Died On July 18th

Discover the most famous people who died on July 18. The list includes people like Jane Austen, Caravaggio, John Paul Jones, Horatio Alger, Carl O. Sauer. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, artists and directors and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Spain and many more countries.

Rebecca SchaefferRebecca Schaeffer
06 November 1967, American
Actress & Model
Jane AustenJane Austen
16 December 1775, British

John Paul JonesJohn Paul Jones
06 July 1747, American
Scottish American Sailor

16 October 1938, German, Spanish

29 September 1571, Italian

Mary Jo KopechneMary Jo Kopechne
26 July 1940, American
Political Campaign Specialist of Robert F. Kennedy
Bartolomé de las CasasBartolomé de las Casas
11 November 1484, Spanish

Horatio AlgerHoratio Alger
13 January 1832, American
American writer

George CoeGeorge Coe
10 May 1929, American
Actor, Voice Artist

Carl Ortwin Sauer Carl O. Sauer
24 December 1889, American
Jean NegulescoJean Negulesco
26 February 1900, Spanish, Romanian, American
American-Romanian film director

Benito JuarezBenito Juarez
21 March 1806, Mexican
Mexican lawyer
Rajesh KhannaRajesh Khanna
29 December 1942, Indian
Actor, Politician, Film producer, Singer

Robert Gould ShawRobert Gould Shaw
10 October 1837, American
Military personnel

James GoldsmithJames Goldsmith
26 February 1933, French
Jack HawkinsJack Hawkins
14 September 1910, British

Guy of LusignanGuy of Lusignan
1150 AD, Cypriot
Godfrey of BouillonGodfrey of Bouillon
18 September 1060, Belgian, Kosovar

Bobby FullerBobby Fuller
22 October 1942, American
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Roman JakobsonRoman Jakobson
11 October 1896, Russian
Billy NameBilly Name
22 February 1940, American
Lighting designer, Photographer, Director, Artist

Eugene Merle ShoemakerEugene Merle Shoemaker
28 April 1928, American
Astronomer, Geologist, Physicist
Shahnawaz BhuttoShahnawaz Bhutto
21 November 1958, Pakistani

Henry AllinghamHenry Allingham
06 June 1896, British
Soldier, Autobiographer

Emanuel LeutzeEmanuel Leutze
24 May 1816, German, American
Painter, Artist

Humberto de Alencar Castelo BrancoHumberto de Alencar Castelo Branco
20 September 1900, Brazilian
politician, military personnel
Philip, Duke of ParmaPhilip, Duke of Parma
15 March 1720, Spanish
Rex WhistlerRex Whistler
24 June 1905, British

Magnus MalanMagnus Malan
30 January 1930, South African

Stanley RousStanley Rous
25 April 1895, British
Football referee

Yun Bo-seonYun Bo-seon
26 August 1897, South Korean
Annie Smith PeckAnnie Smith Peck
19 October 1850
mountaineer, university teacher

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Arthur Penrhyn StanleyArthur Penrhyn Stanley
13 December 1815, British

Corneille HeymansCorneille Heymans
28 March 1892, Belgian

Christian Heinrich Friedrich PetersChristian Heinrich Friedrich Peters
19 September 1813, German, American
American-German astronomer

Bernhard HoetgerBernhard Hoetger
04 May 1874, German
Painter, Sculptor, Architect
William Childs WestmorelandWilliam Childs Westmoreland
26 March 1914, American

Alexander George SutherlandAlexander George Sutherland
25 March 1862, British
Karl Augustus MenningerKarl Augustus Menninger
22 July 1893, American

Benito Pablo JuárezBenito Pablo Juárez
21 March 1806, Mexican
Mexican Politician