Throughout history, there have been many German women film & theater personalities who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great German female film & theater personalities such as Kirsten Dunst, Marlene Dietrich, Diane Kruger, Heidi Klum, Anne Buydens.
Kirsten DunstKirsten Dunst
30 April 1982, German, American
Diane KrugerDiane Kruger
15 July 1976, German, American

Heidi KlumHeidi Klum
01 June 1973, German
Model, Fashion Designer

Zazie BeetzZazie Beetz
25 May 1991, German, American

Marlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich
27 December 1901, German, French
Actress & Singer

Nastassja KinskiNastassja Kinski
24 January 1961, German
Anne BuydensAnne Buydens
23 April 1919, German

16 October 1938, German, Spanish

Kim RaverKim Raver
15 March 1969, German, American

Pia WurtzbachPia Wurtzbach
24 September 1989, German, Filipino
Model, Actress
Brittney PowellBrittney Powell
04 March 1972, German, American

Alexandra Maria LaraAlexandra Maria Lara
12 November 1978, German, Romanian
Florence KasumbaFlorence Kasumba
26 October 1976, German

Meryem UzerliMeryem Uzerli
12 August 1983, German, Turkish

Luise Rainer Luise Rainer
12 January 1910, German, British, American
Alicia von RittbergAlicia von Rittberg
10 December 1993, German

Molly JacksonMolly Jackson
22 November 2001, German, American
Elisabeth RohmElisabeth Rohm
28 April 1973, German, American

Anna GettyAnna Getty
25 October 1972, German, American

Jeri RyanJeri Ryan
22 February 1968, German
Claudia SchifferClaudia Schiffer
25 August 1970, German
Actor, Model, Supermodel

Ruth WestheimerRuth Westheimer
04 June 1928, German, American
Media Personality
Franka PotenteFranka Potente
22 July 1974, German
Actor, Screenwriter, Writer

Audra McDonaldAudra McDonald
03 July 1970, German, American

Leni RiefenstahlLeni Riefenstahl
22 August 1902, German
Film director, Actor, Photographer, Film producer,

Heike MakatschHeike Makatsch
13 August 1971, German
Actor, Television presenter, Writer, Singer,
Assia WevillAssia Wevill
15 May 1927, German
Socialite, Poet
Evelyn SharmaEvelyn Sharma
12 July 1989, German, Indian
actor, model

Gudrun BurwitzGudrun Burwitz
08 August 1929, German
Tailor, Patternmaker, Secretary

Sibel KekilliSibel Kekilli
16 June 1980, German

24 March 1960, German
Singer, Musician, Actor, Singer-songwriter
Anita PallenbergAnita Pallenberg
06 April 1944, German, Italian
Actor, Model

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Elke SommerElke Sommer
05 November 1940, German
Actor, Singer, Painter, Model, Musician

Margot FrankMargot Frank
16 February 1926, German
Second World War victim

Sheryl LeeSheryl Lee
22 April 1967, German, American

Katarina WittKatarina Witt
03 December 1965, German
Actor, Figure skater
Antje TraueAntje Traue
18 January 1981, German

Briana BanksBriana Banks
21 May 1978, German, American
Adult Film Star, Glamour model, Model
Nina HagenNina Hagen
11 March 1955, German
Actor, Singer

Christine KaufmannChristine Kaufmann
11 January 1945, German
Ballet dancer, Stage actor, Film actor, Television

Queen Silvia of SwedenQueen Silvia of Sweden
23 December 1943, German, Swedish
Helene FischerHelene Fischer
05 August 1984, German, Russian

Adelle LutzAdelle Lutz
13 November 1948, German
Actor, Model, Costume designer
Sophie, Duchess of HohenbergSophie, Duchess of Hohenberg
01 March 1868, Czech, German

Emilie SchindlerEmilie Schindler
22 October 1907, Austrian, German
Writer, Autobiographer

Uta HagenUta Hagen
12 June 1919, German, American

Emmy GöringEmmy Göring
24 March 1893, German
Stage actor, Film actor

Meryem UzerliMeryem Uzerli
12 August 1982, German, Turkish
Ari UpAri Up
17 January 1962, German, British

