Died On April 6th

Discover the most famous people who died on April 6. The list includes people like Isaac Asimov, Mickey Rooney, Raphael, Richard I of England, Merle Haggard. Famous personalities featured on this list, include artists, lawyers, political leaders and actors and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Italy, Germany & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Don RicklesDon Rickles
08 May 1926, American
Stand-up Comedian
Richard I of EnglandRichard I of England
08 September 1157, British
King of England

Mickey RooneyMickey Rooney
23 September 1920, American

Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
02 January 1920, American
Writer, Professor

Merle HaggardMerle Haggard
06 April 1937, American

1483 AD, Italian
Rainier III, Prince of MonacoRainier III, Prince of Monaco
31 May 1923, Monacan

Tammy WynetteTammy Wynette
05 May 1942, American

Greer GarsonGreer Garson
29 September 1904, American

James BestJames Best
26 July 1926, American
Corin RedgraveCorin Redgrave
16 July 1939, British

Juvenal HabyarimanaJuvénal Habyarimana
08 March 1937, Rwandan
President of Rwanda
Niels Henrik AbelNiels Henrik Abel
05 August 1802, Norwegian

Jules BordetJules Bordet
13 June 1870, Belgian
Microbiologist and Immunologist

Albrecht DurerAlbrecht Durer
21 May 1471, German
Igor StravinskyIgor Stravinsky
17 June 1882, Russian

Thomas KinkadeThomas Kinkade
19 January 1958, American
Painter, Artist
Wendy O. WilliamsWendy O. Williams
28 May 1949, American

Habib BourguibaHabib Bourguiba
03 August 1903, Tunisian
Politician, Lawyer

Wilma MankillerWilma Mankiller
18 November 1945, American
Author, Writer, Tribal chief
Babatunde OlatunjiBabatunde Olatunji
07 April 1927, Nigerian, American
Musician, Percussionist

Nobu McCarthyNobu McCarthy
13 November 1934, Canadian
Model, Actor
Moses HessMoses Hess
21 January 1812, German
philosopher, politician, journalist

Kōichi KidoKōichi Kido
18 July 1889, Japanese

Edwin Arlington RobinsonEdwin Arlington Robinson
22 December 1869, American
Poet, Writer

Mabel Walker WillebrandtMabel Walker Willebrandt
23 May 1889, American
Alexandre MillerandAlexandre Millerand
10 February 1859, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
Anita BorgAnita Borg
17 January 1949, American
Computer scientist

31 October 1581, Italian
painter, architect

Notker the StammererNotker the Stammerer
0840 AD, Swiss, German
poet, composer, musicologist, historian

Matthias Corvinus of HungaryMatthias Corvinus of Hungary
23 February 1443, Hungarian, Romanian
William HamiltonWilliam Hamilton
13 December 1730, British
anthropologist, diplomat, archaeologist,

Jigme Palden DorjiJigme Palden Dorji
1919 AD, Bhutanese
Politician,Prime Minister

Štěpán TrochtaŠtěpán Trochta
26 March 1905, Czech
Catholic priest

Sir William HamiltonSir William Hamilton
13 December 1730, Scottish