Famous People Who Died In 2009

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 2009. This list includes people like Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Ted Kennedy, Natasha Richardson, Farrah Fawcett and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, presidents, soldiers and novelists who died in 2009. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & India and many more countries.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson
29 August 1958, American
Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett
02 February 1947, American

Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze
18 August 1952, American

Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson
11 May 1963, British, American

Bea ArthurBea Arthur
13 May 1922, American

Ted KennedyTed Kennedy
22 February 1932, American
Former US Senator
Susan AtkinsSusan Atkins
07 May 1948, American

Norman BorlaugNorman Borlaug
25 March 1914, American
Father of the Green Revolution

Robert McNamaraRobert McNamara
09 June 1916, American
Former United States Secretary of Defense

Walter CronkiteWalter Cronkite
04 November 1916, American
Millvina DeanMillvina Dean
02 February 1912, British

Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones
02 March 1919, American
Corazon AquinoCorazon Aquino
25 January 1933, Filipino
Former President of Phillipines

James WhitmoreJames Whitmore
01 October 1921, American

Henry GibsonHenry Gibson
21 September 1935, American
John UpdikeJohn Updike
18 March 1932, American

Paul HarveyPaul Harvey
04 September 1918, American
Radio Broadcaster
Richard ToddRichard Todd
11 June 1919, Irish

Wendy RichardWendy Richard
20 July 1943, British

Claude Lévi-StraussClaude Lévi-Strauss
28 November 1908, French
Andrew WyethAndrew Wyeth
12 July 1917, American

Lou AlbanoLou Albano
29 July 1933, American
Soupy SalesSoupy Sales
08 January 1926, American

Ron SilverRon Silver
02 July 1946, American

Abdurrahman WahidAbdurrahman Wahid
07 September 1940, Indonesian
Former President of Indonesia

Paul SamuelsonPaul Samuelson
15 May 1915, American
Dan SealsDan Seals
08 February 1948, American
Altovise DavisAltovise Davis
30 August 1943, American

Sable StarrSable Starr
15 August 1957, American
Socialite, Groupie

Merce CunninghamMerce Cunningham
16 April 1919, American
Dancer and Choreographer

Ali Akbar KhanAli Akbar Khan
14 April 1922, Indian
Aage Niels BohrAage Bohr
19 June 1922, Danish

Guillermo EndaraGuillermo Endara
12 May 1936, Panamanian
President of Panama

Jack CardiffJack Cardiff
18 September 1914, British
Cinematographer, Film Director

Tayeb SalihTayeb Salih
12 July 1929, Sudanese

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Tyeb MehtaTyeb Mehta
25 July 1925, Indian
Indian painter
Robert F. Furchgott Robert F. Furchgott
04 June 1916, American

Edwin G. KrebsEdwin G. Krebs
06 June 1918, American
Jean DaussetJean Dausset
19 October 1916, French

Kim Dae Jung Kim Dae Jung
06 January 1924, South Korean
Former President of South Korea

Mamadou DiaMamadou Dia
18 July 1910, Senegalese
Britanny MurphyBritanny Murphy
10 November 1977, American

Sir Clive William John GrangerSir Clive William John Granger
04 September 1934, British, American, Welsh
British economist
Brittany MurphyBrittany Murphy
10 November 1977, American
Film Actress

Kim PeekKim Peek
11 November 1951, American
Savant syndrome

Ricardo MontalbánRicardo Montalbán
25 November 1920, Mexican
Television actor, Film actor, Character actor,

Dom DeLuiseDom DeLuise
01 August 1933, American

Velupillai PrabhakaranVelupillai Prabhakaran
26 November 1954, Sri Lankan
Patrick McGoohanPatrick McGoohan
19 March 1928, Irish, American
American-Irish actor

Marilyn ChambersMarilyn Chambers
22 April 1952, American

Billy MaysBilly Mays
20 July 1958, American
American salesperson

Jade GoodyJade Goody
05 June 1981
Nurse, Autobiographer, Writer, Socialite
Ed McMahonEd McMahon
06 March 1923
actor, officer, radio personality

