The ruling planet of 16th March is Neptune and the zodiac sign of individuals born on this particular day is Pisces. The mystic Piscean characters born on 16th March have keen sense of clairvoyance. Philosophical thinking dominates them and their intelligence and creativity is overly influenced with philosophical influences and spirituality. People who share this birthday are extremely curious and insightful about everything in life. This particular trait of the typical Piscean character interferes with their intelligence and personal growth. Individuals born on this day have a strong liking towards spirituality and their perception is always in the supreme state. But, these people are not driven away by intense philosophical thoughts; instead they are firmly placed on the plane of reality.

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Alexandra DaddarioAlexandra Daddario
34, American
Josef MengeleJosef Mengele
67, German
War Criminal

Lauren GrahamLauren Graham
53, American

Jhené AikoJhené Aiko
32, American

James MadisonJames Madison
85, American
4th President of the United States

Jerry LewisJerry Lewis
91, American
Comedian, Actor, Singer, Film Director
Joel EmbiidJoel Embiid
26, Cameroonian
Basketball Player

Blake GriffinBlake Griffin
31, American
Basketball player

Alan TudykAlan Tudyk
49, American
Flavor FlavFlavor Flav
61, American

Wolfgang Van HalenWolfgang Van Halen
29, American
Brooke BurnsBrooke Burns
42, American

Erik EstradaErik Estrada
71, American

Jerome FlynnJerome Flynn
57, British

Rupert SandersRupert Sanders
49, British
Film Director

Sophie HunterSophie Hunter
42, British
Theatre Director
Aisling BeaAisling Bea
36, Irish
Actress, Stand up Comedian

Jung So-minJung So-min
31, South Korean

Tim KangTim Kang
47, American

Andrew McCabeAndrew McCabe
52, American
Attorney, Former FBI Deputy Director
Pat NixonPat Nixon
81, American
Wife of Former US President Richard Nixon

Mercedes McCambridgeMercedes McCambridge
87, American
Georg OhmGeorg Ohm
65, German
Physicist & Mathematician

Caroline HerschelCaroline Herschel
97, German

Matthew FlindersMatthew Flinders
40, British
Henny YoungmanHenny Youngman
91, American

Sierra McClainSierra McClain
26, American
Frederick ReinesFrederick Reines
80, American

Robert RossenRobert Rossen
57, American
Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Connie GlynnConnie Glynn
26, British
Corey CampbellCorey Campbell
21, American

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Lisa LiberatiLisa Liberati
41, American
Chris BallingerChris Ballinger
37, American
Vlogger, YouTuber

Nahla Ariela AubryNahla Ariela Aubry
12, American
Halle Berry's Daughter

Domani HarrisDomani Harris
19, American
Instagram Star

Luca LombardoLuca Lombardo
16, American
TikTok Star
Vladimir KomarovVladimir Komarov
40, Russian
Rajpal YadavRajpal Yadav
49, Indian

Victor GarberVictor Garber
71, Canadian
Television actor, Film actor, Singer, Musician,

Patty GriffinPatty Griffin
56, American
musician, singer-songwriter, composer

Richard StallmanRichard Stallman
67, American
Programmer, Computer scientist, Lecturer, Blogger,
Tim Hardaway Jr.Tim Hardaway Jr.
28, American
Basketball player

Isabelle HuppertIsabelle Huppert
67, French

Masaaki YuasaMasaaki Yuasa
55, Japanese
Screenwriter, Animator, Film director

Rodney PeeteRodney Peete
54, American
American Football Player

Fahd of Saudi ArabiaFahd of Saudi Arabia
84, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia
Danny BrownDanny Brown
39, American

Mark CarneyMark Carney
55, Canadian
Economist, Banker, Entrepreneur
Chuck WooleryChuck Woolery
79, American
Television actor, Songwriter

Jens StoltenbergJens Stoltenberg
61, Norwegian
Economist, Politician

Sienna GuillorySienna Guillory
45, British
Rannvijay SinghRannvijay Singh
37, Indian

Jimmy NailJimmy Nail
66, British
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Autobiographer, Singer,
Mónica CruzMónica Cruz
43, Spanish
Actor, Model

Phillip WilcherPhillip Wilcher
62, Australian
Composer, Pianist

Todd McFarlaneTodd McFarlane
59, American
Cartoonist, Comics artist, Screenwriter

