For all you James Bond fans, the Bond movie franchise wouldn’t be half as appealing and interesting as it is had it not been for Pierce Brosnan, the actor who took the league of the ‘007’ movies ahead. But did you know that this Hollywood superstar is actually Irish? Don’t get stunned for this is just the beginning of lots more Irish actors who are doing wonders at the big screen. Do you know that ‘Taken’ actor Liam Neeson who starred in ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ originally worked as forklift operator for Guinness? He also served as a truck driver, assistant architect and amateur boxer before finally making his footfall in theatre. Since his debut in ‘The Risen People’, there has been no looking back for Neeson. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a jewel of Ireland’s acting fraternity. Crowned as the best actor of Ireland in 2008, Meyers has been one of the most talented actors that Ireland has been served as the home of. ‘Mission Impossible III’, ‘Match Point’, ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ are some of the most prolific films of this ace actor. Check this link further to find out more about Irish actors, their life, works and profile.
Jack GleesonJack Gleeson

20 May 1992

Robert SheehanRobert Sheehan

07 January 1988

Pierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan

16 May 1953

Michael FassbenderMichael Fassbender

02 April 1977

Cillian MurphyCillian Murphy

25 May 1976

Colin FarrellColin Farrell

31 May 1976

Aidan GillenAidan Gillen

24 April 1968

Richard HarrisRichard Harris

01 October 1930

Conor WoodmanConor Woodman

21 March 1974

Michael GambonMichael Gambon

19 October 1940

Brendan GleesonBrendan Gleeson

29 March 1955

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Peter Seamus O'ToolePeter O'Toole

02 August 1932

Gabriel ByrneGabriel Byrne

12 May 1950

Aidan TurnerAidan Turner

19 June 1983

Lukas ForchhammerLukas Forchhammer

18 September 1988

Jonas ArmstrongJonas Armstrong

01 January 1981

Colm MeaneyColm Meaney

30 May 1953

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Dylan MoranDylan Moran

03 November 1971

Richard ToddRichard Todd

11 June 1919

Wilfrid BrambellWilfrid Brambell

22 March 1912

Colin O’DonoghueColin O’Donoghue

26 January 1981

Micheal NeesonMicheal Neeson

22 June 1995

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Jimmy CarrJimmy Carr

15 September 1972

Patrick McGoohanPatrick McGoohan

19 March 1928

Cyril CusackCyril Cusack

26 November 1910

Gavin FridayGavin Friday

08 October 1959

Edward Gordon CraigEdward Gordon Craig

16 January 1872

Andrew CherryAndrew Cherry

11 January 1762