People born on May 10 fall under the second sun sign of Taurus. Individuals born on May 10th are gentle, sensual and pleasant with a keen sense of all things monetary and material. However, one needs to be cautious of the shifting moods as these individuals can be extremely intimidating and vengeful when pushed or angry, escalating into violent outbursts of defensiveness. These individuals live out their dreams and aspirations every day. They aren’t the solitary types but need more than their share of privacy.

Mark David ChapmanMark David Chapman
64, American
Killer of John Lennon
Kenan ThompsonKenan Thompson
41, American

John Wilkes BoothJohn Wilkes Booth
26, American
Assassinated Abraham Lincoln
59, Irish

Sid ViciousSid Vicious
21, British

Halston SageHalston Sage
26, American
American Actress
Leslie StefansonLeslie Stefanson
48, American
Actress, Model, Artist, Sculptor

Fred AstaireFred Astaire
88, American
Odette AnnableOdette Annable
34, American

Andrea AndersAndrea Anders
44, American
Adebayo AkinfenwaAdebayo Akinfenwa
37, British

Rick Santorum Rick Santorum
61, American
American Politician, Attorney
Meg FosterMeg Foster
71, American
Allie HazeAllie Haze
32, American
Adult Film Actress

Wayne DyerWayne Dyer
75, American
Self-Help Author and Motivational Speaker
Alfred JodlAlfred Jodl
56, German
Military Commander, Nazi War Criminal

Lee HyoriLee Hyori
40, South Korean
South Korean Singer, Actress
Missy FranklinMissy Franklin
24, Canadian, American
Olympics Gold Medalist Swimmer

Kate SnowKate Snow
50, American
TV Journalist

Karl BarthKarl Barth
82, Swiss
George CoeGeorge Coe
76, American
Actor, Voice Artist

Margaret FieldMargaret Field
89, American
Heydar Aliyev Heydar Aliyev
80, Azerbaijani
Former President of Azerbaijan

Gustav StresemannGustav Stresemann
51, German
Chancellor of Germany
Charice PempengcoCharice Pempengco
27, Filipino

Sypher AliSypher Ali
23, American
Augustin-Jean FresnelAugustin-Jean Fresnel
39, French
Carl AlbertCarl Albert
91, American
Former Speaker of the United States House of

Emilio MartinezEmilio Martinez
20, Spanish
Instagram Star
Chencho GyeltshenChencho Gyeltshen
23, Bhutanese

Ivan MartinezIvan Martinez
20, Spanish
Instagram Star
Ivan CankarIvan Cankar
42, Slovenian

Marlon WebbMarlon Webb
28, American

Aurel StodolaAurel Stodola
83, Slovak
Karmen PedaruKarmen Pedaru
29, Estonian
Fashion model

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Henry HagerHenry Hager
41, American
Husband of Jenna Bush
Aidan PrinceAidan Prince
13, American
Dancer, Actor, Vlogger

Carley TablerCarley Tabler
23, American
Kayla JonesKayla Jones
22, American

20, American
73, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,
Linda EvangelistaLinda Evangelista
54, Canadian
Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Dennis BergkampDennis Bergkamp
50, Dutch
Association football player
Jon RonsonJon Ronson
52, British
Journalist, Writer, Screenwriter, Documentary

Denis ThatcherDenis Thatcher
88, British
Entrepreneur, Engineer
Adam LallanaAdam Lallana
31, British
Association football player

Victoria RowellVictoria Rowell
60, American

Danny CareyDanny Carey
58, American
Drummer, Jazz musician
Lisa NowakLisa Nowak
56, American
Naval flight officer, Astronaut, Engineer, Test

Nicky WhelanNicky Whelan
38, Australian
Actor, Model
Max SteinerMax Steiner
83, Austrian, American
Conductor, Composer, Musician, Screenwriter, Film

Dave MasonDave Mason
73, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist
William RegalWilliam Regal
51, British
Professional wrestler

V. K. SinghV. K. Singh
68, Indian
Al MurrayAl Murray
51, British
Comedian, Screenwriter, Radio personality, Actor
Hélio CastronevesHélio Castroneves
44, Brazilian
Racecar driver

Darryl M. BellDarryl M. Bell
44, American
David O. SelznickDavid O. Selznick
63, American
American film producer

Chris BermanChris Berman
64, American
Miuccia PradaMiuccia Prada
71, Italian
entrepreneur, fashion designer

Gina PhilipsGina Philips
49, American

Sunitha UpadrashtaSunitha Upadrashta
41, Indian
Actor, Singer
Christiane KubrickChristiane Kubrick
87, German
Actor, Singer, Painter

