People born on January 27th are ruled by the influence of the planet, Mars. They have an innate attractiveness about them that lures people towards them. Their somewhat infectious personality combined with their ability to grasp and learn things quickly make for a unique combination. They are also kinds of people who like to put their family and friends on a pedestal and often get too emotionally attached to them losing focus of their rationality at times. This at times, makes them child-like, which could be a positive attribute but could also work against them. They are adventurous and tend to open up to like-minded people easily.

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
35, Austrian
Rosamund PikeRosamund Pike
41, British

Alan CummingAlan Cumming
55, Scottish

Mimi RogersMimi Rogers
64, American

Patton OswaltPatton Oswalt
51, American

Lewis CarrollLewis Carroll
65, British
Author, Mathematician and Photographer
Niana Guerrero Niana Guerrero
14, Filipino

Mohamed Al-FayedMohamed Al-Fayed
91, Egyptian
Owner of Hôtel Ritz Paris

Mikhail BaryshnikovMikhail Baryshnikov
72, American
Ballet Dancer
Steve WynnSteve Wynn
78, American
Casino Resort Developer

Frank NittiFrank Nitti
57, Italian, American
Troy DonahueTroy Donahue
65, American

Arpad BussonArpad Busson
57, French
Financier, Philanthropist

Tamlyn TomitaTamlyn Tomita
54, American

Kathleen FuentesKathleen Fuentes
28, American
Youtube Star

Lieserl EinsteinLieserl Einstein
1, Serbian
Albert Einstein's Daughter
Howard McNearHoward McNear
63, American

Heather NauertHeather Nauert
50, American

Susanna ThompsonSusanna Thompson
62, American

Art RooneyArt Rooney
87, American
NFL Team Founder, Owner
Ruby LinRuby Lin
44, Taiwanese
Taiwanese Actress

Wilhelm IIWilhelm II
82, German
Emperor of Germany
Karen VelezKaren Velez
59, American

Ruth BradleyRuth Bradley
33, Irish

samuel gompersSamuel Gompers
74, British, American
Labor leader, Cigar Maker
Learned HandLearned Hand
89, American
Former United States Judge and Judicial

Rucka Rucka AliRucka Rucka Ali
33, American
Nicole SkyesNicole Skyes
27, American
Youtube Star

Georgina RodríguezGeorgina Rodríguez
25, Spanish
Model, Girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

Mairead MaguireMairead Maguire
76, Irish
Peace Activist
Jessica DimeJessica Dime
34, American

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Thomas WillisThomas Willis
54, British
English Doctor
Tony ClementTony Clement
59, Canadian, British
Member of the Canadian House of Commons

Eric OchoaEric Ochoa
34, American

Frank MillerFrank Miller
63, American
American comic book writer

24, French
Lucki StarrLucki Starr
22, American
Singer and Songwriter
Benjamin MaisaniBenjamin Maisani
47, French, American
Anderson Cooper’s Partner

Anais GallagherAnais Gallagher
20, British
Instagram star

Sir John Carew EcclesSir John Eccles
94, Australian

Logan MoreauLogan Moreau
8, American
Child Actor
Moses farrowMoses farrow
42, American
Adoptive son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

Dillon JuarezDillon Juarez
22, American
YouNow Star

Rashidah AliRashidah Ali
36, American
Reality TV star, Entrepreneur

Benny SolivenBenny Soliven
27, American

Anthony PettisAnthony Pettis
33, American
Mixed martial artist, Taekwondo athlete
Cris CollinsworthCris Collinsworth
61, American
American football player

James CromwellJames Cromwell
80, American
Derek AcorahDerek Acorah
70, British

Bobby DeolBobby Deol
51, Indian

Mike PattonMike Patton
52, American
Jerry BussJerry Buss
80, American

Marat SafinMarat Safin
40, Russian
Tennis player, Politician
Nick MasonNick Mason
76, British

Vikram BhattVikram Bhatt
51, Indian

Jack HaleyJack Haley
51, American
Basketball Players

Donna ReedDonna Reed
64, American
American film actress

Frank SkinnerFrank Skinner
63, British
comedian, autobiographer
Daisy LoweDaisy Lowe
31, British
Actor, Model

