Died On August 20th

Discover the most famous people who died on August 20. The list includes people like Anne Hutchinson, Paul Ehrlich, William Booth, Tomas Luis De Victoria, Adolf von Baeyer. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, physicists and mathematicians and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Spain and many more countries.

Jerry LewisJerry Lewis
16 March 1926, American
Comedian, Actor, Singer, Film Director
Anne HutchinsonAnne Hutchinson
20 July 1591, American
Puritan spiritual adviser

Leona HelmsleyLeona Helmsley
04 July 1920, American
Business Woman

Paul EhrlichPaul Ehrlich
14 March 1854, German

William boothWilliam Booth
10 April 1829, British
Founder of the Salvation Army, Preacher

Adolf von BaeyerAdolf von Baeyer
31 October 1835, German
Percy Williams BridgmanPercy Williams Bridgman
21 April 1882, American

Tomas Luis De VictoriaTomas Luis De Victoria
1548 AD, Spanish
Composer, Singer and Organist

Phyllis DillerPhyllis Diller
17 July 1917, American
Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, Stage actor,

Pope Pius XPope Pius X
02 June 1835, Italian
Catholic priest
Bernard of ClairvauxBernard of Clairvaux
1090 AD, French

Hua GuofengHua Guofeng
16 February 1921, Chinese
B. K. S. IyengarB. K. S. Iyengar
14 December 1918, Indian

Johan de WittJohan de Witt
24 September 1625
Mathematician, Politician

Ed FreemanEd Freeman
20 November 1927, American
Helicopter pilot, Military personnel
Joe DassinJoe Dassin
07 November 1938, French

Miguel López de LegazpiMiguel López de Legazpi
1502 AD, Spanish
explorer, military personnel
Fred HoyleFred Hoyle
24 June 1915, British
Screenwriter, Astronomer, Writer, Physicist,

Meles ZenawiMeles Zenawi
08 May 1955, Ethiopian
Prime Minister

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph SchellingFriedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
27 January 1775, German
Philosopher, University teacher
Pope Pius VIIPope Pius VII
14 August 1742, Italian

Donald O. HebbDonald O. Hebb
22 July 1904, Canadian
Psychologist, Neuroscientist, University teacher
Joe RosenthalJoe Rosenthal
09 October 1911, American
Photographer, Artist, War photographer,

Walter KruegerWalter Krueger
26 January 1881, American
Military personnel

Marian McPartlandMarian McPartland
20 March 1918, British
Pianist, Radio personality, Composer, Jazz

Ram Sharan SharmaRam Sharan Sharma
26 November 1919, Indian
Author, Historian, University teacher
Hugo PrattHugo Pratt
15 June 1927, Italian
Novelist, Writer, Painter, Screenwriter
Ulla JacobssonUlla Jacobsson
23 May 1929, Austrian, Swedish
Actor, Film actor

Alfred KubinAlfred Kubin
10 April 1877, Austrian
Writer, Painter, Etcher

Pope John XIVPope John XIV

Tibor SekeljTibor Sekelj
14 February 1912, Slovak
Matiur RahmanMatiur Rahman
29 October 1941, Bangladeshi
Military pilot