Died On July 28th

Discover the most famous people who died on July 28. The list includes people like Johann Sebastian Bach, Thomas Cromwell, Francis Crick, Otto Hahn, Cyrano de Bergerac. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, composers, novelists and actors and from other domains of life. This list includes people from France, United Kingdom, United States & Germany and many more countries.

Johann Sebastian BachJohann Sebastian Bach
31 March 1685, German
Thomas CromwellThomas Cromwell
1485 AD, British
English statesman

Francis CrickFrancis Crick
08 June 1916, British
Co-discoverer of the Structure of the DNA

Eileen BrennanEileen Brennan
03 September 1932, American

Cyrano de BergeracCyrano de Bergerac
06 March 1619, French
Dramatist and Playwright

Otto HahnOtto Hahn
08 March 1879, German
William James MayoWilliam James Mayo
29 June 1861, American
Physician and Surgeon

Marie DresslerMarie Dressler
09 November 1868, Canadian, American

Maximilien de RobespierreMaximilien de Robespierre
06 May 1758, French
Influential Figure of the French Revolution

Abraham CowleyAbraham Cowley
1618 AD, British
Antonio Lucio VivaldiAntonio Lucio Vivaldi
04 March 1678, Italian

Abraham PaisAbraham Pais
19 May 1918, American
George Seaton George Seaton
17 April 1911, American
Screenwriter, Film Director

Allvar GullstrandAllvar Gullstrand
05 June 1862, Swedish

Archer John Porter MartinArcher Martin
01 March 1910, British
Maximilien RobespierreMaximilien Robespierre
06 May 1758, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist, Revolutionary

Antonio VivaldiAntonio Vivaldi
04 March 1678, Italian
Opera composer, Pianist, Catholic priest, Composer
Lenny McLeanLenny McLean
09 April 1949, British
Actor, Boxer

Joseph BonaparteJoseph Bonaparte
07 January 1768, Spanish, French
Politician, Diplomat, Officer, Military personnel

Édouard-Henri AvrilÉdouard-Henri Avril
21 May 1849, French
Painter, Illustrator
Louis Antoine de Saint-JustLouis Antoine de Saint-Just
25 August 1767, French
Politician, Writer

Theodosius IITheodosius II
10 April 0401, Turkish
Mahasweta DeviMahasweta Devi
14 January 1926, Indian
Human rights activist, Writer, Poet, Novelist,

Frank LoesserFrank Loesser
29 June 1910, American
Composer, Librettist, Lyricist, Songwriter, Film

Selim IIISelim III
24 December 1761, Turkish

Edogawa RanpoEdogawa Ranpo
21 October 1894, Japanese
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Literary critic,
Charles Albert of SardiniaCharles Albert of Sardinia
02 October 1798, French, Italian
Moses MontefioreMoses Montefiore
24 October 1784, British

Gaspard MongeGaspard Monge
09 May 1746, French
Mathematician, Politician, Physicist, University

Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of EssexThomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex
1485 AD, British

Ramón GrauRamón Grau
13 September 1881, Cuban
politician, physician
Pope Victor IIPope Victor II
1027 AD, German
Catholic priest

Gerard de LairesseGerard de Lairesse
11 September 1640
Painter, Art historian

Roger Tory PetersonRoger Tory Peterson
28 August 1908, American
Zoologist, Ornithologist

Ersilio ToniniErsilio Tonini
20 July 1914, Italian
Theologian, Catholic priest

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Jūgatsu ToiJūgatsu Toi
28 October 1948, Japanese
Clemens Maria Wenzeslaus von BrentanoClemens Maria Wenzeslaus von Brentano
09 September 1778, German