The probability of Leo personalities are thought to be astrologically determined by the powers of Sun. The actual date in which July 29 individuals are born is governed by the Moon. As such, the two celestial bodies together determine the characteristic distinctiveness of these people and explain the plausible difference of them from other Leo personalities. Individuals born on July 29 are practical and creative folks with   streaks of optimism and perseverance. They are charming in their mannerism, and sincere in their approach. Their dependability makes these individuals a perfect friend, partner or a mentor. What is the most remarkable traits of these individuals is their futuristic and visionary outlook and the tendency to take caution and not make haste. However, behind all these positive attributes are a few negative traits that these people have. They can be emotionally demanding, hot tempered, stubborn and opinionated in unfavourable or unexpected situations.

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Allison MackAllison Mack
37, American
Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini
61, Italian
Former Duce

Black DahliaBlack Dahlia
22, American

Wil WheatonWil Wheaton
47, American

Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso
38, Spanish
F1 Driver

Ken BurnsKen Burns
66, American
Documentary Filmmaker
Josh RadnorJosh Radnor
45, American

Stephen DorffStephen Dorff
46, American

Stan KroenkeStan Kroenke
72, American

Tony SiricoTony Sirico
77, American
J. R. D. TataJ. R. D. Tata
89, Indian
French-Indian aviator

Geddy LeeGeddy Lee
66, Canadian
Li Ka-shingLi Ka-shing
91, Canadian

Jo In-sungJo In-sung
38, South Korean

Dak PrescottDak Prescott
26, American
American Football Quarterback
Patti ScialfaPatti Scialfa
66, American
Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Shin Se-kyungShin Se-kyung
29, South Korean
Peter JenningsPeter Jennings
67, Canadian, American

Dag HammarskjöldDag Hammarskjöld
56, Swedish
Second Secretary-General of the United Nations

Clara BowClara Bow
60, American
Alexandra PaulAlexandra Paul
56, American

Joey EssexJoey Essex
29, British
Television Personality
Genesis Rodriguez Genesis Rodriguez
32, American

Austin ChickAustin Chick
48, American

Leslie EasterbrookLeslie Easterbrook
70, American
Actress and singer
Thelma ToddThelma Todd
29, American
Lou AlbanoLou Albano
76, American

Eva GutowskiEva Gutowski
25, American
YouTuber, vlogger

Wanya MorrisWanya Morris
46, American

Jake SmollettJake Smollett
30, American
Dennis Cleveland StewartDennis Cleveland Stewart
46, American

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Cameron DolanCameron Dolan
22, American
Instagram Star

Diana VreelandDiana Vreeland
83, American
Magazine editor, fashion journalist and special

Olivia RouyreOlivia Rouyre
20, Belgian, American

Clement Vallandigham Clement Vallandigham
50, American
Isidor Isaac Rabi Isidor Isaac Rabi
89, American

Oliver PeckOliver Peck
48, American
Tattoo Artist
Paulina GotoPaulina Goto
28, Mexican

Sigmund RombergSigmund Romberg
64, American

Dae DaeDae Dae
27, American
Evan EdingerEvan Edinger
29, American

Daniel Little McFaddenDaniel McFadden
82, American
Don MarquisDon Marquis
59, American

Anna BessonovaAnna Bessonova
35, Ukrainian
Olympic athlete

Emma Rhys-JonesEmma Rhys-Jones
28, Welsh
Gareth Bale's Fiancee

Amy Lee33Amy Lee33
32, British
YouTuber, Vlogger

Paul TaylorPaul Taylor
89, American
One of the foremost American choreographers of the
Amanda FayeAmanda Faye
29, American

Owen BodnarOwen Bodnar
16, American
TikTok ( Star

Michael HoltMichael Holt
32, American

Olivia OlivarezOlivia Olivarez
12, American
TikTok Star
Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt
60, Indian
Actor, Film producer, Singer

Jackie BrownJackie Brown
42, American
Jonah FalconJonah Falcon
49, American

Scott SteinerScott Steiner
57, American
Professional wrestler, Actor, Television actor

Elli AvramElli Avram
29, Swedish
Martina McBrideMartina McBride
53, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Musician

Kosovare AsllaniKosovare Asllani
30, Swedish
Association football player
Yoshihiro AkiyamaYoshihiro Akiyama
44, Japanese
Mixed martial artist, Judoka

Harshad MehtaHarshad Mehta
48, Indian

Henri FayolHenri Fayol
84, French, Turkish
Economist, Entrepreneur
Carl CoxCarl Cox
57, Barbadian, British
Record producer

Giles CorenGiles Coren
50, British
Journalist, Television presenter, Writer
Hard KaurHard Kaur
40, British

