Died On August 21st

Discover the most famous people who died on August 21. The list includes people like Leon Trotsky, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Bismillah Khan, James Wilson, George Jackson. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, physicists, composers and poets and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, India, Italy & Germany and many more countries.

Leon TrotskyLeon Trotsky
07 November 1879, Russian, Ukrainian, Russian
Founder and first leader of the Red Army
Elizabeth BáthoryElizabeth Báthory
07 August 1560, Hungarian
Countess, Serial Killer

Robert HansenRobert Hansen
15 February 1939, American
Serial Killer

Stefán Karl StefánssonStefán Karl Stefánsson
10 July 1975, Icelander, American

Buford PusserBuford Pusser
12 December 1937, American

Subrahmanyan ChandrasekharSubrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
19 October 1910, Indian
Bismillah KhanBismillah Khan
21 March 1913, Indian

William HerschelWilliam Herschel
15 November 1738, German, British
Astronomer, Composer

James WilsonJames Wilson
14 September 1742, American, Scottish
Founding Fathers of the United States

Charles EamesCharles Eames
17 June 1907, American
George JacksonGeorge Jackson
23 September 1941, American
African-American Left-Wing Activist & Marxist

Danitra VanceDanitra Vance
13 July 1954, American
American comedian
Ettore BugattiEttore Bugatti
15 September 1882, French, Italian
entrepreneur, engineer, racecar driver

Vinoo MankadVinoo Mankad
12 April 1917, Indian

Robert MoogRobert Moog
23 May 1934, American
Inventor, Engineer, University teacher
Giuseppe MeazzaGiuseppe Meazza
23 August 1910, Italian
Association football player, Association football

Henrik PontoppidanHenrik Pontoppidan
24 July 1857, Danish
Lady Mary Wortley MontaguLady Mary Wortley Montagu
15 May 1689
Explorer, Poet, Writer, Playwright

Palmiro TogliattiPalmiro Togliatti
26 March 1893, Italian

William ThurstonWilliam Thurston
30 October 1946, American
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher
Albert ReynoldsAlbert Reynolds
03 November 1932, Irish

Dai VernonDai Vernon
11 June 1894, Canadian, American
Stage magician
Benigno Aquino, Jr.Benigno Aquino, Jr.
27 November 1932, Filipino

Dimitrie CantemirDimitrie Cantemir
26 October 1673
Anthropologist, Linguist, Historian, Philosopher,

Sophia Magdalena of DenmarkSophia Magdalena of Denmark
03 July 1746, Danish

Claude-Louis NavierClaude-Louis Navier
10 February 1785, French
physicist, economist, mathematician, engineer of
Yuri NikulinYuri Nikulin
18 December 1921, Russian, Russian
Russian-Soviet actor
Adelbert von ChamissoAdelbert von Chamisso
30 January 1781, German, French
Botanist, Poet, Pteridologist, Bryologist, Writer

Wolfgang VogelWolfgang Vogel
30 October 1925, German
Jurist, University teacher, Lawyer

Ustad Bismillah KhanUstad Bismillah Khan
21 March 1913, Indian

William Lyon PhelpsWilliam Lyon Phelps
02 January 1865, American
Writer, University teacher
Alfonso VII of LeónAlfonso VII of León
01 March 1105, Spanish

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Helen Flanders DunbarHelen Flanders Dunbar
14 May 1902, American
Psychiatrist, Physician

William Ralph MeredithWilliam Ralph Meredith
31 March 1840, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Judge

Douglas HortonDouglas Horton
27 July 1891, American
Protestant, Academic leader

The Lady Mary Wortley MontaguThe Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
15 May 1689, British