Individuals born on March 22nd are born under the sun sign, Aries. They are born on the cusp of the sun’s transit from Pisces, and they may exhibit traits of both signs. People born on March 22nd are warriors in their own right. They fight for everything, whether it is a goal, love or to ward off an enemy. Anything that comes easily is of little interest to these people, and is easily cast aside for something more challenging. March 22 natives are energetic, aggressive and driven by motivation. They have a magnetic personality which draws people to them.

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Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon
43, American
Kidada JonesKidada Jones
45, American

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
88, Canadian
Actor, Producer
Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd Webber
71, British

Matthew ModineMatthew Modine
60, American

Cole HauserCole Hauser
44, American
25, Norwegian

Stephen SondheimStephen Sondheim
89, American
American composer
James PattersonJames Patterson
72, American

Yayoi KusamaYayoi Kusama
90, Japanese
Contemporary Artist
Pat RobertsonPat Robertson
89, American
Evangelist, Media Mogul

Maximilian I, Holy Roman EmperorMaximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
59, Australian
Holy Roman Emperor
Tyler OakleyTyler Oakley
30, American
Anne DudekAnne Dudek
44, American

Laurie DavidLaurie David
61, American
Environmental Activist
May BrittMay Britt
85, Swedish

Gaz BeadleGaz Beadle
31, British
Reality Television Star
Chico MarxChico Marx
74, American
American comedian

Wilfrid BrambellWilfrid Brambell
72, Irish

Anthony van DyckAnthony van Dyck
42, Belgian
JJ WattJJ Watt
30, American
American Football Player

Surya SenSurya Sen
39, Indian
Lizzie BrocheréLizzie Brocheré
34, French

Kill'em FTWKill'em FTW
29, British
YouTube Star
Robert Andrews MillikanRobert Andrews Millikan
85, American

Judson LaipplyJudson Laipply
43, American
Motivational Speaker, Dancer
Nick RobinsonNick Robinson
24, American
Caroline NortonCaroline Norton
69, British

Cheddi JaganCheddi Jagan
78, Guyanese
Guyana's Father of Nation
Gavin MacIntoshGavin MacIntosh
20, American
Actor, Model

Bear PayneBear Payne
2, British
Cheryl's Son
Merrick HannaMerrick Hanna
14, American

Burton RichterBurton Richter
88, American

Mikey CobbanMikey Cobban
23, British
Pop Singer
Kieran HaylerKieran Hayler
32, British
Actor, Ex-husband of Katie Price

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Goran BregovićGoran Bregović
69, Yugoslav
Paola Nicole AndinoPaola Nicole Andino
21, Puerto Rican

Lena OlinLena Olin
64, Swedish
Stage actor, Film actor, Beauty pageant contestant
George BensonGeorge Benson
76, American
Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Jazz musician,

Emilio AguinaldoEmilio Aguinaldo
94, Filipino
Politician, Autobiographer
Bruno GanzBruno Ganz
78, Swiss
Stage actor, Film actor
Werner KlempererWerner Klemperer
80, American
Television actor, Film actor, Singer, Opera

Bob CostasBob Costas
67, American
Sports commentator, Radio personality, Journalist,
M. Emmet WalshM. Emmet Walsh
84, American

Wolf BlitzerWolf Blitzer
71, American
Jocky WilsonJocky Wilson
62, British
Darts player

Max RichterMax Richter
53, British
Composer, Musician, Pianist, Film score composer

Roger WhittakerRoger Whittaker
83, British
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Writer, Composer,
Marcel MarceauMarcel Marceau
84, French
Mime artist, Actor, Clown, Circus performer

Stephanie MillsStephanie Mills
62, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter
Lindsay FrimodtLindsay Frimodt
38, American

Braxton BraggBraxton Bragg
59, American
Officer, Military personnel
Francesco QuinnFrancesco Quinn
48, Italian, American
Actor, Television actor

John ToshackJohn Toshack
70, British
Association football player, Association football
Pia CayetanoPia Cayetano
53, American
Radio personality, Lawyer
Victoriano HuertaVictoriano Huerta
65, Mexican, American

Zalmay KhalilzadZalmay Khalilzad
68, American
Keith RelfKeith Relf
33, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Beverley KnightBeverley Knight
46, British
Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues
Fanny ArdantFanny Ardant
70, French
Actor, Film director, Audio book narrator,

Billy CollinsBilly Collins
78, American
Poet, Writer, University teacher

Angelo BadalamentiAngelo Badalamenti
82, American
Composer, Record producer, Film score composer
38, Filipino
Actor, Singer, Model

