James McAvoyJames McAvoy
21 April 1979, Scottish
Andy MurrayAndy Murray
15 May 1987, British
Tennis Player

Billy ConnollyBilly Connolly
24 November 1942, Scottish
Stand-up Comedian

Peter CapaldiPeter Capaldi
14 April 1958, Scottish

Alex FergusonAlex Ferguson
31 December 1941, Scottish
Former Manager of Manchester United

David McCallumDavid McCallum
19 September 1933, British, American, Scottish
Angus YoungAngus Young
31 March 1955, Australian, Scottish
Co-founder & Lead Guitarist of the Hard Rock Band,

William RamsayWilliam Ramsay
02 October 1852, British

Deborah Kerr Deborah Kerr
30 September 1921, British

David MoyesDavid Moyes
25 April 1963, Scottish
Football Coach
Douglas HenshallDouglas Henshall
19 November 1965, Scottish

Joanne CalderwoodJoanne Calderwood
23 December 1986, British, Scottish
Mixed Martial Artist
Carol Ann DuffyCarol Ann Duffy
23 December 1955, British

Allan PinkertonAllan Pinkerton
25 August 1819, British, American, Scottish
American Detective

Marianna PalkaMarianna Palka
07 September 1981, Scottish
Joan TemplemanJoan Templeman
1948 AD, Scottish
Richard Branson's Wife

Millie InnesMillie Innes
05 October 2001, British
Arthur HendersonArthur Henderson
13 September 1863, British

Ian FrazerIan Frazer
06 January 1953, Australian
Australian scientist

James Young ChemistJames Young (Chemist)
13 July 1811, Scottish
Alistair MacleanAlistair Maclean
21 April 1922, Scottish

Mark KnopflerMark Knopfler
12 August 1949, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Record producer,
Robbie ColtraneRobbie Coltrane
30 March 1950, British

Andrew RobertsonAndrew Robertson
11 March 1994, Scottish
association football player

10 May 1946, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,

Laura FraserLaura Fraser
24 July 1976, British
Actor, Film actor
Graham McTavishGraham McTavish
04 January 1961, British, Scottish
Kenny DalglishKenny Dalglish
04 March 1951, British
Association football player, Association football

Michelle GomezMichelle Gomez
21 April 1966, British
Stage actor, Film actor

Ray ParkRay Park
23 August 1974, British

Rory McCannRory McCann
24 April 1969, British, Scottish
Darren FergusonDarren Ferguson
09 February 1972, British
Association football player, Association football

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Iain De CaesteckerIain De Caestecker
29 December 1987, British, Scottish

Niall FergusonNiall Ferguson
18 April 1964, British
Writer, Economic historian, Historian, University

John A. MacdonaldJohn A. Macdonald
11 January 1815, Canadian, British
Politician, Lawyer

Jimmy SomervilleJimmy Somerville
22 June 1961, British, Scottish
Pop Singers
Armando IannucciArmando Iannucci
28 November 1963, British
Satirist, Writer, Comedian, Radio producer,

Al StewartAl Stewart
05 September 1945, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter
Aiden McGeadyAiden McGeady
04 April 1986, British

Tony CurranTony Curran
13 December 1969, British, Scottish

Grant MorrisonGrant Morrison
31 January 1960, Scottish
Comics writer, Writer, Science fiction writer
Charles Rennie MackintoshCharles Rennie Mackintosh
07 June 1868, British
Architect, Painter, Designer, Sculptor

Stephen MaguireStephen Maguire
13 March 1981, Scottish
Snooker player
Johann HariJohann Hari
21 January 1979, British

Darius CampbellDarius Campbell
19 August 1980, British
Singer, Opera singer, Songwriter

Phyllida LawPhyllida Law
08 May 1932, British, Scottish

Andrew MarrAndrew Marr
31 July 1959, British

Mary UreMary Ure
18 February 1933, British
Stage actor, Film actor
Sean BiggerstaffSean Biggerstaff
15 March 1983, Scottish
Actor, Musician

