Born under the sign of Taurus, individuals born on May 16th have a courageous personality and a strong inner drive to succeed. While these people may often be quick tempered, they usually possess a strong desire to achieve balance and harmony among their peer group. People born on this day thrive on attention and recognition for their strong work ethic and attitude. Though these individuals are born with strong personalities that may often clash with others, they are well liked by most and are loyal friends. May 16th natives are enthusiastic beings and tend to be the life of any party.

Pierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan
66, Irish, American
Megan FoxMegan Fox
33, American

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson
53, American

Danny TrejoDanny Trejo
75, American

Henry FondaHenry Fonda
77, American

H.H. Holmes H. H. Holmes
34, American
Serial Killer
67, American

David BoreanazDavid Boreanaz
50, American

Thomas Brodie-SangsterThomas Brodie-Sangster
29, British
Tori SpellingTori Spelling
46, American
American actress

Behati PrinslooBehati Prinsloo
31, Namibian
Fashion Model
Lynn CollinsLynn Collins
42, American

William H. SewardWilliam H. Seward
71, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Jim SturgessJim Sturgess
41, British

Stephen ManganStephen Mangan
51, British

Yannick BissonYannick Bisson
50, Canadian
Charlotte CrosbyCharlotte Crosby
29, British
Television personality

Kirstin MaldonadoKirstin Maldonado
27, American

Miles HeizerMiles Heizer
25, American

Tracey GoldTracey Gold
50, American
Margaret Brooke SullavanMargaret Sullavan
50, American

Nancy AjramNancy Ajram
36, Lebanese
Gabriela SabatiniGabriela Sabatini
49, Argentinian
Tennis player

Joey GraceffaJoey Graceffa
28, American
YouTuber, Author, Actor

Olga KorbutOlga Korbut
64, Belarusian
Adrienne RichAdrienne Rich
82, American
American poet

Andre SwilleyAndre Swilley
21, American
TikTok ( Star
Angelo PaganAngelo Pagan
51, Puerto Rican

Edgar Bronfman Jr.Edgar Bronfman Jr.
64, Canadian, American

Joseph MorganJoseph Morgan
38, British
Atticus MitchellAtticus Mitchell
26, Canadian

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Levi P. MortonLevi P. Morton
96, American
22nd Vice President of the U.S.A
Ammika HarrisAmmika Harris
26, American
Instagram Model

Maria Gaetana AgnesiMaria Gaetana Agnesi
80, Italian
Mathematician, Philosopher, Theologian

Giannina MaradonaGiannina Maradona
30, Argentinian
Diego Maradona's Daughter

21, Norwegian
YouTube Gamer
H. E. BatesH. E. Bates
68, British
Short Story Writer
Brandi PassanteBrandi Passante
39, American
Reality TV Star

Ana CheriAna Cheri
33, American
Instagram Star, Model

Megan BowenMegan Bowen
30, American
YouTuber, Actress

Megan Jane RamsayMegan Jane Ramsay
21, British
Gordon Ramsay's Daughter
Grayson ChrisleyGrayson Chrisley
13, American
Reality TV Star

21, American
YouTube Star

Wells AdamsWells Adams
35, American
Reality Star

Carlos MenaCarlos Mena
16, American
Instagram star

Josh TempleJosh Temple
22, British
YouTube Personality
Kelly HylandKelly Hyland
48, American
Reality Show Star

J. Georg BednorzJ. Georg Bednorz
69, German
Merton H. MillerMerton H. Miller
77, American

Mattia PolibioMattia Polibio
16, American
TikTok Star

Catherine ValdesCatherine Valdes
30, American
Shane MadejShane Madej
33, American
TV Personality

The GodfatherThe Godfather
58, American
Professional wrestler
H. H. HolmesH. H. Holmes
34, American
Criminal, Serial killer

Tucker CarlsonTucker Carlson
50, American
Talk show host

Melanie LynskeyMelanie Lynskey
42, New Zealander
Actor, Film actor, Television actor

