Died On June 18th

Discover the most famous people who died on June 18. The list includes people like Georgy Zhukov, Roald Amundsen, José Saramago, Maxim Gorky, Ethel Barrymore. Famous personalities featured on this list, include soldiers, novelists, playwrights and military leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, India, Germany & Italy and many more countries.

23 January 1998, American
Georgy ZhukovGeorgy Zhukov
01 December 1896, Russian
Military Commander

Harilal GandhiHarilal Gandhi
1888 AD, Indian
Mahatma Gandhi’s Son

Roald AmundsenRoald Amundsen
16 July 1872, Norwegian
The first person to reach the South Pole

Maxim GorkyMaxim Gorky
28 March 1868, Russian
Writer & Dramatist

Rani LakshmibaiRani Lakshmibai
19 November 1828, Indian
Queen of Jhansi State
Ethel BarrymoreEthel Barrymore
15 August 1879, American

José SaramagoJosé Saramago
16 November 1922, Portuguese

John CheeverJohn Cheever
27 May 1912, American
Novelist & Short Story Writer

Jack BuckJack Buck
21 August 1924, American
Ali Akbar KhanAli Akbar Khan
14 April 1922, Indian

Stephanie KwolekStephanie Kwolek
31 July 1923, American
Robert M. La Follette, Sr.Robert M. La Follette, Sr.
14 June 1855, American

Paul KarrerPaul Karrer
21 April 1889, Swiss

Curd JürgensCurd Jürgens
13 December 1915, Austrian, German
Film director, Stage actor, Film actor
Roberto CalviRoberto Calvi
13 April 1920, Italian

Alan BergAlan Berg
01 January 1934, American
Radio personality, Lawyer, Journalist
Helmuth von Moltke the YoungerHelmuth von Moltke the Younger
23 May 1848, German

Leo III the IsaurianLeo III the Isaurian
0685 AD, Turkish

Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr.Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr.
18 July 1886, American
Giorgio MorandiGiorgio Morandi
20 July 1890, Italian
Painter, Teacher, Soldier, Etcher, University

Frederick ChilubaFrederick Chiluba
30 April 1943, Zambian
Max ImmelmannMax Immelmann
21 September 1890
Aviator, Military personnel

Nikolaus von FalkenhorstNikolaus von Falkenhorst
17 January 1885, German
Military personnel, Diplomat

Ghazala JavedGhazala Javed
01 January 1988, Pakistani
Singer, Artist

Robert A. LewisRobert A. Lewis
18 October 1917, American
René FonckRené Fonck
27 March 1894, French
Politician, Military personnel
Piet Pieterszoon HeinPiet Pieterszoon Hein
25 November 1577, Dutch
Sailor, Privateer

Marcel BigeardMarcel Bigeard
14 February 1916, French
Politician, Military personnel

Gaston DoumergueGaston Doumergue
01 August 1863, French
Prime Minister, Politician

Yelena BonnerYelena Bonner
15 February 1923, Turkmen, American
Human rights activist
Amal Kumar RaychaudhuriAmal Kumar Raychaudhuri
14 September 1924, Indian

Kazimierz KuratowskiKazimierz Kuratowski
02 February 1896, Polish
Mathematician, Logician

Peter AllenPeter Allen
10 February 1944, Australian
Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Pianist

Susana DuijmSusana Duijm
11 August 1936, Venezuelan
Venezuelan actress

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Ambrose PhilipsAmbrose Philips
09 October 1674
Poet, Politician, Playwright
Henry John BoultonHenry John Boulton
1790 AD, Canadian
lawyer, judge

Henry GoddardHenry Goddard
14 August 1866, American
psychologist, educationist
Roger van der WeydenRoger van der Weyden
1400 AD, Belgian