Died On November 21st

Discover the most famous people who died on November 21. The list includes people like Henry Purcell, Abdus Salam, Quentin Crisp, Garret Hobart, C.V. Raman. Famous personalities featured on this list, include physicists, novelists, actors and athletes and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom & India and many more countries.

Bill BixbyBill Bixby
22 January 1934, American
Abdus SalamAbdus Salam
29 January 1926, Pakistani
Theoretical Physicist

Franz Joseph I of AustriaFranz Joseph I of Austria
18 August 1830, Austrian
Emperor of Austria

Henry PurcellHenry Purcell
10 September 1659, British

Quentin CrispQuentin Crisp
25 December 1908, British
English Writer & Gay Icon

C.V. RamanC.V. Raman
07 November 1888, Indian
Garret HobartGarret Hobart
03 June 1844, American
24th Vice President of the U.S.A

Norman LindsayNorman Lindsay
22 February 1879, Australian

Cyril ClarkeCyril Clarke
22 September 1907, British
Pioneering work on prevention of Rh disease, and

C. V. RamanC. V. Raman
07 November 1888, Indian
Physicist, University teacher
Ajmal KasabAjmal Kasab
13 July 1987, Pakistani

Robert StroudRobert Stroud
08 January 1890, American
Heinrich von KleistHeinrich von Kleist
18 October 1777, German
Playwright, Poet, Short story writer, Novelist,

Paula Modersohn-BeckerPaula Modersohn-Becker
08 February 1876

Maurice VachonMaurice Vachon
14 September 1929, Canadian
Professional wrestler
Julian JaynesJulian Jaynes
27 February 1920, American
Psychologist, University teacher

James HoggJames Hogg
09 December 1770
Poet, Writer, Novelist, Biographer, Songwriter
Jacques de VaucansonJacques de Vaucanson
24 February 1709, French
Inventor, Engineer

Georgius AgricolaGeorgius Agricola
24 March 1494, German
physician, mineralogist, historian

Hassan Gouled AptidonHassan Gouled Aptidon
15 October 1916, Somalian
Ivan KrylovIvan Krylov
13 February 1768, Russian
linguist, poet, writer, journalist

Kim Du-hanKim Du-han
1918 AD, South Korean
autobiographer, politician
Marià FortunyMarià Fortuny
11 June 1838, Spanish

Yury of MoscowYury of Moscow
1281 AD
Grand Prince of Moscow

Ameen FaheemAmeen Faheem
04 August 1939, Pakistani

Max BaerMax Baer
11 February 1909, American
actor, boxer
Linda HaglundLinda Haglund
15 June 1956, Swedish
Georg AgricolaGeorg Agricola
24 March 1494, German
German mineralogist

Frank MartinFrank Martin
15 September 1890, Swiss
composer, conductor, university teacher, pianist

Șerban IonescuȘerban Ionescu
23 September 1950, Romanian

Ellen Anderson Gholson GlasgowEllen Anderson Gholson Glasgow
22 April 1873, American