Died On September 23rd

Discover the most famous people who died on September 23. The list includes people like Sigmund Freud, Pablo Neruda, Bob Fosse, Vincenzo Bellini, Robert Bloch. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, composers, poets and novelists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, France & Italy and many more countries.

Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud
06 May 1856, Austrian
Neurologist, Psychiatrist
Bob FosseBob Fosse
23 June 1927, American

Pablo NerudaPablo Neruda
12 July 1904, Chilean
Chilean poet

Mary FrannMary Frann
27 February 1943, American

Robert BlochRobert Bloch
05 April 1917, American
Novelist, Short-story Writer

Vincenzo Bellini Vincenzo Bellini
03 November 1801, Italian
Opera Composer
John Wesely PowellJohn Wesley Powell
24 March 1834, American
Explorer, Geologist

Ayodele AwojobiAyodele Awojobi
12 March 1937, Nigerien

John BradfieldJohn Bradfield
26 December 1867, Australian
Designer of Sydney Harbour Bridge

Silk SmithaSilk Smitha
02 December 1960, Indian
Pope LinusPope Linus
0010 AD, Italian
Bishop of Rome, Pope

Corrie SandersCorrie Sanders
07 January 1966, South African
Wilkie CollinsWilkie Collins
08 January 1824, British
Novelist, Playwright

Jayachamarajendra WadiyarJayachamarajendra Wadiyar
18 July 1919, Indian
Poet, Composer, Philosopher, Philanthropist,

Prosper MériméeProsper Mérimée
28 September 1803, French
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Historian,
Pritilata WaddedarPritilata Waddedar
05 May 1911, Bangladeshi, Indian

Pio of PietrelcinaPio of Pietrelcina
25 May 1887, Italian
Elinor GlynElinor Glyn
17 October 1864, British
Actor, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter

Malcolm ArnoldMalcolm Arnold
21 October 1921, British
Composer, Trumpeter, Conductor, Jazz musician,

Friedrich WöhlerFriedrich Wöhler
31 July 1800, German
German chemist
Urbain Le VerrierUrbain Le Verrier
11 March 1811, French
Astronomer, Mathematician, Politician

27 July 1917, French
C. W. W. KannangaraC. W. W. Kannangara
13 October 1884, Sri Lankan
Diplomat, Politician

Carl SpitzwegCarl Spitzweg
05 February 1808, German

José Gervasio ArtigasJosé Gervasio Artigas
19 June 1764, Uruguayan

Werner VossWerner Voss
13 April 1897
Aviator, Military personnel
André HazesAndré Hazes
30 June 1951
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Pavel GrachevPavel Grachev
01 January 1948, Russian
Politician, Military personnel

Jules ChéretJules Chéret
31 May 1836, French
painter, poster artist, lithographer

Herman BoerhaaveHerman Boerhaave
31 December 1668
Philosopher, Botanist, Physician, Anatomist,

Ivar AasenIvar Aasen
05 August 1813, Norwegian
Philologist, Lexicographer, Playwright, Poet
Richard Parkes BoningtonRichard Parkes Bonington
25 October 1801, British

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Ruth PatrickRuth Patrick
26 November 1907, American
Limnologist, Botanist

Richard Adolf ZsigmondyRichard Adolf Zsigmondy
01 April 1865, Austrian, Hungarian

John JewelJohn Jewel
24 May 1522

Eliza CookEliza Cook
24 December 1818, British
Journalist, Poet, Editor
John PopeJohn Pope
16 March 1822, American
Military officer

John Nash (Painter)John Nash (Painter)
11 April 1893, British