Harrison Webb Bio

(British Social Media Influencer and YouTuber)

Birthday: January 19, 1997 (Capricorn)

Born In: England

Harrison Webb is one of the most successful YouTube personalities of the present generation. He is best known for posting parody videos of popular songs, along with some funny challenge videos on his YouTube channel, ‘OmgHarrisonWebb’. Right from his childhood, Harrison had a knack for creating music, which later translated into a burning desire of making a career out of music. Since he had a natural flair for comedy, he somehow wanted to incorporate this amazing skill of his, which made others laugh, into his career. Harrison found the perfect way of amalgamating the two distinct art forms when he created his YouTube channel in 2011. Just two days after creating his channel, he uploaded his first video titled, ‘1st Dare: Stuffing Marshmallows in my Mouth’. The video gradually became popular and as he started uploading more videos, his charm attracted more viewers and his popularity started growing. One of his most successful videos during the early stages of his YouTube career was a parody cover of the famous song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, by the band, ‘One Direction’. Presently, the number of his subscribers stands at a little over 700,000.

Social Media Career
He was actively involved in acting during his high school days and paid special attention to music as well as dancing. During his school days, he was one of the best tap dancers.
He was also interested in social media and during the time he stepped into his teenage years, YouTube was fast becoming a popular platform for youngsters to exhibit their skills.
Harrison started his own YouTube channel in 2011. Interestingly, at the time of creating the channel, he wasn’t sure of what he would be posting in the near future. In fact, he posted his first video, ‘1st Dare: Stuffing Marshmallows in my Mouth’, in an attempt to know how his viewers would react to it. Just as he suspected, the video initially failed to gain popularity.
A week later, he uploaded his second video titled, ‘Harrison Webb talks about Mornings’. Fortunately, his second video performed better in terms of its viewership when compared to the first video. This gave him the confidence to post more number of videos on the channel. He then went on to post prank videos that had victimized his friends and also some strangers.
His video on the 2011 London riots also became very popular. But the one that shot him to fame was the parody cover of the popular song, ‘What makes you Beautiful,’ by the famous band, ‘One Direction’. The video was loved by millions of viewers and so far, it has managed to amass close to 3 million views.
This breakthrough video of his brought him under the spotlight and the subsequent attention that he got from general public caused a surge in the number of subscribers.
He then turned his attention towards posting Vlogs and many other hilarious videos that were shot along with his friends. By now, he was so popular that his fans started demanding more number of videos from him and the newborn star was more than happy to oblige.
Though he is one of the most popular British YouTube personalities, Harrison wants more out of his life and hence has his eyes set on a career in Hollywood. He has already appeared in several films, such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Bill’ and ‘Hogfather’. He has also appeared in a few uncredited roles in many TV shows.
While his permanent residence is in London, he keeps toggling between Los Angeles and his hometown for work purposes. Announcements have already been made regarding his upcoming projects with Coca-Cola, Tesco and 20th Century Fox.
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Family & Personal Life
Harrison Webb was born in London, UK on 19 January, 1997. He was born into a middle class English family and was raised along with his younger brother, Anderson Webb. He learned acting from Sylvia Young Theatre School, where he also honed his tap dancing skills.
He has a girlfriend named Franny Arrieta.

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