Cancer men and women born on July 21st have typified personality traits and characteristic features which are akin to only them. This is because the same is influenced not just by Moon, which is the ruling body for the zodiacal group but Jupiter, governor of the actual date in which these individuals are born. So, the probable disposition of July 21 individuals is thought to be influenced by the combined presence of these two celestial bodies. Individuals born on this date have perceptiveness and an eloquent understanding and charming mannerism. They are highly determined with a persisting attitude and innovativeness. Other fortes include interactive capability and optimistic outlook. July 21st individuals need to control their stress levels to shed off any moody behavior or behaving in an obsessive, argumentative or self-pitying manner.

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Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
63, American
American stand-up comedian
Ernest HemingwayErnest Hemingway
61, American

Cat StevensCat Stevens
71, British

Josh HartnettJosh Hartnett
41, American
American actor

Don KnottsDon Knotts
81, American

Chrishell StauseChrishell Stause
38, American
Charlotte GainsbourgCharlotte Gainsbourg
48, French, British

Romeo SantosRomeo Santos
38, American

Rory CulkinRory Culkin
30, American

Edward HerrmannEdward Herrmann
71, American
David DastmalchianDavid Dastmalchian
42, American

Jaime MurrayJaime Murray
43, British
Marcelo BielsaMarcelo Bielsa
64, Argentinian
Football Coach

Marshall McLuhanMarshall McLuhan
69, Canadian

Janet RenoJanet Reno
78, American
78th Attorney General of the United States
Ali LandryAli Landry
46, American

Sara SampaioSara Sampaio
28, Portuguese
Maggie LindemannMaggie Lindemann
21, American

Frances ClevelandFrances Cleveland
83, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Mollie SugdenMollie Sugden
86, British
Jamie WaylettJamie Waylett
30, British

Zerelda MimmsZerelda Mimms
55, American
Jesse James' Wife
Ali CobrinAli Cobrin
30, American

Pope Sixtus IVPope Sixtus IV
70, Italian
Bishop of Rome

Isaac SternIsaac Stern
81, American
American violinist

Peter DoocyPeter Doocy
32, American
Bryiana Noelle FloresBryiana Noelle Flores
28, American
Rudolph A. MarcusRudolph A. Marcus
96, Canadian

Yolanda GamppYolanda Gampp
42, Canadian
Baker, Cake Decorator, YouTuber

Milan Rastislav ŠtefánikMilan Rastislav Štefánik
38, Slovak

Jesse James RutherfordJesse James Rutherford
28, American
Kaylee HalkoKaylee Halko
16, American
TikTok ( Star, Singer

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King RoscoeKing Roscoe
16, American

John ScarceJohn Scarce
22, American
YouTube Star

Darren Le GalloDarren Le Gallo
45, German
Actor, Artist

24, Canadian
Beppe GrilloBeppe Grillo
71, Italian
Actor, Comedian, Politician, Writer

Betty GilpinBetty Gilpin
33, American
CC SabathiaCC Sabathia
39, American
Baseball player

Diane GuerreroDiane Guerrero
33, American

Mick MulvaneyMick Mulvaney
52, American
Juno TempleJuno Temple
30, British

Jon LovitzJon Lovitz
62, American
American comedian
Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller
85, British
Actor, Writer, Theatre director

Alysia ReinerAlysia Reiner
49, American

DeAndre JordanDeAndre Jordan
31, American
Basketball player

Ross KempRoss Kemp
55, British

64, Dutch
singer, actor
Jessica BardenJessica Barden
27, British

Justin BarthaJustin Bartha
41, American

Damian MarleyDamian Marley
41, Jamaican

Paloma FaithPaloma Faith
38, British
film actor, actor, singer, ballet dancer,
Joseph CottenJoseph Cotten
67, American

Ken StarrKen Starr
73, American
Michael ConnellyMichael Connelly
63, American

Buchi EmechetaBuchi Emecheta
72, Nigerian
Writer, Novelist, Sociologist, Playwright, Editor,

Jasmine Cephas JonesJasmine Cephas Jones
30, American
Jeff FattJeff Fatt
66, Australian
Musician, Actor, Pianist

Vanessa LengiesVanessa Lengies
34, Canadian
Sami YusufSami Yusuf
39, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Leigh LawsonLeigh Lawson
74, British

Bill PertweeBill Pertwee
86, British
Jon DorenbosJon Dorenbos
39, American
American Footballer

Norman JewisonNorman Jewison
93, Canadian
Film director, Film producer, Actor, Screenwriter
Stefan LöfvenStefan Löfven
62, Swedish