Anthony PellicanoAnthony Pellicano
75, American
Private investigator
Iben HjejleIben Hjejle
48, Danish
Television actor, Actor

Agnes MartinAgnes Martin
92, Canadian, American
Abolhassan BanisadrAbolhassan Banisadr
86, Iranian
Politician, Economist

Ulugh BegUlugh Beg
55, Iranian
astronomer, mathematician, calligrapher,
Elvis StojkoElvis Stojko
47, Canadian
Figure skater, Actor, Karateka
Juan UribeJuan Uribe
40, Dominican
Baseball player

Kuniaki KoisoKuniaki Koiso
70, Japanese
Politician, Military personnel
Joseph SchildkrautJoseph Schildkraut
67, Austrian, American
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor

Chris StaintonChris Stainton
75, British
Musician, Pianist, Songwriter
Jimmy DurmazJimmy Durmaz
30, Turkish
Association football player

Ken BootheKen Boothe
71, Jamaican
Singer, Songwriter

Pete BennettPete Bennett
37, British
Paul DoumerPaul Doumer
75, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist

Charles PfizerCharles Pfizer
82, German
Chemist, Entrepreneur
Nathan RosenNathan Rosen
86, Israeli, American
Theoretical physicist, University teacher

Dick PoundDick Pound
77, Canadian
Jurist, Lawyer, Squash player, Swimmer, University
Anton Raphael MengsAnton Raphael Mengs
51, Czech, German
painter, art historian

Jelle VossenJelle Vossen
30, Belgian
Association football player
Andrei BubnovAndrei Bubnov
54, Russian
Piotr TrochowskiPiotr Trochowski
35, German, Polish
Association football player

Pierre JeanneretPierre Jeanneret
71, Swiss
Swiss architect
Gabrielle RoyGabrielle Roy
74, Canadian
Writer, Novelist

Adam SedgwickAdam Sedgwick
87, British
Armin HaryArmin Hary
82, German
Athletics competitor, Sprinter

Jorge Ben JorJorge Ben Jor
74, Brazilian
Singer, Composer
Christopher MaloneyChristopher Maloney
50, American

Valdis ZatlersValdis Zatlers
64, Latvian
William IWilliam I
90, German

John II Casimir of PolandJohn II Casimir of Poland
63, Polish
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah NortonCaroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
69, British

Willie ThrowerWillie Thrower
71, American
American football player
30, Belgian
record producer, disc jockey, composer

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 22

People born on this day are highly energetic. True to their fire sign, they have a fiery personality. This fire can illuminate the way by helping them navigate through difficult situations, making them strong leaders. Unfortunately, these same qualities can make them a bit temperamental as they fail to listen to the needs and suggestions of others. March 22nd individuals make excellent friends because they are loyal and protective of the people they value. However, they are often taken advantage of, because they fail to see others for who they really are. Their protective nature can cause them to become jealous or a little possessive.

People born on this date are fairly healthy. They enjoy being active, which makes it easy for them to stay physically fit and strong. Various types of physical activities and sports come naturally to these people, and are often a source of leisurely activity. The other side of the coin is that these highly active individuals are vulnerable to injuries and stress-related illnesses. Their competitive nature in most aspects of life is often the reason for high stress levels. The inability to meet their own impossible standards can lead to depression and anxiety. The key to staying healthy is learning the difference between ambition and complete burn-out.

Money is of utmost importance to those born on March 22nd. They enjoy basking in material possessions and often equate them with hard work, status and importance. These individuals may quickly sacrifice financial security for the possibility of living a more lavish, but risky lifestyle. Arrogance and materialistic behavior is a recipe for disaster.

Managerial and other leadership positions best suit individuals born on March 22. When working in entry-level positions, they are at their prime when there is opportunity for advancement. Opportunities to run their own business can keep these individuals happy in their career choices, as long as they recognize their tendency to make impulsive decisions.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Relationships carry their own challenges to those born on March 22, since these individuals are easily bored. A major component of attraction to them is luring the object of their affections. Beyond the initial phases of a relationship, the need is to keep the chemistry new and exciting. Similarly, they may unknowingly pursue a relationship due to the challenges it brings, and not genuine interest. Within a marriage, they will expect to dominate the household. In exchange for taking a more subordinate role, the partner will live in a secure and lavish household. These individuals make excellent parents, but are tough disciplinarians. They should take care not to live vicariously through their children and encourage them to find their own path.

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Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 22, 28