Lee Hinchcliffe Bio

(British YouTube and YouNow Star Known for His Vlogs)

Birthday: July 9, 1999 (Cancer)

Born In: Barnsley, England

Lee Hinchcliffe is a British YouTuber and YouNow star. His videos on YouTube have brought him more recognition than any other platform. Most of his videos are funny vlogs, challenge videos, and pranks. His family is often featured in his videos. Lee is also known for collaborating with other YouTubers like Joe Tasker, Jake Mitchell, Ollie Munro, and Eltoria. ‘Song Lyric Text Prank On My Crush!!! (Gone Wrong) Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You’, ‘Guess The Song Challenge (Shock Edition) With Bars and Melody’, and ‘I Spent £200 on Cadburys Creme Eggs To Find White Egg! (£10,000 Cash Prize)’ are some of the most popular videos on his channel. Hinchcliffe enjoys a massive following on Twitter and Instagram as well. He uses these social media platforms to update his fans about him. Additionally, Lee has also been able to launch his own line of merchandise under the brand name ‘LH’.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In July

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males


siblings: James Hinchcliffe (Brother)

Born Country: England

Rise to Fame
Lee Hinchcliffe had tried his luck with YouTube when he was still in the school. He and some of his friends would post gaming videos, but they never really got views. So he stopped making videos for some time and then started his vlogging YouTube channel on March 14, 2015. He posted his first ever video, ‘Things We All Do’, introducing himself and his vision for the channel on March 16, 2015. This was a good move for him, as it matched his style of content creation. He also started broadcasting live on YouNow which gave him a much larger audience.
Lee also started posting funny challenge videos on his channel. Videos like ‘Stuff Your Mouth Challenge Ft Ollie Munro’ and ‘Chili Chocolate Challenge’ started generating more and more views. This translated to more subscribers and on January 6, 2016, he posted the video ‘10,000 Subscribers!?!’ declaring his first major milestone. 2016 proved to be a great year for his channel. His video ‘Girl-Friend Does My Makeup Challenge’ featuring his friend Quisha, posted on February 7, 2016, became the first video on his channel to get over more than 140k views. Lee followed on the success of the video with more vlogs like ‘The Yorkshire Accent’, ‘Bathpool Karaoke’, and ‘My Morning Routine’. These videos garnered thousands of views and that meant more subscribers for his channel.
Although his content was not different to most other videos on YouTube, his success lay in the fact that he was young and less pretentious in his videos. Added to that he was clever enough to make videos on the popular trends on YouTube. This was clearly reflected in his funny challenge video ‘100 Layers Of Condoms On My Head!!!’, in which he literally proceeds to try and place 100 condoms on his head. Posted on August 14, 2016, the video received more than 255k views.
Lee Hinchcliffe continued to post good quality content on his YouTube channel in 2016. He featured his parents in the video ‘How Well Do My Parents Know Me? Mum Vs Dad!’. Simultaneously, Lee also collaborated with other YouTube stars in vlogs like, ‘Crazy Pumpkin Carving! W/ Joe Tasker’, ‘Touch My Body Challenge! W/ Robswifi’, and ‘Body Shock Spelling Challenge! W/ Touchdalight’. Featuring his family endeared him to many viewers and the collaborations brought him more subscribers from other channels. Consequently, on January 11, 2017, Lee’s channel crossed more than 100k subscribers, which was a great achievement for him.
On February 22, 2017, Lee Hinchcliffe started his second YouTube channel ‘Life As Lee’. The channel focuses more on daily vlogs, challenges, and bloopers as compared to his primary channel where he posts only on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. ‘Mum & Dad… IM Sorry’, a video he posted after getting a tattoo is the most popular one in this channel.
Hinchcliffe continued creating popular content on his main channel with collaborative videos like ‘Asos Advent Calendar (Mens) 2017 **Gone Sexual**’ and even featured his older brother in the challenge video ‘Never Have I Ever’. By January 2018, Lee had over 200k subscribers on his main channel. His latest videos like ‘I Spent £250 on Mcdonalds To Find £100,000 Cash Prize! (350+ Monopoly Stickers)’ and ‘The Truth About Love Island *Proof* (They Are Lying To You)’, have received thousands of views and are contributing to his growing popularity of more than 225k subscribers.
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Personal Life
Lee Hinchcliffe was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, on July 9, 1999. His parents are very supportive of his career and often appear in his YouTube videos. He has an older brother named James. He doesn’t go to school anymore and it is not known if he is dating anyone.
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