Died On September 24th

Discover the most famous people who died on September 24. The list includes people like Dr. Seuss, Paracelsus, Niels Ryberg Finsen, Barry Bishop, Susan Atkins. Famous personalities featured on this list, include physicists, inventors, novelists and economists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Russia and many more countries.

Dr. SeussDr. Seuss
02 March 1904, American
Writer, Cartoonist
Susan AtkinsSusan Atkins
07 May 1948, American

17 December 1493, Swiss
Physician, Botanist, Astrologer

James Alexander HamiltonJames Alexander Hamilton
14 April 1788, American
Son of Alexander Hamilton

Niels Ryberg FinsenNiels Ryberg Finsen
15 December 1860, Danish

Sarah ChurchillSarah Churchill
07 October 1914, British
Barry BishopBarry Bishop
13 January 1932, American
Mountaineer, Photographer, Geographer

Mike WebsterMike Webster
18 March 1952, American
American Football Player

Bill NunnBill Nunn
20 October 1953, American

Pedro I of BrazilPedro I of Brazil
12 October 1798, Portuguese
Surinder KapoorSurinder Kapoor
23 December 1925, Indian
Film producer

Judith ExnerJudith Exner
11 January 1934, American
Writer, Memoirist
Túpac AmaruTúpac Amaru
1545 AD, Spanish

Peter Carl FabergéPeter Carl Fabergé
18 May 1846, Russian
jeweller, inventor, artist

Branwell BrontëBranwell Brontë
26 June 1817, British
Painter, Poet, Writer
Hasso von ManteuffelHasso von Manteuffel
14 January 1897, German
Politician, Officer

Françoise SaganFrançoise Sagan
21 June 1935, French
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Screenwriter,
Manuel I KomnenosManuel I Komnenos
28 November 1118, Turkish

Eric of PomeraniaEric of Pomerania
1382 AD, Norwegian

Isabeau of BavariaIsabeau of Bavaria
1370 AD, German, French
Pyotr BagrationPyotr Bagration
10 July 1765, Russian

Gennady YanayevGennady Yanayev
26 August 1937, Russian
Raja RamannaRaja Ramanna
28 January 1925, Indian
Physicist, Politician

Hans GeigerHans Geiger
30 September 1882, German
Physicist, Inventor, Professor

Emperor ReigenEmperor Reigen
09 July 1654, Japanese

Michael IIIMichael III
19 January 0840, Turkish
Gottfried FederGottfried Feder
27 January 1883, German
Economist, Politician, University teacher
Ester BoserupEster Boserup
18 May 1910, Danish

Pope LiberiusPope Liberius

Bill MollisonBill Mollison
04 May 1928, Australian
scientist, naturalist, psychologist

Bruno PontecorvoBruno Pontecorvo
22 August 1913, Italian, British
Physicist, Nuclear scientist
Sumner WellesSumner Welles
14 October 1892, American
Diplomat, Non-fiction writer

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William GarrowWilliam Garrow
13 April 1760, British
Judge, Politician, Barrister, Lawyer

Alexander RadishchevAlexander Radishchev
31 August 1749, Russian
Russian author

Pippin the YoungerPippin the Younger
0714 AD, Belgian, French
King of the Franks

André Ernest Modeste GrétryAndré Ernest Modeste Grétry
08 February 1741, French
Saigo TakamoriSaigo Takamori
23 January 1828, Japanese
Samurai, Poet