Died On May 11th

Discover the most famous people who died on May 11. The list includes people like Bob Marley, Douglas Adams, John D. Rockefeller Jr., William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, Alvar Aalto. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, mountaineers, prime ministers and science fiction writers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Nigeria and many more countries.

Bob MarleyBob Marley
06 February 1945, Jamaican
Rob HallRob Hall
14 January 1961, New Zealander

Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams
11 March 1952, British, American

John D. Rockefeller Jr.John D. Rockefeller Jr.
29 January 1874, American
Philanthropist & Businessman

Barbara HuttonBarbara Hutton
14 November 1912, American

William Pitt, 1st Earl of ChathamWilliam Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham
15 November 1708, British
The Great Commoner
Alvar AaltoAlvar Aalto
03 February 1898, Finnish

Juan GrisJuan Gris
23 March 1887, Spanish

Max RegerMax Reger
19 March 1873, German

Robert Treat PaineRobert Treat Paine
11 March 1731, American
Former Massachusetts Attorney General
Blaise DiagneBlaise Diagne
13 October 1872, Senegalese
Political Leader

Jozef MurgašJozef Murgaš
17 February 1864, Slovak
Odd HasselOdd Hassel
17 May 1897, Norwegian

Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe
16 November 1904, Nigerian
First President of Nigeria

Green BootsGreen Boots
Kim PhilbyKim Philby
01 January 1912, Indian, British
Spy, Journalist

Scott FischerScott Fischer
24 December 1955, American
Explorer, Rock climber
Joseph BonannoJoseph Bonanno
18 January 1905, Italian, American

Floyd PattersonFloyd Patterson
04 January 1935, American

Yasuko NambaYasuko Namba
02 February 1949, Japanese
Nnamdi AzikiweNnamdi Azikiwe
16 November 1904, Nigerian
Writer, Politician

Noel ReddingNoel Redding
25 December 1945, British
Bassist, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist
Spencer PercevalSpencer Perceval
01 November 1762, British
Politician, Lawyer

Karl SchwarzschildKarl Schwarzschild
09 October 1873, German
Physicist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, University

John RutseyJohn Rutsey
23 July 1953, Canadian

Matteo RicciMatteo Ricci
06 October 1552, Italian
explorer, cartographer, writer, missionary,
Eugène François VidocqEugène François Vidocq
24 July 1775, French
Detective, Writer, Police officer, Military
Fritz PollardFritz Pollard
27 January 1894, American
American coach

John HerschelJohn Herschel
07 March 1792, British
Polymath, Mathematician, Astronomer, Chemist,

A. Mitchell PalmerA. Mitchell Palmer
04 May 1872, American

Leo VI the WiseLeo VI the Wise
19 September 0866, Turkish
Byzantine ruler
James ColosimoJames Colosimo
16 February 1878, American

Johnny HodgesJohnny Hodges
25 July 1906, American
Saxophonist, jazz musician

Mary AstellMary Astell
12 November 1666, British
Writer, Philosopher, Feminist

Archduke John of AustriaArchduke John of Austria
20 January 1782

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Chester GouldChester Gould
20 November 1900, American
Hans LutherHans Luther
10 March 1879, German
Politician, Chancellor

Jean de La BruyèreJean de La Bruyère
16 August 1645, French
Otto NicolaiOtto Nicolai
08 June 1810, German

Herbert Spencer GasserHerbert Spencer Gasser
05 July 1888, American

Malietoa Tanumafili II of SamoaMalietoa Tanumafili II of Samoa
04 January 1912, Samoan
Political leader
Robert ThorpeRobert Thorpe
1764 AD, Canadian

William Pitt the Elder, Earl of ChathamWilliam Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham
15 November 1708, British