Adelaide of Saxe-MeiningenAdelaide of Saxe-Meiningen
13 August 1792, German

Marta KristenMarta Kristen
26 February 1945, German, American

Maria RivaMaria Riva
13 December 1924, German, American
Jennifer RushJennifer Rush
28 September 1960, German, American

Lilli PalmerLilli Palmer
24 May 1914, German
Actor, Writer, Table tennis player, Autobiographer
Barbara BouchetBarbara Bouchet
15 August 1943, German, Italian, American

Claudia CieslaClaudia Ciesla
12 February 1987, German, Polish
Actor, Model

Annette SchwarzAnnette Schwarz
26 March 1984, German
Adult Film Star, Fetish model, Glamour model,
Christiane KubrickChristiane Kubrick
10 May 1932, German
Actor, Singer, Painter

Senta BergerSenta Berger
13 May 1941, Austrian, German
Actor, Film producer
Tatjana PatitzTatjana Patitz
25 March 1966, German
Actor, Model

Elisabeth VolkenrathElisabeth Volkenrath
05 September 1919, German

Katharina von BoraKatharina von Bora
07 February 1499, German
Mink BrarMink Brar
04 November 1980, German
actor, film producer, model

Hannelore SchmatzHannelore Schmatz
16 February 1940, German
Christiane F.Christiane F.
20 May 1962, German
Actor, Writer

Nina HossNina Hoss
07 July 1975, German
Stage actor, Film actor

Cosima WagnerCosima Wagner
24 December 1837, German
Composer, Writer, Director

Yvonne CatterfeldYvonne Catterfeld
02 December 1979, German
Actor, Voice actor, Singer, Songwriter
Katja KassinKatja Kassin
24 September 1979, German
Adult Film Star, Glamour model, Tutor
Ursula ThiessUrsula Thiess
15 May 1924, German

Herta BotheHerta Bothe
08 January 1921, German

Julia DietzeJulia Dietze
09 January 1981, German, French
Actor, Model

Martina GedeckMartina Gedeck
14 September 1961, German
Actor, Screenwriter
Maria SchraderMaria Schrader
27 September 1965, German
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Hito SteyerlHito Steyerl
1966 AD, German
film director

Karoline HerfurthKaroline Herfurth
22 May 1984, German
Actor, Film director

Hanna SchygullaHanna Schygulla
25 December 1943, German, Polish
Singer, Musician, Stage actor, Film actor

Marianne KochMarianne Koch
19 August 1931, German
Actor, Television presenter, Physician, Internist
Jessica SchwarzJessica Schwarz
05 May 1977, German
Actor, Model

Hildegard KnefHildegard Knef
28 December 1925, German
Actor, Writer, Singer, Autobiographer, Stage
Eva HabermannEva Habermann
16 January 1976, German

Karin DorKarin Dor
22 February 1938, German
Stage actor, Film actor

Veruschka von LehndorffVeruschka von Lehndorff
14 May 1939, German
Actor, Model
Barbara SukowaBarbara Sukowa
02 February 1950, German
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor

Julie EngelbrechtJulie Engelbrecht
30 June 1984, German
Michelle ViethMichelle Vieth
11 November 1977, German
actor, television actor, model

Ute LemperUte Lemper
04 July 1963, German

Michaela SchaffrathMichaela Schaffrath
06 December 1970, German
Adult Film Star, Television actor, Nurse, Glamour

Brigitte HelmBrigitte Helm
17 March 1906, German
Katharine CornellKatharine Cornell
16 February 1893, German, American

Nadja BenaissaNadja Benaissa
26 April 1982, German
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Kelly TrumpKelly Trump
27 August 1970, German
Adult Film Star

Karin SchubertKarin Schubert
26 November 1944, German, Italian
Actor, Adult Film Star
Uschi ObermaierUschi Obermaier
24 September 1946, German, American
Actor, Autobiographer, Model

Xenia SeebergXenia Seeberg
04 April 1972, German
actor, singer, model
Dolly BusterDolly Buster
23 October 1969, German
Adult Film Star, Writer, Actor, Politician,