Lupe FuentesLupe Fuentes
33, Colombian, Spanish

Shreyas TalpadeShreyas Talpade
44, Indian

Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann
61, American
Television presenter, Writer, Journalist
Philip RosenthalPhilip Rosenthal
41, American

George MonbiotGeorge Monbiot
57, British
Journalist, University teacher, Activist, Writer
Jake PavelkaJake Pavelka
42, American
Aviator, Aerospace engineer, Engineer, Actor,

Jerome KernJerome Kern
60, American
Composer, Songwriter, Film score composer, Coin

Mark OwenMark Owen
48, British
Soong Ching-lingSoong Ching-ling

Yaya SanogoYaya Sanogo
27, French
Association football player
Hyman G. RickoverHyman G. Rickover
86, American
Officer, Submariner

Tracy LawrenceTracy Lawrence
52, American

Daniel VettoriDaniel Vettori
41, New Zealander
Gillian GilbertGillian Gilbert
59, British

Janick GersJanick Gers
63, British
Peter LairdPeter Laird
66, American
Comics artist, Screenwriter

Penny CheneryPenny Chenery
95, American

Ed SchultzEd Schultz
66, American
Pundit, Radio personality, Television presenter

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph SchellingFriedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
79, German
Philosopher, University teacher
Bobby BlandBobby Bland
83, American
Liu WenLiu Wen
32, Chinese

Elmore JamesElmore James
45, American

Devin DruidDevin Druid
22, American

Ole Einar BjørndalenOle Einar Bjørndalen
46, Norwegian
Biathlete, Cross-country skier
Radhabinod PalRadhabinod Pal
80, Indian
Judge, University teacher

Vincent HerbertVincent Herbert
51, American
songwriter, record producer

Eugène Viollet-le-DucEugène Viollet-le-Duc
65, French
architectural historian, art historian,

Fritz PollardFritz Pollard
92, American
American coach

Leopold von Sacher-MasochLeopold von Sacher-Masoch
59, German
Narciso RodriguezNarciso Rodriguez
59, American
Fashion designer

Wynne EvansWynne Evans
48, British, Welsh
Singer, Opera singer, Actor
63, Brazilian

Roger VerRoger Ver
41, American
Ricky van WolfswinkelRicky van Wolfswinkel
Association football player
Kate WolfKate Wolf
44, American
Composer, Singer-songwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 27th

The natives of January 27th have a talent to grasp, adapt to and learn things quickly. They are fast-paced individuals who have a passion for all things ‘exciting’ in life. They are always youthful and like to hold on to their youth for a long time, which at times, makes them childish beings. They are extremely creative and are trend-setters. On the downside, these individuals are not very good with holding back their emotions in certain situations and at times let their emotions walk over them, clouding their ability to think rationally.

Their carefree attitude also explains why these people are usually careless about their health. They are extremely prone to stress-related illnesses or injuries and this is largely attributed to their relaxed outlook towards life. In order to maintain good, over-all health, these individuals need to follow a strict diet and exercise regime.

Individuals born on this day love to splurge and many find it hard to live on a budget. Since they are spendthrifts, they need to learn to maintain a budget in order to regularize the cash flow in their life. They earn money quickly and are equally quick at spending it all away.

The career options that suit the people born on January 27th are those that utilize their deep rational thinking and creativity. Since they are adept at learning, any job that stimulates a growth in knowledge such as academic, counseling or healing professions, are most suited for these people. They may also do well as entrepreneurs.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
These natives are extremely caring by nature and love to make others feel special around them. In love, they are extremely affectionate and generally look for partners who share the same interests as they do. However, these people are also short-tempered and in order to have a successful relationship, they need to be able to control their emotions. As parents, they give their children the freedom to do what they want in life but are also extremely doting at the same time.

Lucky Colors:  Sky Blue, Purple and Scarlet Red
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Lucky Days (of the Month): 1st and 9th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Tuesday and Saturday