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Live-streaming is the hottest trend today and numerous celebrities are taking to sites like YouNow to live-stream their performances to their fans. And it’s not just celebrities flocking to the site, many youngsters too have set up their accounts and sharing their singing and dancing skills with the online audience. Several people have found their 15 seconds of fame just by live-streaming on the platform! Hailey Knox is one youngster who live-streams herself singing her original songs and covers of her favourite artistes. By doing so, she has earned herself numerous fans and admirers in the online world. Frank Giola also live-streams, but the nature of his content is different. He gives funny yet motivational advice to young people on his channel, encouraging them to give life their very best. Besides singers and motivational speakers, the platform is also used by pranksters like Zach Clayton who pull off hilarious pranks on a weekly basis. Even though YouNow is a relatively recent platform, it’s already growing at an exponential rate with over 100 million user sessions a month. What are you waiting for? Create an account and find yourself a few entertaining handles to follow! Check out this section to know more about top YouNow stars.
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