Died On November 9th

Discover the most famous people who died on November 9. The list includes people like Charles de Gaulle, Ibn Saud, Neville Chamberlain, Dylan Thomas, Stieg Larsson. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, presidents, poets and journalists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Charles de GaulleCharles de Gaulle
22 November 1890, French
Former President of France
Neville ChamberlainNeville Chamberlain
18 March 1869, British
Prime Minister of the U.K.

Elizabeth Schuyler HamiltonElizabeth Schuyler Hamilton
09 August 1757, American
Alexander Hamilton's Wife

Ibn SaudIbn Saud
15 January 1876, Saudi Arabian

Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas
27 October 1914, Welsh
Poet & Writer

Stieg LarssonStieg Larsson
15 August 1954, Swedish
Swedish Journalist & Writer
Ramsay MacDonaldRamsay MacDonald
12 October 1866, British
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

John N. MitchellJohn N. Mitchell
15 September 1913, American
67th Attorney General of the United States

Art CarneyArt Carney
04 November 1918, American

Har Gobind KhoranaHar Gobind Khorana
09 January 1922, American
Merlin SantanaMerlin Santana
14 March 1976, American

K. R. NarayananK. R. Narayanan
27 October 1920, Indian
President of India
Nadezhda AlliluyevaNadezhda Alliluyeva
22 September 1901, Russian
Joseph Stalin’s Wife

Chaim WeizmannChaim Weizmann
27 November 1874, British
Former President of Israel

Dhondo Keshav KarveDhondo Keshav Karve
18 April 1858, Indian
Social Reformer and Educator
Sigmund RombergSigmund Romberg
29 July 1887, American

Shyla StylezShyla Stylez
23 September 1982, Canadian
John HillermanJohn Hillerman
20 December 1932, American

Myles MunroeMyles Munroe
20 April 1954, Bahamian

Yves MontandYves Montand
13 October 1921, French, Italian
Film actor, Actor, Chansonnier, Singer,
Mabel KingMabel King
25 December 1932, American

Guillaume ApollinaireGuillaume Apollinaire
25 August 1880, French, Italian
Henry Cabot LodgeHenry Cabot Lodge
12 May 1850, American
Politician, Historian

Allen ToussaintAllen Toussaint
14 January 1938, American
Singer, Composer, Jazz musician, Record producer,

Iris ChangIris Chang
28 March 1968, Chinese, American
Historian, Journalist, Writer

Ed BradleyEd Bradley
22 June 1941, American
American journalist
Constantine VIIConstantine VII
18 May 0905, Turkish
Giovanni Battista PiranesiGiovanni Battista Piranesi
04 October 1720, Belarusian, Italian
Italian artist, Etching

Mohammed Nadir ShahMohammed Nadir Shah
09 April 1883, Afghan

Markus WolfMarkus Wolf
19 January 1923, German
Writer, Journalist

Howard PyleHoward Pyle
05 March 1853, American
American illustrator
07 November 1414, Afghan

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Gottfried von CrammGottfried von Cramm
07 July 1909, German
Tennis player

Tommy HansonTommy Hanson
28 August 1986, American
Baseball player

Gloria GuinnessGloria Guinness
27 August 1912, Mexican

Ibn Saud of Saudi ArabiaIbn Saud of Saudi Arabia
15 January 1876, Saudi Arabian
Vasily BlyukherVasily Blyukher
01 December 1889, Russian
Military commander

Carl Gustav HempelCarl Gustav Hempel
08 January 1905, German, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Philosopher,
Giovanni LeoneGiovanni Leone
03 November 1908, Italian
Italian Politician

Napoleon SaronyNapoleon Sarony
1821 AD, Canadian
lithographer, photographer

Kocheril Raman NarayananKocheril Raman Narayanan
27 October 1920, Indian
Byron KriegerByron Krieger
20 July 1920, American

Ernst FuchsErnst Fuchs
13 February 1930, Austrian
Oldřich, Duke of BohemiaOldřich, Duke of Bohemia
0975 AD, Czech
Duke of Bohemia