Debra WingerDebra Winger
64, American

Charles KushnerCharles Kushner
65, American
Lawyer, Businessperson
Krist NovoselicKrist Novoselic
54, American
Bassist, Musician, Composer, Blogger

Tiya SircarTiya Sircar
37, American

Grigor DimitrovGrigor Dimitrov
28, Bulgarian
Tennis player

John SalleyJohn Salley
55, American
Basketball player
Adam RichmanAdam Richman
45, American

Jermaine FowlerJermaine Fowler
31, American
Mare WinninghamMare Winningham
60, American
American actress

Rebecca FrontRebecca Front
55, British

Sonal ChauhanSonal Chauhan
34, Indian
Actor, Model
Robert FrippRobert Fripp
73, British
Guitarist, Composer, Motivational speaker, Record

Bill RancicBill Rancic
48, American
Writer, Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Author,
Ralph TresvantRalph Tresvant
51, American

Khary PaytonKhary Payton
47, American
Actor, Voice actor, Television actor

Billy MartinBilly Martin
61, American
Baseball player, Screenwriter
Andy StanleyAndy Stanley
61, American

Thurman ThomasThurman Thomas
53, American
American football player
Dan CoatsDan Coats
76, American

Jonathan RichmanJonathan Richman
68, American

Laura PausiniLaura Pausini
45, Italian
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record

Kevin McDonaldKevin McDonald
58, Canadian
Corey PerryCorey Perry
34, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Tamara de LempickaTamara de Lempicka
81, Polish, American

Richard BlackwoodRichard Blackwood
47, British
comedian, stand-up comedian

Rick RypienRick Rypien
27, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Jesper ChristensenJesper Christensen
71, Danish
Charlotte HawkinsCharlotte Hawkins
44, British
Television presenter

Emma Georgina RothschildEmma Georgina Rothschild
71, British
Economic historian, Historian, University teacher,

Studs TerkelStuds Terkel
96, American
Journalist, Historian, Radio personality, Writer,

Ivan SutherlandIvan Sutherland
81, American
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer,

Chingmy YauChingmy Yau
Kenji MizoguchiKenji Mizoguchi
58, Japanese
Film director, Screenwriter

Christian LacroixChristian Lacroix
68, French
Grand couturier, Designer, Postage stamp designer
Harry Carey, Jr.Harry Carey, Jr.
91, American

Sonny SandovalSonny Sandoval
45, American
Singer, Musician, Rapper
Woody HermanWoody Herman
74, American
Emilíana TorriniEmilíana Torrini
42, Icelander
Singer, Songwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 16

People born on May 16th may often seem hard headed and quick tempered. Because of this, others may be quick to judge these individuals on the basis of their fiery nature. However, these individuals tend to desire group harmony and cooperation. While the first impression of these individuals is often one of boorishness, their hardened personality is often a facade. These individuals tend to open up more to those they consider to be close friends.

These individuals are hard workers and dedicated in their professions. Rarely having adequate time for exercise or preparing proper meals, they tend to have weight problems. They may heavily rely on fast food and because of this, are prone to ulcers and early onset strokes. These individuals should make the effort to dedicate some time to their personal health and well-being.

People born on this day typically safeguard their money. As such, those who are close to them may regard them as being "cheap" or miserly. However, May 16th individuals are wise with their finances and take care to build a substantial account, which will help enable them to retire early.

Natural hard workers, these people are often pursued and sought after by large corporations and employers. May 16th natives possess work ethics and are known for putting in long hours at the office, often staying past closing time. Because of their drive to succeed, these individuals make wonderful lawyers, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Because these individuals are committed to their work, their personal relationships often suffer. Though they may have several work acquaintance, they have few close friends, due to the lack of free time to cultivate meaningful friendships and relationships. Due to this, these individuals typically stay single until middle age, never seeming to be able to slow down to form romantic attachments. Unfortunately, these people are no strangers to divorce either, and may go through several romantic partners before finding the right one. Because of these reasons, they don't tend to have a large brood of children and may typically remain childless.

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