Luke Brooks Bio

(Australian YouTube Star)

Birthday: May 3, 1995 (Taurus)

Born In: Melbourne, Australia

The YouTube prankster and parody star, Luke Brooks, is a very popular YouTuber from Australia. He is a vital member of the YouTube group called ‘Janoskians’. He along with his two brothers Jai and Beau, friends Daniel and former member of the group, James Yammouni, took the group to success by earning nearly 2.3 million subscribers on their channel. James left the group in 2016, to concentrate on his DJ career. On the group, Luke is seen doing parodies, challenges, playing pranks and making ‘mockumentries.’ He also has his own solo YouTube channel that goes by his name with over 52,000 subscribers. However, he isn’t active on his channel. Luke also has a grand fan following on other social media sites, with almost 577,000 followers on Instagram, more than 1.8 million followers on Twitter and roughly around 528,000 followers on his Vine account. Not to mention, he even has a fan page dedicated to him on Facebook with over 200,000 supporters.

Quick Facts

Australian Celebrities Born In May

Nick Name: Luke Anthony Mark Brooks

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males


mother: Gina Brooks

siblings: Beau & Jai

Born Country: Australia

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

City: Melbourne, Australia

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Luke had always been interested in YouTube, with his elder brother Beau guiding the way. Luke dropped out of high school in order to focus on YouTube; together with his siblings and friends, he formed a channel called ‘Janoskians’ with the brothers being the founders. They posted their first video in 2011. Luke along with his group also featured in a video of famous Australian singer, Faydee. In fact this wasn’t the first time Luke was featured on television. When he and his twin were eight, they featured in an advertisement that was aired in Japan. Their randompublic pranks have been most viewed and have earned them millions of viewers,the most popular ones being their hilarious parodies such as ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and ‘The Talk Dirty Dance’. They also make popular mockumentries where in good humor they document recent events. These boys are serious music lovers too, and have created their own music videos and songs, some being – ‘Set This World on Fire’, ‘Real Girl Eats Cake’, ‘Would You Love Me’, ‘That’s What She Said’ and more. They were also present at the Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids Choice Awards. As young entrepreneurs, they have their own clothing line called the ‘Dirty Pig Clothing’. So far Lukehasalso been busy with his world tours. His previous two world tours in 2013, and 2014, had been big successes.

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What Makes Luke Brooks So Special

Even though Luke has an identical twin, his uniqueness stands out. He is called the “cutest” member of the group, with his fans majorly being young ladies. He is charming and since 2011, has transformed from a cute boy into a good-looking dapper gentleman. He takes inspiration from the famous ‘One Direction’ band and loves their dressing sense. Luke tends to sweep ladies off their feet with his excellent guitar skills. He has a subtle and warm voice and makes a fabulous singer. He also believes in standing up against any form of bullying. Since in his own past he has encountered plenty of it, he hopes to make others strong enough to not encourage bullying.

Beyond Fame

The attractive Luke has all it takes to become a mega star, but beyond all his fame, is a regular boy with aspirations. Luke desires to one day become a popular singer and top the music charts. He loves the color blue. He is also a camera freak and loves taking selfies. He loves his brothers and the trio shares a strong bond. However, he doesn’t like people confusing him for his twin, as he has a competitive streak and wants to be known for himself. Since he has good photographic skills, he is the official editor of all videos shot by the group. He loves food, especially Spaghetti Bolognese. One flaw Luke wants to overcome is that he is a little short tempered. He also has a fear of crossing roads, thus he prefers to cross roads with a companion.

Behind The Curtains

Luke was born in Melbourne, Australia, on May 3, 1995, two minutes before his brother Jai. Gina Brooks is the proud mother of all three children – Beau the eldest, then Luke and Jai. She is also their manager and accompanies them on tours and for appointments. Luke was a bright student in school, and a part of regular school up to High School. In High School he dropped out in the midst of his course, since he wanted to expand his channel with his brothers, and school wasn’t contributing to it in any way. He is currently dating KianaBrown; the couple began their relationship in 2015. She has also featured in a couple of his music videos.

Luke has a twin brother, Jai Brooks, alsoa member of the ‘Janoskians.’ Luke was born two minutes before his brother Jai.

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