Died On October 13th

Discover the most famous people who died on October 13. The list includes people like Claudius, Kishore Kumar, Milton S. Hershey, Walter Houser Brattain, Bertram Brockhouse. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, historians, philosophers and emperors & kings and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Canada and many more countries.

Kishore KumarKishore Kumar
04 August 1929, Indian
Indian playback singer
Bhumibol AdulyadejBhumibol Adulyadej
05 December 1927, Thai, American
Former King of Thailand

01 August 0010, Ancient Roman
Roman emperor

Bea BenaderetBea Benaderet
04 April 1906, American

Milton S. HersheyMilton S. Hershey
13 September 1857, American
Confectioner & Philanthropist

Ed SullivanEd Sullivan
28 September 1901, American
Television Personality
Joachim MuratJoachim Murat
25 March 1767, French
Marshal of France

Walter Houser BrattainWalter Houser Brattain
10 February 1902, American

Bertram BrockhouseBertram Brockhouse
15 July 1918, Canadian

William HopkinsWilliam Hopkins
02 February 1793, British
Mathematician, Geologist
Ahmad JavadAhmad Javad
05 May 1892, Azerbaijani

Mason AndrewsMason Andrews
19 April 1919, American
Claudin De SermisyClaudin De Sermisy
1490 AD, French
French composer

Frank RosenthalFrank Rosenthal
12 June 1929, American
Entrepreneur, Manager, Journalist

Jean PetersJean Peters
15 October 1926, American
Nirupa RoyNirupa Roy
04 January 1931, Indian

Sister NiveditaSister Nivedita
28 October 1867, British
Jack Del RioJack Del Rio
01 August 1902, Argentinian

Al MartinoAl Martino
07 October 1927, American

Stephen E. AmbroseStephen E. Ambrose
10 January 1936, American
Historian, Writer, Screenwriter, University
Arthur de GobineauArthur de Gobineau
14 July 1816, French
Racial theorist, Philosopher, Writer, Diplomat,

Maximilian I Joseph of BavariaMaximilian I Joseph of Bavaria
27 May 1756
Guillaume DepardieuGuillaume Depardieu
07 April 1971, French
Film actor, Actor

Maya DerenMaya Deren
29 April 1917, Russian

Isaac BrockIsaac Brock
06 October 1769, British

16 February 1222, Japanese
bhikkhu, writer
Antonio CanovaAntonio Canova
01 November 1757, Italian
Italian sculptor
E. C. SegarE. C. Segar
08 December 1894, American
Comics artist, Screenwriter, Writer

Nicolas MalebrancheNicolas Malebranche
06 August 1638, French
Philosopher, Writer, Theologian

Donald HoustonDonald Houston
06 November 1923, British

John Atkinson GrimshawJohn Atkinson Grimshaw
06 September 1836, British
Jim PrenticeJim Prentice
20 July 1956, Canadian
Lawyer, Politician

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Erich AuerbachErich Auerbach
09 November 1892, German
Linguist, Librarian, Writer, University teacher,

Samuel von PufendorfSamuel von Pufendorf
08 January 1632, German, Swedish
Jurist, Philosopher, Historian, University

Alexei CherepanovAlexei Cherepanov
15 January 1989, Russian
Ice hockey player

Charles Augustin Sainte-BeuveCharles Augustin Sainte-Beuve
23 December 1804, French
Literary critic
John Lloyd StephensJohn Lloyd Stephens
28 November 1805, American
Academic, Journalist, Archaeologist

Le Duc ThoLe Duc Tho
10 October 1911, Vietnamese
Karl Adolph GjellerupKarl Adolph Gjellerup
02 June 1857, Danish

Sir Henry IrvingSir Henry Irving
06 February 1838, British

Maria FeodorovnaMaria Feodorovna
26 November 1847, Danish
Dagmar of Denmark
Maximilian I of BavariaMaximilian I of Bavaria
27 May 1756, German

Stephen Edward AmbroseStephen Edward Ambrose
10 January 1936, American