People born on June 21 fall under the zodiac sign, Gemini. These individuals are often beautiful, both in physical appearance and in personality. They are charismatic and loving, often creating a harmonious atmosphere wherever they may go. These people are always smiling and offering their assistance to others wherever possible. They are optimistic, though cautious, and tend to be protective towards the well being of their friends and loved ones. They may seem aloof at times, though, and can sometimes forget about important obligations. Despite this, these individuals are among the happiest of the zodiac.

Chris PrattChris Pratt
40, American
Lana Del ReyLana Del Rey
34, American

Edward SnowdenEdward Snowden
36, American
Computer Professional, Former CIA Employee

Eric DouglasEric Douglas
46, American

Jussie SmollettJussie Smollett
37, American

Juliette LewisJuliette Lewis
46, American
Actress, Musician
Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto
54, Pakistani

Jean-Paul SartreJean-Paul Sartre
74, French

Prince WilliamPrince William
37, British
The Duke of Cambridge
Maggie SiffMaggie Siff
45, American

Rebecca BlackRebecca Black
22, American
YouTuber & Pop Singer
Meredith BaxterMeredith Baxter
72, American

Jane RussellJane Russell
89, American

Joko WidodoJoko Widodo
58, Indonesian
President of Indonesia

Judy Holliday Judy Holliday
43, American

Mariette HartleyMariette Hartley
79, American
David MorrisseyDavid Morrissey
55, British

Pierre OmidyarPierre Omidyar
52, American

Richard JeffersonRichard Jefferson
39, American

Michel PlatiniMichel Platini
64, French
Former French Football Player, Football
Reinhold NiebuhrReinhold Niebuhr
78, American

Max SchneiderMax Schneider
27, American
Singer-songwriter, Actor
Cheick TiotéCheick Tioté
30, Ivorian

Josh PaisJosh Pais
61, American

Kris AllenKris Allen
34, American
American singer-songwrite
Maureen StapletonMaureen Stapleton
80, American
American actress

Robert PastorelliRobert Pastorelli
49, American
Yingluck ShinawatraYingluck Shinawatra
52, Thai
28th Prime Minister of Thailand

Henry Ossawa TannerHenry Ossawa Tanner
77, American

Shirin EbadiShirin Ebadi
72, Iranian
Human Rights Activist
Joana CeddiaJoana Ceddia
18, Brazilian, Canadian, American

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Daniel D. TompkinsDaniel D. Tompkins
50, American
Sixth Vice President of the U.S.A
Sofie DossiSofie Dossi
18, American
Gymnast, Television Personality

Lionel RoseLionel Rose
62, Australian

Carl StokesCarl Stokes
68, American
Former Mayor of Cleveland

William VickreyWilliam Vickrey
82, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics
Pipilotti RistPipilotti Rist
57, Swiss
Visual Artist
Noor StarsNoor Stars
22, Iraqi

Michael GrossMichael Gross
72, American

Kylee ReneeKylee Renee
20, American
Singer-Songwriter, Pianist

32, American
Kendra JohnstonKendra Johnston
36, American

Karisma CollinsKarisma Collins
19, Canadian
Instagram, YouTuber, Viner

Kyle David HallKyle David Hall
21, American

Bella FioriBella Fiori
22, Australian

Alice NorinAlice Norin
32, Indonesian
19, American

Gretchen CarlsonGretchen Carlson
53, American
Television Host
Andrzej SapkowskiAndrzej Sapkowski
71, Polish

Linda KasabianLinda Kasabian
70, American

Michelle WolfMichelle Wolf
34, American
Tony ScottTony Scott
68, British, American
Film director

Matt KucharMatt Kuchar
41, American
Wade PhillipsWade Phillips
72, American
American football coach

Reema LagooReema Lagoo
58, Indian

Brandon FlowersBrandon Flowers
38, American
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Pianist

Erica DuranceErica Durance
41, Canadian
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Joey KramerJoey Kramer
69, American
Saba HameedSaba Hameed
62, Pakistani

Ray DaviesRay Davies
75, British
Guitarist, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Record

Ian McEwanIan McEwan
71, British
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright, Film

Alisyn CamerotaAlisyn Camerota
53, American
Jim BreuerJim Breuer
52, American
Stand-up comedian

Dibakar BanerjeeDibakar Banerjee
50, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter
Carrie PrestonCarrie Preston
52, American

Lloyd Avery IILloyd Avery II
36, American

Dana RohrabacherDana Rohrabacher
72, American
Manu ChaoManu Chao
58, Spanish, French
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Record producer,

Kevin HarlanKevin Harlan
59, American
Viktor TsoiViktor Tsoi
28, Russian
Poet, Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Composer,

Nils LofgrenNils Lofgren
68, American

Doug SavantDoug Savant
55, American
Kate BrownKate Brown
59, American

Pope Martin IPope Martin I
57, Italian
Kate HoeyKate Hoey
73, British
Political Leader

Khatia BuniatishviliKhatia Buniatishvili
32, French, Georgian

Gregory David RobertsGregory David Roberts
67, Australian
writer, novelist

Pete RockPete Rock
Rapper, Music Producer
Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin
87, Argentinian, American
Joe FlahertyJoe Flaherty
78, American

Gaël KakutaGaël Kakuta
28, French
Association football player

Ferdinand Zvonimir von HabsburgFerdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg
22, Austrian
Racecar driver

Kip WingerKip Winger
58, American
Anette OlzonAnette Olzon
48, Swedish
Swedish singer

Maurice BoucherMaurice Boucher
66, Canadian

Kristin BeckKristin Beck
53, American
Transgender Navy SEAL

Mancow MullerMancow Muller
53, American
Radio personality

Claude AuchinleckClaude Auchinleck
96, British
Dean SaundersDean Saunders
55, British
Association football player, Association football

Paulene StonePaulene Stone
78, British
Siméon Denis PoissonSiméon Denis Poisson
58, French
Mathematician, Astronomer, Physicist, University

Increase MatherIncrease Mather
84, American
John Paul YoungJohn Paul Young
69, Australian
Pope Leo IXPope Leo IX
51, German, French
Catholic priest

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 21

These people are easily excitable and can sometimes become too intense for those who aren't accustomed to their lively nature. People seem to naturally gravitate towards them and they thrive on daily social interactions. They may become anxious or depressed if they are unable to socialize for long period of time. They are wonderful people, who love to make new friends and make others feel wanted. Though they are intellectually capable, they are much too concerned about the well-being of others to busy themselves with many intellectual pursuits.

These individuals tend to be wonderful advocates for their own health and make it a priority to schedule regular doctor appointments. Because of this, they are often able to address any health concerns before they become a problem. They don't tend to workout on a regular basis and can easily put on weight if they are not careful.

People born on June 21, tend to be smart with their money and live quite simple lives. Because of this, they are able to invest much money and can become rich at a relatively young age. They are philanthropic and make it a point to donate money to their favorite charities whenever possible.

Because of their communication skills and natural tendency towards social advocacy, these individuals tend to do well in the fields of social work and law enforcement. Their hard working nature will earn them many accolades during their professional lives and they often are able to advance to the top of their fields.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
These people tend to marry at a young age and have many children. They are natural romantics, and will often surprise their loved ones with love notes and bouquets of flowers. These people make wonderful spouses and, in turn, their spouses tend to thrive off of all of the doting and attention. Their children are able to share in the same sort of love and affection and are usually sweet natured and well adjusted because of this. In return, there is no shortage of loved ones who are willing to care for these individuals as they approach old age.

Lucky Colors: Canary Yellow, Lime Green
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 15
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Monday
Lucky Days (of the month): 11, 19, 29