Died On December 21st

Discover the most famous people who died on December 21. The list includes people like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Franz Boas, John Newton, Stella Adler, Nikolaas Tinbergen. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, journalists, soldiers and novelists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany and many more countries.

F. Scott FitzgeraldF. Scott Fitzgerald
24 September 1896, American
Klara HitlerKlara Hitler
12 August 1860, Austrian
Adolf Hitler’s Mother

Edda GöringEdda Göring
02 June 1938, German
Daughter of Hermann Göring

John NewtonJohn Newton
24 July 1725, British
British Sailor and Anglican Clergyman

Franz BoasFranz Boas
09 July 1858, American

Stella AdlerStella Adler
10 February 1901, American
American Actress & Acting Teacher
Nikolaas TinbergenNikolaas Tinbergen
15 April 1907, Dutch

Frank B. KelloggFrank B. Kellogg
22 December 1856, American
Lawyer, Politician

Knud RasmussenKnud Rasmussen
07 June 1879, Greenlander

George PattonGeorge Patton
11 November 1885, German, American
Military Officer
James ParkinsonJames Parkinson
11 April 1755, British

Edwin G. KrebsEdwin G. Krebs
06 June 1918, American
Albert KingAlbert King
25 April 1923, American
Singer-songwriter, Basketball player, Musician,

Giovanni BoccaccioGiovanni Boccaccio
16 June 1313, Italian

Saparmurat NiyazovSaparmurat Niyazov
19 February 1940, Turkmen
John EisenhowerJohn Eisenhower
03 August 1922, American
Diplomat, Military historian, Author, Writer,

Paul HausserPaul Hausser
07 October 1880, German
Officer, Military personnel
Ted HealyTed Healy
01 October 1896, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Stage actor

Ernst-Günther SchenckErnst-Günther Schenck
03 October 1904, German
Surgeon, University teacher

Marguerite de NavarreMarguerite de Navarre
11 April 1492, French
Lewis TermanLewis Terman
15 January 1877, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Udo JürgensUdo Jürgens
30 September 1934, Austrian, Swiss
Actor, Singer, Composer, Pianist
Paul de ManPaul de Man
06 December 1919, Belgian, American
Philosopher, University teacher, Literary critic,

Henry Fielding DickensHenry Fielding Dickens
16 January 1849, British
Judge, Barrister, Lawyer

Lion FeuchtwangerLion Feuchtwanger
07 July 1884, German
Writer, Playwright, Translator, Journalist

Francesco HayezFrancesco Hayez
10 February 1791, Italian
Dick SchaapDick Schaap
27 September 1934, American
American sportswriter
Kurt TucholskyKurt Tucholsky
09 January 1890, German
Journalist, Poet lawyer, Satirist, Poet, Writer,

Louis WashkanskyLouis Washkansky
1913 AD, Polish, South African
World's first human-to-human heart transplant

Nathan MilsteinNathan Milstein
13 January 1904, Ukrainian, American

Peter GeachPeter Geach
29 March 1916, Polish, British
Philosopher, University teacher, Philosophy
Carol BurnsCarol Burns
22 February 1947, Australian
actor, film actor

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Enzo BearzotEnzo Bearzot
26 September 1927, Italian
Italian football manager

Enzo BearzotEnzo Bearzot
26 September 1927, Italian
Italian football manager

Eric Temple BellEric Temple Bell
07 February 1883, British, American, Scottish
Mathematician, Historian of mathematics, Novelist,

Niels GadeNiels Gade
22 February 1817, Danish
Danish composer
Kelly JohnsonKelly Johnson
27 February 1910, American
Aerospace Engineer, Engineer

Namık Kemal YolgaNamık Kemal Yolga
1914 AD, Turkish
Petrus CanisiusPetrus Canisius
08 May 1521, Dutch

George Smith Patton, Jr.George Smith Patton, Jr.
11 November 1885, American

Clelia Duel MosherClelia Duel Mosher
16 December 1863, American
John ChamberlainJohn Chamberlain
16 April 1927, American
sculptor, painter

Carl van VechtenCarl van Vechten
17 June 1880, American
Writer, photographer
Benjamin DayBenjamin Day
10 April 1810, American
Newspaper publisher, Journalist