Famous People Who Died In 1877

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1877. This list includes people like Cornelius Vanderbilt, Crazy Horse, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Brigham Young, Caroline Chisholm and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include poets, military leaders, political leaders and inventors who died in 1877. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, France and many more countries.

Cornelius VanderbiltCornelius Vanderbilt
27 May 1794, American
Business Tycoon & Philanthropist
Nathan Bedford ForrestNathan Bedford Forrest
13 July 1821, American
Military commander

Crazy HorseCrazy Horse
 , American
Military Leader, Folk Hero

Brigham Young Brigham Young
01 June 1801, American
Second President of the Church of Jesus Christ of

Jung Bahadur Rana Jung Bahadur Rana
18 June 1816, Nepalese
Former Ruler & Prime Minister of Nepal

Henry Fox TalbotHenry Fox Talbot
11 February 1800, British
Juan Manuel de RosasJuan Manuel de Rosas
30 March 1793, Argentinian
Dictator of Argentina

Caroline Jones ChisholmCaroline Chisholm
30 May 1808, British
Immigrant Welfare Activist

Caroline NortonCaroline Norton
22 March 1808, British

Alexander BainAlexander Bain
01 October 1811, Scottish
Inventor of Electric Clock
James DouglasJames Douglas
15 August 1803, British
British colonial governor on Vancouver Island (now

Gustave CourbetGustave Courbet
10 June 1819, French
Painter, Sculptor, Communard
Walter BagehotWalter Bagehot
03 February 1826, British
Journalist, Economist, Political scientist,

Adolphe ThiersAdolphe Thiers
15 April 1797, French
Lawyer, Politician, Journalist, Historian, Writer

Urbain Le VerrierUrbain Le Verrier
11 March 1811, French
Astronomer, Mathematician, Politician
Kido TakayoshiKido Takayoshi
11 August 1833, Japanese
Politician, Statesman, Diplomat

Hermann GrassmannHermann Grassmann
15 April 1809
Mathematician, Physicist, Linguist, High school
Johan Ludvig RunebergJohan Ludvig Runeberg
05 February 1804, Finnish

William Fox TalbotWilliam Fox Talbot
11 January 1800, British

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah NortonCaroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
22 March 1808, British
Saigo TakamoriSaigo Takamori
23 January 1828, Japanese
Samurai, Poet