Understanding how one's date of birth affects one's personality is a key tool in learning the true self. Individuals born on March 21 are a unique mix of passion and contemplation, which can lead to some untraditional personality quirks. Having a good handle on how these eccentricities create one's identity can lead to better relationships, employment opportunities and even health.

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Antoine GriezmannAntoine Griezmann
28, French
Matthew BroderickMatthew Broderick
57, American

Gary OldmanGary Oldman
61, British
39, Brazilian

Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna
34, Brazilian
Formula One Driver

Scott EastwoodScott Eastwood
33, American
Conor WoodmanConor Woodman
45, Irish
Film Director

Jair BolsonaroJair Bolsonaro
64, Brazilian
Political Leader
Linda Lee CadwellLinda Lee Cadwell
74, American
Teacher & Bruce Lee's Widow

Deryck WhibleyDeryck Whibley
39, Canadian
Adrian PetersonAdrian Peterson
34, American
American Football Player

Ronald KoemanRonald Koeman
56, Dutch
Football Manager, Former Player
Bismillah KhanBismillah Khan
93, Indian
Lothar MatthäusLothar Matthäus
58, German
Former German Footballer

Vasily StalinVasily Stalin
40, Russian
Joseph Stalin's Son
Justin PierceJustin Pierce
25, British

Diggy SimmonsDiggy Simmons
24, American
Martina StoesselMartina Stoessel
22, Argentinian

Modest MussorgskyModest Mussorgsky
42, Russian
Composer and Songwriter

Russ MeyerRuss Meyer
82, American
Joseph FourierJoseph Fourier
62, French
Mathematician & Physicist

Sabrina Le BeaufSabrina Le Beauf
61, American
Françoise DorléacFrançoise Dorléac
25, French

Nizar QabbaniNizar Qabbani
75, Syrian
Yandy SmithYandy Smith
37, American
Reality TV Star

Jean PaulJean Paul
62, German
Walter GilbertWalter Gilbert
87, American
Biochemist, Physicist, Molecular Biologist
W. S. Van DykeW. S. Van Dyke
53, American
Film Director

Jace Lee NormanJace Lee Norman
19, American
Francis LewisFrancis Lewis
89, American
Member of the United States House of

Carly IncontroCarly Incontro
28, American
Benito JuarezBenito Juarez
66, Mexican
Mexican lawyer

Kashani GrimmondKashani Grimmond
22, Australian

Jeanine AmapolaJeanine Amapola
25, American
22, American

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Mariale MarreroMariale Marrero
28, Venezuelan
Cenk UrguyCenk Urguy
49, Turkish, American
Political Activist, Show Host

Georgia BoxGeorgia Box
24, British
Pop Singer
Joel SchiffmanJoel Schiffman
61, American
Partner of Hoda Kotb

Lea De Seine Shayk CooperLea De Seine Shayk Cooper
2, American
Bradley Cooper's Daughter
Maverick LeonardMaverick Leonard
22, American
Timothy DaltonTimothy Dalton
75, British, Welsh
Actor, Film actor

Rani MukerjiRani Mukerji
41, Indian
Actor, Model
Rosie ORosie O'Donnell
57, American

Kevin FederlineKevin Federline
41, American
Actor, Singer, Bowler, Television actor, Model
Eddie MoneyEddie Money
70, American
Musician, Singer, Actor, Guitarist

Brian CloughBrian Clough
69, British
Association football player, Autobiographer,

Jordi AlbaJordi Alba
30, Spanish
Association football player
Rachael MacFarlaneRachael MacFarlane
43, American
Voice actor, Unit production manager, Writer,

Rhys DarbyRhys Darby
45, New Zealander
Actor, Comedian
Prayut Chan-o-chaPrayut Chan-o-cha
65, Thai

Ali DaeiAli Daei
50, Iranian
Association football player, Entrepreneur,
Jaye DavidsonJaye Davidson
51, British, American

Ray DorsetRay Dorset
73, British
Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter
DJ PremierDJ Premier
53, American
Club DJ, Disc jockey, Record producer, Composer
Sabiha GökçenSabiha Gökçen
88, Turkish

Ali Abdullah SalehAli Abdullah Saleh
70, Yemeni
Former President of Yemen
33, Spanish
Association football player

Nicolás LodeiroNicolás Lodeiro
30, Uruguayan
Association football player
Son HouseSon House
86, American
Guitarist, Singer

