People born on May 25 fall under the third sun sign, which is Gemini, the sign of the twins. Talkative and witty, you draw a crowd of admirers where ever you go. You are adaptable and imaginative, and because of these traits, you don’t let much bother you. However, because of the ease in social situations, you can become superficial, and sometimes even devious. And because you can adapt to various situations, it is hard to pin you down to anything. You become restless then.

Manuela EscobarManuela Escobar
35, Colombian
Pablo Escobar's Daughter
Roman ReignsRoman Reigns
34, American
Professional Wrestler

Cillian MurphyCillian Murphy
43, Irish

Ian McKellenIan McKellen
80, British
British Actor

Mike MyersMike Myers
56, Canadian
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Film Producer, Film

Anne HecheAnne Heche
50, American
Zazie BeetzZazie Beetz
28, German, American

Ralph Waldo EmersionRalph Waldo Emerson
78, American
American Lecturer, Philosopher, Essayist & Poet

Frank OzFrank Oz
75, American

Aly RaismanAly Raisman
25, American
Ray StevensonRay Stevenson
55, Northern Irish

Kagiso RabadaKagiso Rabada
24, South African
Alberto Del RioAlberto Del Rio
42, Mexican
Mixed Martial Artist

Paul WellerPaul Weller
61, British
Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Claude AkinsClaude Akins
67, American
Chloe LukasiakChloe Lukasiak
18, American
Dancer, Actor, Model, Social Media Personality

Adam GontierAdam Gontier
41, Canadian
Larry HoganLarry Hogan
63, American
62nd Governor of Maryland

Jessi ColterJessi Colter
76, American
Country Singer

Brec BassingerBrec Bassinger
20, American
TV Actress
Jeanne CrainJeanne Crain
78, American

37, American
Eli CraigEli Craig
47, American

Leslie UggamsLeslie Uggams
76, American

Jamaica KincaidJamaica Kincaid
70, American

Jessalyn GraceJessalyn Grace
12, American
Theodore RoethkeTheodore Roethke
55, American
Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet
Theodore HesburghTheodore Hesburgh
97, American
15th President of the University of Notre Dame

Simmi SinghSimmi Singh
30, American
YouTube Star

Scarlet Rose StalloneScarlet Rose Stallone
17, American
Sylvester Stallone's Daughter

Jack SteinbergerJack Steinberger
98, American
Pieter ZeemanPieter Zeeman
78, Dutch
Discovered the 'Zeeman Effect'

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Tina WoodsTina Woods
20, American
Social Media Personality, Vine Star

Kate NorleyKate Norley
41, American
John Oliver’s Wife

Esme BiancoEsme Bianco
37, British

Geo JohnGeo John
19, American
Instagram Personality
Terra JoleTerra Jole
39, American
Reality TV Star

Polina Beregova Polina Beregova
22, Russian
YouTuber, Vlogger
Kirk FrostKirk Frost
50, American
Rapper, Reality TV Star

Colleen ParkeyColleen Parkey
26, American
Wife of Cody Parkey

Joseph David ReitmanJoseph David Reitman
51, American
Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer
television actor, film actor, actor

Amy KlobucharAmy Klobuchar
59, American
Karan JoharKaran Johar
47, Indian
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

42, Indian

Jonny WilkinsonJonny Wilkinson
40, British
Rugby union player

Brian UrlacherBrian Urlacher
41, American
American Football Player

Kunal KhemuKunal Khemu
36, Indian
Geraint ThomasGeraint Thomas
33, British
Track cyclist, Sport cyclist

Ethan SupleeEthan Suplee
43, American

Jamie KennedyJamie Kennedy
49, American

Alastair CampbellAlastair Campbell
62, British
Armand HammerArmand Hammer
92, American
Business people

Demba BaDemba Ba
34, French, Senegalese
Association football player
Connie SelleccaConnie Sellecca
64, American

J. Michael TatumJ. Michael Tatum
43, American
Voice actor

Erinn HayesErinn Hayes
43, American
Irwin WinklerIrwin Winkler
88, American
Film producer

Demetri MartinDemetri Martin
46, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Film actor, Television actor,
Neil MarshallNeil Marshall
49, British
Screenwriter, Film director

Klaus MeineKlaus Meine
71, German
Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Joel SteinbergJoel Steinberg
78, American
Raymond CarverRaymond Carver
50, American
Short story writer

