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Birthday: December 7, 1996 (Sagittarius)

Born In: United States

Quinton Kyle Hoover is an American “YouTuber” who is best known for his entertaining content on his 'YouTube' channel, 'Quinton Reviews.’ His videos primarily feature social-media posts of fellow influencers, TV shows, and movies. Quinton entertains his audiences by making parodies or reviewing posts. However, his satirical content has often dragged him into controversies. His most popular videos on the channel are perhaps the ones in which he discusses the rise and fall of established "YouTubers," such as GradeAUnderA and LeafyIsHere. Quinton is also known for strongly expressing his political opinions and his views on various online trends. His unique content has earned him both popularity and controversies.
Quick Facts

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

His 'YouTube' Career
Quinton began his career on social media through 'YouTube.' He created his channel on August 1, 2013, and uploaded his first video, 'Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaught Prequel Parody,' the following day. The channel 'Quinton Reviews' primarily hosts reviews, advertisements, occasional skits, and parody videos. One of the most popular videos on the channel is a drama video where he is shown discussing "YouTuber" Matt Hoss's lawsuit against 'H3h3 Productions.' He has also created a set of videos analyzing whether social-media influencer Logan Paul was mentally disturbed or not.
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Another popular video on Quinton's channel features the beef between "YouTubers" LeafyIsHere and IDubbbzTV that surfaced after the latter destroyed the former's reputation and popularity.
In 2016, the channel began hosting videos analyzing or criticizing topics affecting 'YouTube.' He wanted to challenge the copyright issue that 'Vídeo Brinquedo' had raised on his review of 'The Little Cars in The Great Race.' By 2017, most of Quinton's videos had either been privatized or removed. Some of the most-viewed videos on the channel are 'How Leafy Missed the Chance to Redeem Himself,' 'How GradeA Fell From Grace (Part 1),' 'How GradeA Lost His Groove (Part 2),' 'MattHoss' Millions: Losing it All as Quickly as Possible,' 'How Spongebob Predicted Meme Culture,' and 'How Garfield Lost His Magic.'
In February 2018, Quinton began a series called 'Fallen Titans' on his channel. The series featured the journey of once-popular ''YouTubers'' and 'YouTube' trends that had faded or vanished. The series was an extended version of his previous series 'YouTube Drama.' As Quinton has mentioned previously, he uses 'Wikitubia' to conduct his research on subjects for his 'Fallen Titans' videos.
He also made the 'Every Ghost Show' in 2018. It was a satire on "reality" TV ghost shows. In 2019, Quinton came up with another 'YouTube' show, titled ‘To Boldly Suck: Bad Lore Movies.'
Currently, the 'Quinton Reviews' has accumulated over 335 thousand subscribers. Unfortunately, he has failed to recreate similar fame on his other social-media pages. He has over 36 thousand followers on 'Twitter,' but the number of followers on his 'Instagram' page is not that great.
His official merchandise, including t-shirts for men and women, coffee mugs, and wall posters, are available on 'teespring.'
He made an appearance in an episode of the podcast 'Sardonicast.'
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Major Controversies
In late 2018, Quinton's biased political opinions expressed on his channel caused a big controversy. In an attempt to add humor to his content, he made some bold but honest comments that did not go down well with the viewers and some fellow content creators.
Quinton was seen making a negative comment on President Donald Trump on his video titled 'Logan Paul's Thinning Sequel is Terrible.' The audience felt that his statement "The American dream is dead" was irrelevant to the content of the video and was added unnecessarily. However, Quinton continued to use the statement in his subsequent videos.
In the video titled 'Knockoff Channels | Fallen Titans,' he made a racist comment. Some of his "tweets" that projected extreme left-wing thoughts were heavily criticized. A few of those "tweets" were deleted later. On his channel, he has strongly supported the LGBT community and the collaborative 'YouTube' channel 'BreadTube' that he had partially joined because of his rivalry with conservative political commentator, public speaker, author, and lawyer Ben Shapiro. He did not support "YouTuber" PewDiePie inviting Shapiro in an episode of his series titled 'Meme Review in a Tweet.'
Quinton also follows the 'YouTube' channel 'AdequateEmily,' where the host is famous for making controversial comments.
Toward the end of 2018, Quinton again made a controversial "tweet" targeting the 'YouTube' channel 'Mumkey Jones' and expressed his joy on the deletion of the channel. Previously, Jones had mocked Quinton in a podcast, after which they had been at loggerheads.
Quinton, however, later deleted the "tweet" and apologized to EmpLemon, one of Jones's friends, on 'Discord,' to restore his image.
Family & Personal Life
Quinton was born on December 7, 1996, in the United States of America. He is from Woodford County, Iowa.
He claims to be a nerd.
Quinton is also a huge fan of the comic strip 'Garfield.’

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