Died On October 23rd

Discover the most famous people who died on October 23. The list includes people like Christian Dior, Oskar Werner, Charles Glover Barkla, Herbert A. Hauptman, Al Jolson. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, political leaders, lyricists & songwriters and pop musicians and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, France & Austria and many more countries.

Christian DiorChristian Dior
21 January 1905, French
Fashion Designers
Al JolsonAl Jolson
26 May 1886, American
Actor, Singer

Tom HaydenTom Hayden
11 December 1939, American
Political Activist

Jessica SavitchJessica Savitch
01 February 1947, American
News Anchor

Oskar Werner Oskar Werner
13 November 1922, Austrian

Herbert A. HauptmaHerbert A. Hauptman
14 February 1917, American
Charles Glover BarklaCharles Glover Barkla
07 June 1877, British

Pete BurnsPete Burns
05 August 1959, British
Singer, Composer, Singer-songwriter

20 September 1853, Thai

Marco SimoncelliMarco Simoncelli
20 January 1987, Italian
Motorcycle racer
Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of DerbyEdward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby
29 March 1799, British
Former British Prime Minister

Susan PetersSusan Peters
03 July 1921, American
Nusrat BhuttoNusrat Bhutto
23 March 1929

August KubizekAugust Kubizek
03 August 1888, Austrian
Conductor, Painter, Writer

Marcus Junius BrutusMarcus Junius Brutus
0085 BC, Italian
Lim Goh TongLim Goh Tong
28 February 1918, Chinese

John Boyd DunlopJohn Boyd Dunlop
05 February 1840, British
Inventor, Entrepreneur
Bobby WillisBobby Willis
25 January 1942, British
Songwriter, Talent agent, Talent manager

02 October 1966, American

Fath-Ali Shah QajarFath-Ali Shah Qajar
05 September 1772
Joe AielloJoe Aiello
20 September 1891, American

Adolph GreenAdolph Green
02 December 1914, American
Screenwriter, Songwriter, Librettist, Lyricist
Jimmy PerryJimmy Perry
09 September 1923, British

Bernardino de SahagĂșnBernardino de SahagĂșn
1499 AD, Spanish

Charles DemuthCharles Demuth
08 November 1883, American
Painter, Photographer

Daniel WildensteinDaniel Wildenstein
11 September 1917, French
Art collector, Art historian, Businessperson
Emperor DaigoEmperor Daigo
06 February 0885, Japanese
Anthony CaroAnthony Caro
08 March 1924, British

Abraham GeigerAbraham Geiger
24 May 1810, German
Historian, Rabbi, University teacher

William PacaWilliam Paca
31 October 1740, British, American
Politician, Lawyer, Judge

Alexander, Prince of BulgariaAlexander, Prince of Bulgaria
05 April 1857, Austrian
Anthony Mary ClaretAnthony Mary Claret
23 December 1807, Spanish
Missionary, Cleric, Catholic priest

Franz BoppFranz Bopp
14 September 1791, German
German linguist

Edward Adelbert DoisyEdward Adelbert Doisy
13 November 1893, American
American biochemist

Soong May-lingSoong May-ling
05 March 1898, Taiwanese

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Bill NicholsonBill Nicholson
26 January 1919, British
association football player, association football