M. N. RoyM. N. Roy
66, Indian
Politician, Philosopher

Sergey LavrovSergey Lavrov
69, Russian
Diplomat, Politician
Keith PotgerKeith Potger
78, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Takeru SatohTakeru Satoh
30, Japanese
Actor, Singer
Solomon BurkeSolomon Burke
70, American
Singer, Priest, Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer

Hilda GadeaHilda Gadea
52, Peruvian
economist, politician, writer
Dino ShafeekDino Shafeek
53, Bangladeshi
Comedian, Actor

Mandy CapristoMandy Capristo
29, German
Singer, Model, Pianist
Peter BrookPeter Brook
94, British
Theatre director, Film director, Film editor,
Kathy GreenwoodKathy Greenwood
57, Canadian
Actor, Film actor

Jeff LemireJeff Lemire
43, Canadian
Writer, Comics artist
Jonas BerggrenJonas Berggren
52, Swedish
Composer, Songwriter, Musician

Hans HofmannHans Hofmann
85, German
Painter, Artist
Dominic MillerDominic Miller
59, Argentinian
Guitarist, Songwriter

Henry Ossian FlipperHenry Ossian Flipper
84, American
Military Leader

Charles I of NaplesCharles I of Naples
58, Italian
Bernard Freyberg, 1st Baron FreybergBernard Freyberg, 1st Baron Freyberg
74, New Zealander, British
Politician, Officer

Joseph RazJoseph Raz
80, Israeli
Philosopher, University teacher
Erich MendelsohnErich Mendelsohn
66, German, British

Thomas FrankThomas Frank
54, American
Historian, Journalist
Hans-Dietrich GenscherHans-Dietrich Genscher
89, German
Politician, Lawyer, Assessor, University teacher,

Marit BjørgenMarit Bjørgen
39, Norwegian
Cross-country skier
Claude Nicolas LedouxClaude Nicolas Ledoux
70, French
Jesse JoronenJesse Joronen
26, Finnish
Association football player

Ed BroadbentEd Broadbent
83, Canadian
Scott FahlmanScott Fahlman
71, American
Computer scientist, University teacher

Mark WilliamsMark Williams
44, Welsh
Snooker player
Fradique de MenezesFradique de Menezes
77, Sao Tomean

Xavier BertrandXavier Bertrand
54, French
Bruno PlatterBruno Platter
75, Italian
Theologian, Catholic priest

Marouf al-BakhitMarouf al-Bakhit
72, Jordanian
Prime Minister
Ustad Bismillah KhanUstad Bismillah Khan
93, Indian

Joseph SilversteinJoseph Silverstein
83, American
Conductor, Music educator, Concertmaster
Mike JacksonMike Jackson
75, British

Timothy Joseph LyneTimothy Joseph Lyne
94, American
Catholic priest
Benito Pablo JuárezBenito Pablo Juárez
66, Mexican
Mexican Politician

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 21

People born on March 21 are part of a unique group of individuals--those born on a cusp. March 21 falls on the Pisces-Aries cusp, the period of time when the sign moves from Pisces to Aries. As such, people born on this day take personality traits from both signs, an atypical feat as the two signs carry some incredibly different traits. March 21 people will be creative but logical, passionate but objective, artistic but reasoned. This can lead to some confusion though, as March 21 people struggle to identify their true self.

Individuals born on March 21 can have traditionally long lives, but this doesn't necessarily mean good health. Those born on this day can have a tendency of shrugging off doctor-visits or medical advice, due in large part to their stubborn Aries ways. If they can avoid this pitfall, however, March 21 people can enjoy robust health. Overeating can also be a problem for March 21 individuals.

These individuals aren't typically good with money, but they can sometimes fall "accidentally" into money, due to the passion and drive that carries them to natural success. This combined with the tendency toward logic and reason can pull a March 21 person well into financial success. A person born on this date might not feel the need for financial security, either. However, they realise the power, authority and influence that money exudes.

March 21 individuals have plenty of job options to choose from, due to their varying extremes in personality levels. An adventurous, creative career that is always exciting is as compatible for a March 21 individual as a contemplative career in academia or law. The only trick lies in finding the optimum balance. March 21 individuals may try out several different jobs before recognizing and finding their true calling in life.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Relationships don't always come easy to March 21 people. Jealousy, wanderlust and insecurity can often get in the way. To overcome these trials, individuals born on March 21 will have to try and keep open dialogue and work on communication with their partners. March 21 individuals have several, long lasting relationships throughout a lifetime. The family life for the March 21 people would be deep and resonant. They give their children all what they lack in their youth

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