthdate have the ability to earn a lot of money, they hardly are able to save the same. This is mainly due to their susceptibility to impulsive shopping or gambling. Due to the same, committing to large financial investments becomes difficult for September 3rd people. However, with time, stability comes in as these people learn to curb their frivolous spending and rather focus on saving for future.

Unlike others, Virgo’s born on this date pick a job that assures a fat pay and a comfortable lifestyle than one that assures only work satisfaction. Despite this clause, these people are likely to find a vocation that best utilizes their talent and makes up for an enjoyable profession. Whichever profession these individuals choose, they are likely to make progressive growth and be highly successful in the same

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Don’t get disillusioned by the cool stance of September 3rd individuals. Beneath this, there is a whirlpool of emotions that is high on finding a suitable partner and settling down. Loving, caring and romantic, September 3rd individuals are on the lookout for a perfect soulmate with whom they can share a strong bond. Individuals blessed with a sense of humor, intelligence, compassion and friendliness are the most suitable for these people. Romantically, these people value long term relationships and have an inclination to be outwardly romantic and passionate. Streak of jealousy and protectiveness come naturally to those born on this date. As far as children are concerned, September 3rd individuals share compatible relationship with the little ones. However, maintaining the same all through can be a little difficult for them.  

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30