Stephen GatelyStephen Gately
17 March 1976, Irish
Arturo GattiArturo Gatti
15 April 1972, Canadian

Les PaulLes Paul
09 June 1915, American
Guitarist, Banjoist, Inventor, Jazz musician, Jazz

The RevThe Rev
09 February 1981, American
Musician, Drummer, Pianist, Songwriter, Singer
John Allen MuhammadJohn Allen Muhammad
31 December 1960, American
Spree killer, Serial killer

Bobby RobsonBobby Robson
18 February 1933, British
Association football player, Autobiographer,
Karl MaldenKarl Malden
Film Actor, Television Actor

Jim RohnJim Rohn
17 September 1930, American
Motivational speaker, Entrepreneur, Writer

Evan ChandlerEvan Chandler
25 January 1944, American
Dentist, Playwright
Hélio GracieHélio Gracie
01 October 1913, Brazilian

Steven WilliamsSteven Williams
14 May 1960, American
Mary TraversMary Travers
09 November 1936, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer

Oral RobertsOral Roberts
24 January 1918, American

J. G. BallardJ. G. Ballard
15 November 1930, Chinese, British
Novelist, Writer, Autobiographer, Screenwriter,

Keith FloydKeith Floyd
28 December 1943, British
Television producer, Chef, Author, Autobiographer
George TillerGeorge Tiller
08 August 1941, American
Physician, Officer, Gynaecologist
Dominick DunneDominick Dunne
1925 AD
Author, Journalist, Producer, Television

Frank McCourtFrank McCourt
19 August 1930, Irish, American

Kim Dae-jungKim Dae-jung
06 January 1924, South Korean
Former President of South Korea

Allen KleinAllen Klein
18 December 1931, American
Record producer, Talent agent, Entrepreneur,
Roh Moo-hyunRoh Moo-hyun
01 September 1946, South Korean
Judge, Politician, Lawyer

Danny La RueDanny La Rue
26 July 1927, British
Cabaret artist, Autobiographer, Singer

Maurice JarreMaurice Jarre
13 September 1924, French
Composer, Conductor, Film score composer

R. VenkataramanR. Venkataraman
04 December 1910, Indian

Gaafar NimeiryGaafar Nimeiry
01 January 1930, Sudanese
Former President of Sudan
Qian XuesenQian Xuesen
11 December 1911
Astronautical engineer

Miguel SerranoMiguel Serrano
10 September 1917, Chilean
Diplomat, Writer
Pina BauschPina Bausch
27 July 1940, German
Choreographer, Ballet dancer, Dancer, Artist,

Francis MagalonaFrancis Magalona
04 October 1964, Filipino

Blossom DearieBlossom Dearie
28 April 1924, American
pianist, singer, jazz musician
Wayne AllwineWayne Allwine
07 February 1947, American
Actor, Dub actor

Harry PatchHarry Patch
17 June 1898, British
Robert EnkeRobert Enke
24 August 1977, German
Association football player

Ingemar JohanssonIngemar Johansson
22 September 1932, Swedish

Dave ArnesonDave Arneson
01 October 1947, American
List of role-playing game designers

Carl BallantineCarl Ballantine
27 September 1917, American
Actor, Television actor, Stage magician
Robert Louis-DreyfusRobert Louis-Dreyfus
14 June 1946, Swiss, French

K. Pattabhi JoisK. Pattabhi Jois
26 July 1915, Indian
Mercedes SosaMercedes Sosa
09 July 1935, Argentinian

Harry KalasHarry Kalas
26 March 1936, American
Announcer, Sports commentator

Irving PennIrving Penn
16 June 1917, American

Omar BongoOmar Bongo
30 December 1935, Spanish, Gabonese
Gabonese Politician
Shi Pei PuShi Pei Pu
21 December 1938
Artist, Spy, Opera singer