Lynne RamsayLynne Ramsay
05 December 1969, British
Film director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Film

Greg HemphillGreg Hemphill
14 December 1969, British

Mo JohnstonMo Johnston
13 April 1963, British
Association football player, Association football
Joe McFaddenJoe McFadden
09 October 1975, British, Scottish

Colin MontgomerieColin Montgomerie
23 June 1963, Scottish
Eddi ReaderEddi Reader
28 August 1959, Scottish
musician, singer, songwriter

Alasdair MacIntyreAlasdair MacIntyre
12 January 1929, British, American
Philosopher, Professor

Charlie NicholasCharlie Nicholas
30 December 1961, British
Association football player
Adrienne CorriAdrienne Corri
13 November 1930, Scottish
stage actor, film actor

Stephen DobbieStephen Dobbie
05 December 1982, British
Association football player
Sharman MacdonaldSharman Macdonald
08 February 1951, British
Playwright, Writer, Screenwriter

Bobby GillespieBobby Gillespie
22 June 1962, Scottish

Maggie ReillyMaggie Reilly
15 September 1956, British
Carol SmillieCarol Smillie
23 December 1961, British

Dawn SteeleDawn Steele
11 December 1975, British
Actor, Film actor
Richard McCabeRichard McCabe
1960 AD, Scottish
stage actor, film actor

Steve ArchibaldSteve Archibald
27 September 1956, Scottish
Association football player, Association football

James George FrazerJames George Frazer
01 January 1854, British
Anthropologist, Writer, Historian, Mythographer

Stevie StarrStevie Starr
07 July 1966, British
Stage magician
Paul DalglishPaul Dalglish
18 February 1977, British
Association football player, Association football
Tommy DochertyTommy Docherty
24 April 1928, British
Association football player, Association football

Alex LigertwoodAlex Ligertwood
18 December 1946, Scottish
guitarist, percussionist

Hudson MohawkeHudson Mohawke
11 February 1986, British
record producer

Maggie BellMaggie Bell
12 January 1945, British
Paul DickovPaul Dickov
01 November 1972, British
Association football player, Association football

Bill ForsythBill Forsyth
29 July 1946, British
Film director, Screenwriter

Scott AllanScott Allan
28 November 1991, Scottish
Association football player

John WarkJohn Wark
04 August 1957, British
Association football player

Michelle McManusMichelle McManus
08 May 1980, British
Ikechi AnyaIkechi Anya
03 January 1988, British
Association football player

Isobel CampbellIsobel Campbell
27 April 1976, British
Singer, Songwriter
Derek AdamsDerek Adams
25 June 1975, British
Association football player, Association football

Thomas Neill CreamThomas Neill Cream
27 May 1850, British

Pat NevinPat Nevin
06 September 1963, British
Association football player, Television presenter,
Hamish StuartHamish Stuart
08 October 1949, British
Musician, Composer, Record producer, Singer,

Frank McAvennieFrank McAvennie
22 November 1959, British
Association football player
James McFaddenJames McFadden
14 April 1983, Scottish
Association football player

Christopher BrookmyreChristopher Brookmyre
06 September 1968, British
Writer, Musician, Journalist

Zal CleminsonZal Cleminson
04 May 1949, British

Steve KeanSteve Kean
30 September 1967, Scottish
Association football player, Association football
Graeme SharpGraeme Sharp
16 October 1960, Scottish
Association football player, Association football

Jackie McNamaraJackie McNamara
24 October 1973, British
Association football player, Association football
Denise MinaDenise Mina
1966 AD, Scottish
novelist, writer, playwright, poet lawyer

Dougie FreedmanDougie Freedman
25 May 1974, British
Association football player, Association football
Jon FratelliJon Fratelli
04 March 1979, British
Singer, Guitarist

Rose McDowallRose McDowall
21 October 1959, British
Colin Campbell, 1st Baron ClydeColin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde
20 October 1792, British
Officer, Politician