Bernardo BertolucciBernardo Bertolucci
80, Italian

Tsutomu YamaguchiTsutomu Yamaguchi
93, Japanese
Daniel Patrick MoynihanDaniel Patrick Moynihan
76, American

Curtis GrandersonCurtis Granderson
39, American
Baseball Player

Joe CrowleyJoe Crowley
58, American

Traudl JungeTraudl Junge
81, German
Memoirist, Painter, Secretary, Writer
Nicole TrunfioNicole Trunfio
34, Australian, Italian

Gore VerbinskiGore Verbinski
56, American
American film director
Joey MerlinoJoey Merlino
58, American

Clifton PowellClifton Powell
64, American

Judah FriedlanderJudah Friedlander
51, American
Kyle NewmanKyle Newman
44, American

Jerry Jeff WalkerJerry Jeff Walker
78, American
Blu CantrellBlu Cantrell
44, American

Amos TverskyAmos Tversky
59, Israeli
Psychologist, Economist, University teacher

Kate NelliganKate Nelligan
70, Canadian
Leo McKernLeo McKern
82, Australian

J. Z. KnightJ. Z. Knight
74, American
Psychic, Writer
Will EisnerWill Eisner
87, American

Alexander Stepanovich PopovAlexander Stepanovich Popov
46, Russian
Physicist, Inventor, Engineer

Andrew S. TanenbaumAndrew S. Tanenbaum
76, American
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer,

Sonia GreeneSonia Greene
89, American
Sue JohansonSue Johanson
90, Canadian
Public Speaker
Rosa BonheurRosa Bonheur
77, French
Painter, Sculptor

Alice HoffmanAlice Hoffman
68, American
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Children's writer

Karlheinz BöhmKarlheinz Böhm
86, Austrian, German

Augusto BoalAugusto Boal
78, Brazilian
Theatre director, Writer, Politician, Playwright
Vernon HowardVernon Howard
74, American
Author, Writer

Mark SykesMark Sykes
39, British
Politician, Diplomat

Roy ChiaoRoy Chiao
72, Chinese

Belén RuedaBelén Rueda
55, Spanish
actor, television presenter, model

Martinus BeijerinckMartinus Beijerinck
Biologist, Microbiologist, University teacher,
Patrick CleburnePatrick Cleburne
36, American
Military personnel

Walter CunninghamWalter Cunningham
88, American
Astronaut, Officer, Aviator, Fighter pilot
Joe MandeJoe Mande
37, American
Actor, Screenwriter

Otto HofmannOtto Hofmann
86, German
Military personnel
Andy NajarAndy Najar
27, Honduran
Association football player
Martin WolfMartin Wolf
74, British
journalist, economist, university teacher

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 16

People born on 16th March prefer to compromise with other people and they are masters in appreciating others notions. These people are independent and their love for independence is so strong that they incorporate it with each little thing they do. People born on this day are known as the most abstract day dreamers because they love to imagine and dream about farfetched things in life. Their intelligence, amalgamated with intense perception, sometimes fetches them the honor of an impractical person. But their artistic inclinations act as their true savior. March 16 individuals love to stay within their very own self and this becomes prominent enough to make them struggle relentlessly to achieve certain things in their life.

Natives of March 16th are not carefree people. They do care for their regular fitness and well-being but they love to receive tips for a healthy lifestyle. They need a push here and there and then they are all set. A strong creative sense dominates their health grounds. These people stay healthy both physically and mentally when they are creatively satisfied. They find great solace in meditation and spiritualism.

People born on March 16th are not keen financial investors and planners. They have to struggle with their financial ventures, but at the end of the day, they somehow emerge successful in properly handling their finances.

Natives born on March 16th have confusions with their career. They find it difficult to decide on one particular career which will suit them. But, if they manage to settle down with a particular career which they love to follow, they end up working very hard. This disrupts the balance between their personal life and their career life. As such, it is very important for these individuals to strike a balance between their private life and their career oriented life.

Relationships, Marriage And Children
Despite blessed by psychic ability, people sharing their birthday on March 16 are able to focus on the present issues of their lives. They do not stick to past grievances and they often understand the preferences and wants of their family members. They are romantic, loving, sensitive and honest individuals who love to stay in a married relationship but at the same time they love their private space. Individuals born on 16th March crave for proper understanding from their partners. They have the potential to nurture children and a complete family, though settling as a married couple is difficult initially.

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