Died On November 10th

Discover the most famous people who died on November 10. The list includes people like Leonid Brezhnev, Norman Mailer, Arthur Rimbaud, Ken Kesey, Canaan Banana. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, presidents and journalists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Germany and many more countries.

Leonid BrezhnevLeonid Brezhnev
19 December 1906, Russian, Ukrainian, Russian
Chuck ConnorsChuck Connors
10 April 1921, American

Jack PalanceJack Palance
18 February 1919, American

Norman MailerNorman Mailer
31 January 1923, American
Novelist, Journalist and Screen Writer

Ken KeseyKen Kesey
17 September 1935, American

Arthur RimbaudArthur Rimbaud
20 October 1854, French
Yaki KadafiYaki Kadafi
09 October 1977, American

Miriam MakebaMiriam Makeba
04 March 1932, South African

Canaan BananaCanaan Banana
05 March 1936, Zimbabwean
Former President of Zimbabwe

Wang Jingwei (Wang Ching-wei)Wang Jingwei
04 May 1883, Chinese
Politician, Diplomat
Mustafa Kemal AtaturkMustafa Kemal Ataturk
19 May 1881, Turkish
Founder of the Republic of Turkey,

John Allen MuhammadJohn Allen Muhammad
31 December 1960, American
Spree killer, Serial killer
Dorothy VaughanDorothy Vaughan
20 September 1910, American

Simple KapadiaSimple Kapadia
15 August 1958, Indian

Arthur ShawcrossArthur Shawcross
06 June 1945, American
serial killer
Dino De LaurentiisDino De Laurentiis
08 August 1919, Italian
Film producer

Louis CyrLouis Cyr
11 October 1863, Canadian
Gerald LevertGerald Levert
13 July 1966, American

Helmut SchmidtHelmut Schmidt
23 December 1918, German
Politician, Economist, Civil servant, Non-fiction

Pope Leo IPope Leo I
0400 AD, Italian
Robert EnkeRobert Enke
24 August 1977, German
Association football player

Pope Paul IIIPope Paul III
29 February 1468, Italian
Ibrahim Pasha of EgyptIbrahim Pasha of Egypt
1789 AD, Egyptian

Carmen McRaeCarmen McRae
08 April 1920, American
Pianist, Actor, Jazz musician, Singer

Władysław III of PolandWładysław III of Poland
31 October 1424, Hungarian, Polish

Jimmie DoddJimmie Dodd
28 March 1910, American
Ken TakakuraKen Takakura
16 February 1931, Japanese
Actor, Singer
Dave NiehausDave Niehaus
19 February 1935, American
Announcer, Radio personality

Guy Carleton, 1st Baron DorchesterGuy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester
03 September 1724, British

Anita BerberAnita Berber
10 June 1899, German
Actor, Stage actor, Model

Abel GanceAbel Gance
25 October 1889, French
Screenwriter, Actor, Film director, Film producer,
Irv KupcinetIrv Kupcinet
31 July 1912, American
Writer, Journalist, Television presenter, American

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Jacques Chaban-DelmasJacques Chaban-Delmas
07 March 1915, French
Politician, Prime Minister

Joseph HewesJoseph Hewes
23 January 1730, British, American

Pope Celestine IVPope Celestine IV

Louis NizerLouis Nizer
06 February 1902, American
Jurist, Lawyer
Klaus RothKlaus Roth
29 October 1925, British
Mathematician, University teacher

André GlucksmannAndré Glucksmann
19 June 1937, French
Philosopher, Political scientist, Writer
Fernando BujonesFernando Bujones
09 March 1955, American
Ballet dancer

Laurent VidalLaurent Vidal
18 February 1984, French

Kenneth Elton KeseyKenneth Elton Kesey
17 September 1935, American