John FredriksenJohn Fredriksen
75, Norwegian
Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Ellen OchoaEllen Ochoa
61, American
Astronaut, Engineer

Denise HoDenise Ho
42, Canadian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Jeff CooperJeff Cooper
86, American
Officer, Author, Journalist, Sport shooter, Writer

Bob SinclarBob Sinclar
50, French
Club DJ, Disc jockey, Composer, Record producer
Nayantara SahgalNayantara Sahgal
92, Indian
Journalist, Writer
Nick HeidfeldNick Heidfeld
42, German
Formula One driver

Sylvain WiltordSylvain Wiltord
45, French
Association football player
Emilio IzaguirreEmilio Izaguirre
33, Honduran
Association football player

Cecilia Payne-GaposchkinCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
79, British, American
Astronomer, University teacher
Jim AbrahamsJim Abrahams
75, American
Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer,

Muhammad al-BaqirMuhammad al-Baqir
55, Saudi Arabian

Ryan GetzlafRyan Getzlaf
34, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Marcel MaussMarcel Mauss
77, French
Politician, Sociologist, Ethnologist,

Henri CamaraHenri Camara
42, Senegalese
Senegalese footballer
Suzan-Lori ParksSuzan-Lori Parks
56, American
American playwright

Merlene OtteyMerlene Ottey
59, Jamaican, Slovenian
Sprinter, Athletics competitor
Lee BrilleauxLee Brilleaux
41, British

Louis-Nicolas DavoutLouis-Nicolas Davout
53, French
Samuel DalembertSamuel Dalembert
38, Canadian, Haitian
Basketball player
Daniel BellDaniel Bell
91, American
Sociologist, Writer, University teacher,

Vanderlei LuxemburgoVanderlei Luxemburgo
67, Brazilian
Association football player, Association football
41, British
Musician, Disc jockey, Record producer, Composer

Hugo BanzerHugo Banzer
75, Bolivian
Officer, Politician
Claude Joseph Rouget de LisleClaude Joseph Rouget de Lisle
76, French
Composer, Poet, Writer, Playwright

Diego TardelliDiego Tardelli
34, Brazilian
Association football player
Marina VladyMarina Vlady
81, French
Actor, Singer, Writer

Margaret MahlerMargaret Mahler
88, Hungarian
Psychiatrist, Child psychiatrist
Marie-France PisierMarie-France Pisier
66, French, Vietnamese
French actress

Benito Pérez GaldósBenito Pérez Galdós
76, Spanish
Spanish novelist
Gareth AnscombeGareth Anscombe
28, New Zealander
rugby union player

Allan NyomAllan Nyom
31, Cameroonian, French
Association football player
Hans JonasHans Jonas
89, German
Philosopher, University teacher

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 10

People born on May 10 are loving, caring and giving individuals with a fixed view of the world. A severe distaste for rudeness will have them speaking out in protest as will any unfairness to the innocent. These people make great, reliable friends with large shoulders to lean on and will always honor those they are close to. Not to be messed with when angry, May 10th individuals need to step back and breathe before going off the handle. Anger and frustration are the biggest hurdle for these people. On the softer side, they love animals, books, education and fun.

Those born on May 10 need to pay more attention to their health. Moderation in diet is essential to avoid conditions such as anxiety, sinus infections, headaches and digestive problems. Keep a close eye on cholesterol levels for those who fancy sweets and other foods high in fat content. Energy levels are high keeping these individuals at a preferred weight, but they should not mistake that for excellent health.

A hard worker by nature, these individuals tend to be a valued employee to anyone lucky enough to hire them. Unscathed by the level of position, they are known to do what it takes to get further ahead. Money, position and success will be theirs once they have found that lucky employer.

Relentless go-getters, people born on May 10th work well in fields of medicine, politics, gardening or teaching. Also good with money management and finances, these people may consider a position as an accountant or CPA. Hard working, focused and always finishing what has been begun with great attention to detail, these people accept nothing less than perfection of themselves and others, yet display great patience with those less motivated. Success is abundant in any field that requires both problem solving capability and creativity.

Relationships, marriage and children
Completely devoted to family and loved ones, individuals born on May 10th will sacrifice anything to keep them safe and happy. While being generous in nature they are known to stand their ground in defence of themselves and others. Children will experience the security of family life with a May 10th individual as a parent, but remember to keep communication flowing to help avoid problems in the outside world. As parents, these individuals are affectionate but not indulgent, discipline conscious but not strict.

Lucky Colors: Red, Turquiose, Yellow, Pink
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 6
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 19, 28