Anup JalotaAnup Jalota
66, Indian

Theda BaraTheda Bara
69, American

Rodney JerkinsRodney Jerkins
69, American
Record producer
Mircea LucescuMircea Lucescu
74, Romanian
Association football player, Association football
John SykesJohn Sykes
60, British

Melvin BelliMelvin Belli
88, American
Actor, Lawyer, Television actor

Edward L. MasryEdward L. Masry
73, American
Lawyer, Politician

Rochus MischRochus Misch
96, German
Writer, Painter, Military personnel
Jenny HolzerJenny Holzer
69, American
Artist, Painter, Sculptor

Tidjane ThiamTidjane Thiam
57, French

Erich PriebkeErich Priebke
100, German

Jason BelmonteJason Belmonte
36, Australian
Sportsperson, Bowler

Marise PayneMarise Payne
55, Australian
Chris MarkerChris Marker
91, French
Film producer, Film critic, Film director,

Gail SimoneGail Simone
45, American
Comics artist, Screenwriter
Fernando GonzálezFernando González
39, Chilean
Tennis player

Wilson PalaciosWilson Palacios
35, Honduran
association football player

Alice DellalAlice Dellal
32, Brazilian
Atdhe NuhiuAtdhe Nuhiu
30, Turkish
Association football player

Jean-Hugues AngladeJean-Hugues Anglade
64, French
Actor, Screenwriter, Director
Bill ForsythBill Forsyth
73, British
Film director, Screenwriter

Jamie MaclarenJamie Maclaren
26, Australian
Australian footballer

Mamoru ShigemitsuMamoru Shigemitsu
69, Japanese
Politician, Diplomat

32, Canadian
Songwriter, Record producer, Musician, Composer
Cynthia RowleyCynthia Rowley
61, American
Fashion designer

Ulrich TukurUlrich Tukur
62, German
Musician, Stage actor, Singer, Film actor
C. Narayana ReddyC. Narayana Reddy
88, Indian
Author, Politician, Poet, Lyricist, Songwriter

Ryutaro HashimotoRyutaro Hashimoto
68, Japanese
Prime Minister
Stig BlomqvistStig Blomqvist
73, Swedish
Rally driver

Max NordauMax Nordau
73, Hungarian
Sociologist, Physician, Journalist, Writer
Harry MulischHarry Mulisch
83, Dutch
Novelist, Poet, Playwright, Essayist, Writer,

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on July 29

Individuals born on the twenty ninth day of July are blessed with unique traits and features. These people are idealistic individuals but with a realistic and practical approach. What makes them different from other Lions is their intensely intuitive and compassionate side. Naturally enthusiastic and courteous, these people possess a sociable temperament. They are good at overcoming obstacles and usually tend to utilize all their energies to get the things they want. Additionally, these people are full of trusting kindliness, very loving, thoughtful and ordinarily sincere in their interactions with others. Nature-wise, these people possess a charming disposition and are gentle and kind to everyone.  

Like most Leo, individuals born on the twenty ninth day of July experience good health due to their concerned nature. These people have good intentions regarding personal health care and hence experience sound health. However, they are avid food lovers and tend to get prone to comfort eating when sad or melancholic. Though July 29 individuals are active folks, it is recommended that they include exercising in their regular routine to expel out the abundance of physical energy. Sticking to a particular sleep routine and keeping the immune system healthy are also vital moves that would ensure general healthiness of people born on this date and their being in shape.

Interestingly, July 29 born individuals do not pay much importance to money except for the fact that it is a necessity for acquiring a desired lifestyle. They are cautious people with a conservative approach. They do not believe in overspending but are not tight-fisted as well. July 29 borns strike a perfect balance as far as monetary terms are concerned. Those with this birthdate successfully manage to save some money but without scarifying their inclination for financial generosity.

Endowed with immense confidence and decision-making capabilities, individuals born on July 29 are perfect for self-employment as these people have an inclination to be their own boss. They, however, do well in an organizational set-up as well. Their empathetic listening skills, respectful mannerism and kindness make caring profession a good option to explore.  Also, since July 29 borns have immense problem-solving capabilities, vocation that offers regular challenges and makes full use of their abilities, talents and skills are perfect options.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
July 29 individuals are communicative and expressive folks. These people maintain cordial relationship with family and friends. In matters of love, they are utmost romantic and loveable. They seek for a partner with whom they can share their views and beliefs. Since these people are fiercely loyal in a relationship and give all what they have to it, they expect the same degree of devotion in return. More than anything else, being in a relationship gives these people a chance to learn more about themselves. They are family oriented folks with natural dependable and considerate nature. However, they have the typical Leo jealousy and protectiveness. Parenting comes naturally to those born on this date. They are indulgent in the role of parents and possess good common sense in their dealing with children/

Lucky Color: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Number: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 20