Raymond CarverRaymond Carver
50, American
Short story writer
Cung LeCung Le
47, American, Vietnamese
Actor, Combat sport, Screenwriter, Kickboxer,

Anthea TurnerAnthea Turner
59, British

Bill RobinsonBill Robinson
71, American
Film actor, Stage actor

Molly SimsMolly Sims
46, American
Tom T. HallTom T. Hall
83, American
Igor SikorskyIgor Sikorsky
83, Ukrainian, Russian
Aircraft designer

Robert LudlumRobert Ludlum
73, American
American author

Justin HenryJustin Henry
48, American

Shawne MerrimanShawne Merriman
35, American
American Football Player
Yahya JammehYahya Jammeh
54, Gambian
Former President of the Gambia

Paul PeschisolidoPaul Peschisolido
48, Canadian
Association football player, Association football

Vincent PiazzaVincent Piazza
43, American

Julian ClaryJulian Clary
60, British
Comedian, Novelist, Actor

Bennett CerfBennett Cerf
73, American
M. G. SreekumarM. G. Sreekumar
62, Indian
Singer, Composer

Gene TunneyGene Tunney
81, American
Dave Lee TravisDave Lee Travis
74, British
Photographer, Television presenter, Radio

Walter DurantyWalter Duranty
73, British

Gaetano ScireaGaetano Scirea
36, Italian
Association football player, Scout, Association
Miguel TejadaMiguel Tejada
45, American
Baseball player

Eve EnslerEve Ensler
66, American
Artist, Actor, Playwright, Autobiographer, Writer,
John Gregory DunneJohn Gregory Dunne
71, American

Alex AnthopoulosAlex Anthopoulos
42, Canadian
chief executive officer

John Wayne ParrJohn Wayne Parr
43, Australian
Boxer, Kickboxer, Thai boxer

Marion RavenMarion Raven
35, Norwegian
Singer, Songwriter
Hal DavidHal David
91, American
Composer, Pianist, Songwriter, Lyricist

Keiko FujimoriKeiko Fujimori
44, Peruvian
Carlos BocanegraCarlos Bocanegra
40, American
Soccer player

Beverly SillsBeverly Sills
78, American
Actor, Singer, Opera singer, Autobiographer,
Daniel PassarellaDaniel Passarella
66, Argentinian, Brazilian
Association football player, Association football

Bob GaleBob Gale
68, American
Balaji MohanBalaji Mohan
32, Indian
Film director, Actor, Author, Screenwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 25

As someone with a May 25 birthday, you are humorous and chatty and love the social scene. But beneath that friendly and talkative exterior, there is a serious side lurking up. This serious side shows itself in your introspective nature. You like things that may not be considered trendy. People may see you as unusual, but that doesn’t bother you one bit. You think of yourself as a unique soul. Your dreams are often vivid and you can gain insight from them. New ideas appeal to you, although you are so imaginative that you prefer coming up with the ideas yourself.

People born on May 25 are destined to be quite healthy. You have a natural interest in healthy living, and like to learn new health-related tips. Although sports are not your thing, you like staying fit and trim with regular exercise. Exercise also gives you a chance to think, letting the creative juices flow, as well as relieving any anxiety you may feel. You are prone to stress, so find someone to share your problems with. You’ll feel much better.

Money is very important to you. In fact, the more money, the better! You don’t mind working very hard if you are able to bring home a substantial paycheck. You are also naturally generous. Saving may be difficult for you, especially if you spot a good bargain.

Your naturally social nature will help you become successful at the career you choose. You can be very persuasive, so marketing or sales would be excellent career choices. Teaching would also appeal to you, though you would want to be compensated well.

Relationships, Marriage, & Children
As someone born on May 25, you are flirtatious and fun. You have no intention of settling down too soon, and truly enjoy the dating scene. Your imaginative and creative nature also emerges in your sex life. When you do find your soul mate, you soon let him/her see your serious side and fall in love quickly. You will encourage your children to have a rich social life, since you enjoy yours so much, and will sign them up for many activities. Not one to like to discipline, you are seen as the fun parent who always has the kids giggling.

Lucky colors: Sky Blue, Yellow, Purple
Lucky numbers: 5, 10, 45
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 16, 25