Died On March 10th

Discover the most famous people who died on March 10. The list includes people like Harriet Tubman, Zelda Fitzgerald, Ray Milland, Giuseppe Mazzini, Charles Frederick Worth. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, novelists and poets and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United Kingdom, Germany, United States & India and many more countries.

Harriet TubmanHarriet Tubman
1820 AD, American
Corey HaimCorey Haim
23 December 1971, Canadian

Lloyd BridgesLloyd Bridges
15 January 1913, American
Film & TV Actor

Zelda FitzgeraldZelda Fitzgerald
24 July 1900, American

Ray MillandRay Milland
03 January 1907, Welsh

Giuseppe MazziniGiuseppe Mazzini
22 June 1805, Italian
Charles Frederick WorthCharles Frederick Worth
13 October 1825, British
Fashion Designer

William Henry BraggWilliam Henry Bragg
02 July 1862, British
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

Fritz ZernikeFrits Zernike
16 July 1888, Dutch

Robert Siodmak Robert Siodmak
08 August 1900, German
Film Director
Sophie Gengembre AndersonSophie Gengembre Anderson
1823 AD, British

Frank Sherwood RowlandFrank Sherwood Rowland
28 June 1927, American
Atmospheric Chemist
Andy GibbAndy Gibb
05 March 1958, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Konstantin ChernenkoKonstantin Chernenko
24 September 1911, Russian

Savitribai PhuleSavitribai Phule
03 January 1831, Indian
Mikhail BulgakovMikhail Bulgakov
15 May 1891, Russian

Jean GiraudJean Giraud
08 May 1938, French
Caricaturist, Comics writer, Screenwriter, Science
Dino ShafeekDino Shafeek
21 March 1930, Bangladeshi
Comedian, Actor

John SurteesJohn Surtees
11 February 1934, British
Formula One driver, Motorcycle racer, Manager

Wilhelm von HomburgWilhelm von Homburg
25 August 1940, German
Actor, Boxer
John VI of PortugalJohn VI of Portugal
13 May 1767, Portuguese

Yevgeny ZamyatinYevgeny Zamyatin
01 February 1884, French
Karl HaushoferKarl Haushofer
27 August 1869, German
Geopolitician, Political scientist, Educationist,

Muzio ClementiMuzio Clementi
23 January 1752, Italian
pianist, conductor, composer, musicologist, music

Maximilian II of BavariaMaximilian II of Bavaria
28 November 1811, German

LaVern BakerLaVern Baker
11 November 1929, American
American singer
Karl LuegerKarl Lueger
24 October 1844, Austrian
Politician, Lawyer
27 February 1912, Indian
Author, Poet, Lyricist, Songwriter

Tadj ol-MoloukTadj ol-Molouk
17 March 1896

Ken AdamKen Adam
05 February 1921, German, British
Scenographer, Production designer

Carl Mayer von RothschildCarl Mayer von Rothschild
24 April 1788, German
Laurence BinyonLaurence Binyon
10 August 1869, British
Librarian, Art historian, Author, University

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Pope SimpliciusPope Simplicius
0400 AD, Italian

Ignaz MoschelesIgnaz Moscheles
23 May 1794
Pianist, Conductor, Composer, Educationist,

Jovito SalongaJovito Salonga
22 June 1920, Filipino
Politician, University teacher

Konstantin PobedonostsevKonstantin Pobedonostsev
21 May 1827, Russian
jurist, politician, philosopher
Dave SchulthiseDave Schulthise
16 September 1956, American

Abdul KhaliqAbdul Khaliq
23 March 1934, Pakistani
Amelia BarrAmelia Barr
29 March 1831, British

Jacob Isaakszoon van RuysdaelJacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael
1628 AD, Dutch

John Stuart, Earl of ButeJohn Stuart, Earl of Bute
25 May 1713, British