Siddhartha MukherjeeSiddhartha Mukherjee
49, Indian, American

Garry TrudeauGarry Trudeau
71, American
Cartoonist, Journalist

Mohammed Hussein Al AmoudiMohammed Hussein Al Amoudi
73, Saudi Arabian
Sangram SinghSangram Singh
34, Indian
Sara CarterSara Carter
80, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Chris LebenChris Leben
39, American
Mixed martial artist

Lucy SpragganLucy Spraggan
28, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Béla TarrBéla Tarr
64, Hungarian
Screenwriter, Film director
Claire WilliamsClaire Williams
43, British

Philip NeriPhilip Neri
79, Italian

John BarrassoJohn Barrasso
67, American

Hart CraneHart Crane
32, American
Poet, Writer

Sarah WatersSarah Waters
53, Welsh
Novelist, Writer
Yushin OkamiYushin Okami
38, Japanese
Mixed martial artist

Giant SilvaGiant Silva
56, Brazilian
Basketball player, Professional wrestler
Dannel MalloyDannel Malloy
64, American

Sarah BiasiniSarah Biasini
42, French
Stage actor, Film actor, Actor

John NegroponteJohn Negroponte
80, American
Politician, Diplomat
Marco FabiánMarco Fabián
30, Mexican
Association football player

John Atta MillsJohn Atta Mills
68, Ghanaian
Politician, University teacher, Lawyer
Andriy VoroninAndriy Voronin
40, Ukrainian
Association football player

Lee AaronLee Aaron
57, Canadian
Singer, Jazz musician, Songwriter

Edmund HeinesEdmund Heines
36, German

Gary WhittaGary Whitta
47, British
Journalist, Editor, Screenwriter
Norman GeislerNorman Geisler
87, American

Ömer ToprakÖmer Toprak
30, German, Turkish
Association football player
Paul ReuterPaul Reuter
82, German
Journalist, Writer, Publisher

Vusamazulu Credo MutwaVusamazulu Credo Mutwa
98, South African
Ufologist, Writer
Eduard DietlEduard Dietl
Military personnel

Ian ThornleyIan Thornley
47, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter
Hans FalladaHans Fallada
53, German
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on July 21

The personality traits of individuals born on July 21st include sensitivity, innovativeness and imaginativeness. These people have charming mannerism and a loving temperament. Their intuitiveness makes them naturally protective and sympathetic towards family and friends. The influence of Jupiter makes these individuals expressive and communicative. As such, Cancerians born on July 21st openly communicate their thoughts, views and ideas to their loved ones. What’s more, individuals with a July the twenty first birthday are usually purposeful, consistent and dutiful yet seem to retain an air of independence. They have high levels of intelligence and an excellent memory to boast of. Though these people have a conservative outlook towards things, the same can be changed in changing circumstances.

General healthiness of individuals born on July 21 is rather robust with a few hiccups here and there. This is mainly because of their proneness to have a casual attitude towards healthy living. These people mostly believe in living for the day or moment and thus in an aim to fulfil this, often take up bad habits. Individuals with this birthday are vulnerable to smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. It is advisable for these people to keep these addictions at a bare minimum. Another aspect that these individuals need to take care of is taming their energetic and enthusiastic side. Since these people are full of energy all the time, they need to pamper themselves with a few spa treatments and gentle exercising to help the mind and body relax.

Managing finances and staying on budget is something which July 21st individuals excel at, despite finding monetary matters stressful and taxing. These people very well know the value of money and understand the need for spending it wisely. However, despite this, these people indulge in shopping for themselves and others once in a while as they find the activity therapeutic. Saving and planning for future does not come in the regular routine of individuals born on July 21st until they cross middle age.

Endowed with a disciplined mind and inventive skills, July 21st individuals have the ability to excel in any profession they choose to be in. These people thus easily find the most suitable employment, wherein they can apply their skills constructively. Another factor that assists July 21st individuals in their career field is the capability to stretch them as much needed in the work arena. Due to all this, July 19 individuals are never stressed about job or profession.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Individuals with their birthday on July 21st greatly value relationships and have an idealistic view of them. During the early years of life, they have a naïve outlook towards love and romance. Though these people aim to create their own destiny in matters of love, a wrong decision can cause them to get highly disappointed and thus lose trust completely. Getting into a romantic relationship for the second time is extremely tough for July 21st born individuals. In love liaison, these people are emotionally sensitive and incredibly loving. They crave for stability from the romantic bond and want their partner to be as affectionate, gentle, kind and compassionate as they are.  An ideal soul mate is one with whom these people can share their views and who possess the same values, aims and interests. Also, one with whom they can talk openly about their feelings and emotions and communicate effectively makes way for a perfect partner. July 21st individuals are happy to play the role of parents and are caring and considerate towards the little ones.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Number: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30