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‘Robby Epicsauce’ is the online pseudonym of American 'YouTube' content creator Robby. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, career, and achievements.

Robby Epicsauce
Quick Facts

Birthday: April 11, 1994

Nationality: American

Girlfriend: Yepitsstilltori

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Aries

Born in: Los Angeles, CA

Famous as: YouTuber

U.S. State: California

More Facts

education: UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

Popularity Index
Vloggers #899 Gamers #263 Comedy YouTubers #129 YouTube Pranksters #104 DIY YouTubers #33 YouNow Stars #29 Instagram Stars #367
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‘'Robby Epicsauce' is the social-media pseudonym of American 'YouTube' content creator Robby. He owns five channels on 'YouTube,' and all of them host different types of content. Robby is a member of the 'Fullscreen Network,' which runs and manages his channels. He began his social-media journey in 2010 and has come a long way as a ''YouTuber.'' Apart from running five 'YouTube' channels, Robby creates content for his other social-media pages simultaneously. An animation enthusiast, he has showcased his skills through 'YouTube' channel. His filmmaking talent can be seen on his debut 'YouTube' series.

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Robby Epicsauce
Rise to Fame
  • Robby joined the 'YouTube' community in June 2011, with the launch of his channel, 'RobbyEpicsauce.' However, his social-media journey began with his 'Twitter' page, which he launched in July 2010. The page currently has over 74 thousand followers. His first 'YouTube' channel primarily hosts funny vlogs, through which he shares various experiences with his viewers. His vlogs have earned Robby more than 105 thousand subscribers on the channel.
  • Robby launched his second channel, 'Robby Gamesauce,’ in December 2013. Unlike other gaming channels, 'Robby Gamesauce' is not a conventional one, as Robby does not record regular montages or gameplays of a specific game. Instead, he picks up random games and makes sketches on them. Apart from posting hilarious gameplays, Robby posts fails and reaction videos on 'Robby Gamesauce.' Despite such unique content, Robby has not earned an impressive fan base on the channel and has only a little over 15 thousand subscribers.
  • In November 2015, Robby launched his third channel, 'Robby.' The self-titled channel is dedicated to DIYs (5-Minute Crafts) and life hacks. Additionally, Robby posts challenge videos on the channel. The first post on the channel, titled 'DARE TIME! - Lip Piercing FAIL (WARNING BLOODY),' was made on March 1, 2016. Even though 'Robby' is the third channel of the ''YouTuber,'' he promotes it as his main channel. The first video suggests that Robby started the channel to post his vlogs but later transitioned to crafts, DIYs, challenges, and other fun videos. The first video on 'Robby' to reach a million views was 'OUR FIRST KISS! (7 second challenge with CrankThatFrank),' published on July 6, 2016. Other popular videos on the channel are 'Trying 30 SIMPLE KITCHEN HACKS YOU'D WISH YOU'D KNOWN SOONER by 5-Minute Crafts,' 'Trying 25 GENIUS REPAIR LIFE HACKS By 5 Minute Crafts,' 'trying 42 HOLY GRAIL PHONE HACKS THAT WILL SAVE YOU A FORTUNE by 5-Minute Crafts,' 'WE PUT GLUE ON OUR WHOLE BODY AND PEELED IT OFF (VERY SATISFYING),' 'Trying 20 CRAZY YET DELICIOUS FOOD HACKS By 5 Minute Crafts,' 'Trying hacks from 28 CRAZY GLUE GUN IDEAS by 5-Minute Crafts,' and 'Spin the MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/GIRLFRIEND!! -Robby & Tori.' With 11 million and 12 million views respectively, 'Trying 20 FANTASTIC EGG COOKING TIPS by 5-Minute Crafts' and 'Trying 13 Funny Phone Pranks! Prank Wars! By Troom Troom' are two of the most-viewed videos on 'Robby.' The channel has over 1.7 million subscribers.
  • Robby has experimented with gaming, too, and in April 2018, he launched his animation channel (and fourth overall channel), 'EpicSauce Animations.' Through the channel, Robby showcases his animation skills and turns his works into memes. Currently, 'EpicSauce Animations' has acquired only 13 thousand subscribers. The same year, in June, Robby started his first collaborative (and fifth overall) 'YouTube' channel, 'Robby & Tori.' He runs the channel with his girlfriend, and they create vlogs together. However, the two have posted only three videos on the channel and have just around 26 thousand subscribers. All the content on Robby's 'YouTube' channels is managed and monitored by 'Fullscreen, Inc.,' an American entertainment company and global network that offers creative services and tools to ''YouTubers.'' Robby’s live streams on 'YouNow' have been viewed by over 480 thousand users. His 'Instagram' posts add around 230 thousand followers to his social-media fan base. Robby wrote and directed a self-titled 'YouTube' series in 2016. His signature merchandise is available on ''
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Family & Personal Life

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Last Updated : June 11, 2019

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