Discover the notable alumni of Ohio State University. The list includes people like Jesse Owens, Kirk Herbstreit, Jack Nicklaus, Roy Lichtenstein & Jayaprakash Narayan. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as sportspersons, writers, media personalities, intellectuals & academics and business people etc.
Jack NicklausJack Nicklaus
21 January 1940, American
Jesse OwensJesse Owens
12 September 1913, American

R. L. StineR. L. Stine
08 October 1943, American

Roy LichtensteinRoy Lichtenstein
27 October 1923, American
Painter, Sculptor

Jayaprakash NarayanJayaprakash Narayan
11 October 1902, Indian
Political Leaders

Adnan KhashoggiAdnan Khashoggi
25 July 1935, Saudi Arabian
Harlan EllisonHarlan Ellison
27 May 1934, American

Howard DeutchHoward Deutch
14 September 1950, American

Larry SangerLarry Sanger
16 July 1968, American
Co-Founder of Wikipedia

Melina KanakaredesMelina Kanakaredes
23 April 1967, American
James ThurberJames Thurber
08 December 1894, American
Cartoonist, Author, Journalist & Playwright

Jack BuckJack Buck
21 August 1924, American
Kirk HerbstreitKirk Herbstreit
19 August 1969, American
Football Commentator

Paul BrownPaul Brown
07 September 1908, American
American Football Coach

Woody HayesWoody Hayes
14 February 1913, American
American Football Player and Coach
Meshulam RiklisMeshulam Riklis
02 December 1923, Israeli

Charles F. KetteringCharles F. Kettering
29 August 1876, American
Inventor, Engineer & Businessman
Berenice AbbottBerenice Abbott
17 July 1898, American
American photographer

William Alfred FowlerWilliam Alfred Fowler
09 August 1911, American
Nuclear Physicist and Astrophysicist

Paul Flory Paul Flory
19 June 1910, American
Ammon HennacyAmmon Hennacy
24 July 1893, American
Christian Anarchist, Social Activist

Richard LewisRichard Lewis
29 June 1947, American
Comedian & Actor
Curtis LemayCurtis Lemay
15 November 1906, American
U. S. Air Force General During World War II

Drue ChrismanDrue Chrisman
 , American
American football player

Greg OdenGreg Oden
22 January 1988, American
Basketball player

Evan TurnerEvan Turner
27 October 1988, American
Basketball player
Urban MeyerUrban Meyer
10 July 1964, American
Baseball player, American football player, Coach,
Bob KnightBob Knight
25 October 1940, American
Basketball coach, Basketball player

Mary OliverMary Oliver
10 September 1935, American
Poet, Writer

Mark ColemanMark Coleman
20 December 1964, American
Mixed martial artist, Amateur wrestler,

Clark KelloggClark Kellogg
02 July 1961, American
Basketball player, Sports commentator
Robert BalesRobert Bales
30 June 1973, American

Bo SchembechlerBo Schembechler
01 April 1929, American
American football player, Sports administrator

Lois McMaster BujoldLois McMaster Bujold
02 November 1949, American
Writer, Novelist, Science fiction writer

Barbara W. TuchmanBarbara W. Tuchman
30 January 1912, American
Journalist, Historian, Writer, Biographer

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George BellowsGeorge Bellows
19 August 1882, American
Painter, Artist, University teacher
Joey GallowayJoey Galloway
20 November 1971, American
American football player

Walter MischelWalter Mischel
22 February 1930, American
Psychologist, Author, University teacher
Bo PeliniBo Pelini
13 December 1967, American
Sports coach

Deshaun ThomasDeshaun Thomas
28 August 1991, American
Basketball player

Fred SingerFred Singer
27 September 1924, American
Physicist, University teacher
Mal WhitfieldMal Whitfield
11 October 1924, American
Officer, Middle-distance runner, Sprinter, Coach,

Mike Conley, Jr.Mike Conley, Jr.
11 October 1987, American
Donald KaganDonald Kagan
01 May 1932, American
Historian, Academic, University teacher, Writer

Joel MeyerowitzJoel Meyerowitz
06 March 1938, American

Paul HammPaul Hamm
24 September 1982, American
Artistic gymnast

Claude SteeleClaude Steele
01 January 1946, American

Faye WattletonFaye Wattleton
08 July 1943, American
Midwife, Registered nurse, Author, News presenter
Lee AdamsLee Adams
14 August 1924, American
Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist

Barbara TuchmanBarbara Tuchman
30 January 1912, American

Natalie SpoonerNatalie Spooner
17 October 1990, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Jan AdamsJan Adams
21 April 1954, American
Barbara Wertheim TuchmanBarbara Wertheim Tuchman
30 January 1912, American

Patricia Helen HeatonPatricia Helen Heaton
04 March 1958
Robert Montgomery KnightRobert Montgomery Knight
25 October 1940, American

The ‘Ohio State University’ is one of the most popular institutions in the world. In 1870, it was founded as the land-grant university and was addressed as the, ‘Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College’. When the university started, it initially offered only the agriculture and mechanical subjects to the students. However under the governance of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of United States, the institution became a full-fledged establishment offering all the courses. Ever since then, this university has only see a high in life and has been ranked as the ‘third-largest university campus’ in all of United States. Apart from academics, this institution provides its student with life programs, club and recreational sports programs, and many other extra-curricular activities. They also have an exceptional sports team, which is a part of the ‘NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision’. The entire campus is covered over an area of about 2.5 miles, built so beautifully that it is a tourist attraction for most travelers. There are some exceptionally famous and notable alumni of the ‘Ohio State University’, who have made the world proud of their achievements. Not only have they upheld the name of the institution but have also made sure that they have set high standards for the further batches. Some of the known alumnus are, the famous actress, Patricia Heaton or the C.E.O of the ‘L Brands’, Les Wexner or the popular sports legend, ‘Jesse Owens’. They have worked hard and are proud pillars of the ‘Ohio State University’.