Dillon Juarez Bio

(YouNow Star)

Birthday: January 27, 1998 (Aquarius)

Born In: Hawaii, USA

Dillon Juarez is an American YouNow star who has gained fame as one half of the duo, the ‘JuarezTwins’; the other half is his twin brother David Juarez. Since debuting their YouNow channel ‘72 JuarezTwins’ the duo has amassed over 120k followers. Many of their videos are characterized by live conversations, discussions about challenges, music, and other things. In addition to their success on the live video streaming website, they have a huge presence on YouTube as well. The content of the videos on YouTube reflects their comedic and funny nature and often shows them playing pranks and participating in challenges with fellow YouTubers. ‘Dirty Never Have I Ever w/ Colin Duthie’, ‘Most Likely To With Joey Kidney!’, and ‘Fan Breaks into the Clout House (Caught on Camera)’ are some of their more popular videos. They have a Twitter account as well, which boasts a fan following of 30.2k followers and their Instagram account has 49.8 k followers. They often use these two social media platforms to promote content and give their fans updates on their day to day lives.

Quick Facts

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males


siblings: David Juarez

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'5" (165 cm), 5'5" Males

U.S. State: Hawaii

Rise to Fame
Dillon Juarez joined YouNow on September 20, 2015, along with his brother David and created the channel ‘72 Juarez Twins’. Around the same time on September 22, 2015, they started their YouTube channel as well. They started streaming live videos on YouNow, gaining the attention of fans. One of the early videos where Dillon informs their fans of his grandmother’s death received a lot of views as did the duo’s live reaction to viewers comments. Like many other social media stars, they tried doing challenges and posting the videos on YouTube to gain viewership.
Some of their initial videos like ‘What’s in My Mouth Challenge’, ‘Backwards Words Challenge’, ‘Yoga Challenge’, ‘Icy Underwater Challenge’, and ‘Trying Disgusting Facemasks’ started getting thousands of views. The brotherly bond and their adventures while facing these challenges endeared them to young viewers. But their fame was still in its early stages and it was only after they became more active on YouNow that people started noticing them more and more. Although the duo has only been active for over about two years, they enjoy a considerable fan following on social media.
The Juarez Brothers have also collaborated with other YouTubers in recent times. ‘Dirty Never Have I Ever w/ Colin Duthie | JuarezTwins’ published on March 4, 2017, is the most viewed video on their channel. ‘Guess That Song w/ Alexander Stewart’, ‘Most Likely To With Joey Kidney!’, and ‘Hat of Dares w/ Dylan Brady, Alexander Stewart & Devan James’ are some of their most popular videos. They became part of the funny social media group ‘CloutGang’’ in 2017. Since then, they have posted videos like ‘$15,000,000 Clout House Room Tour!’ and ‘Duct Taped To The Clout House’ etc. which have been very popular. The twins have also featured their mother in some of their videos including, ‘Nose Piercing Prank on Mom (angry)’ and ‘Mom reacts to our Favorite songs’ and intend on continuing to entertain fans through the vlogs. Dillon is also active on the music app Musical.ly (now known as TikTok).
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Personal Life
Dillon Juarez was born on January 27, 1998, in Hawaii and later moved to California with his mother and twin brother David Juarez. Not much is known about their father. They are largely influenced by their mother who taught them to enjoy life, take pictures of everything, and to love and celebrate life. Dillon is in a relationship with fellow YouNow star Madeline Phillips since 2016 and loves skateboarding. Both he and his brother are very good singers as well.

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