Sagittarian personalities are believed to be astrologically influenced by the power of the planet Jupiter. The actual date however in which December 11 individuals are born is ruled by Moon, thus reshaping some of the expected zodiacal characteristic of those with this birthdate. Thus, the two celestial bodies together determine some of the probable difference from the other Sagittarians. December 11 folks are honest and friendly people with natural warmth, consideration and attentiveness. They have an open mind and high levels of dependability and candidness. Ambitious by nature, these people have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom and desire to make the environment a better place to live in through their work. However, not all is good for these folks as they are prone to laziness and moodiness and may show bouts of anxiety in stressed, upsetting and troubled situations.

Hailee SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld
23, American
Actress & Model
Nikki SixxNikki Sixx
61, American
Musician, Songwriter

Dilip KumarDilip Kumar
97, Indian

John KerryJohn Kerry
76, American

Viswanathan AnandViswanathan Anand
50, Indian
Chess Player

Marco Pierre WhiteMarco Pierre White
58, British
Ashley HinshawAshley Hinshaw
31, American

Pranab MukherjeePranab Mukherjee
84, Indian
13th President of India

Aleksandr Isayevich SolzhenitsynAleksandr Solzhenitsyn
89, Russian, Russian

Max MartiniMax Martini
50, American
Xosha RoquemoreXosha Roquemore
35, American

Gary DourdanGary Dourdan
53, American
Leighton BainesLeighton Baines
35, British
Football Player

Robert KochRobert Koch
66, German

DJ YellaDJ Yella
52, American
Tom HaydenTom Hayden
76, American
Political Activist

Louis-Hector BerliozHector Berlioz
65, French
Music Composer
Donna MillsDonna Mills
79, American

Max BornMax Born
87, German

Margaret HooverMargaret Hoover
42, American
Media Personality, Author, Activist
Pope Leo XPope Leo X
45, Italian

Rider StrongRider Strong
40, American
George MasonGeorge Mason
66, American
Patriot, U.S. Statesman

Fiorello H. La GuardiaFiorello H. La Guardia
64, American
99th Mayor of New York City

Bess ArmstrongBess Armstrong
66, American

Naguib Mahfouz Naguib Mahfouz
94, Egyptian
Maila NurmiMaila Nurmi
85, Finnish, American
Konstantinos MavropanosKonstantinos Mavropanos
22, Greek
Football Player

Jack GriffoJack Griffo
23, American
Actor, Singer, Musician

Carlos GardelCarlos Gardel
44, Argentinian

Annie Jump CannonAnnie Jump Cannon
77, American
Tommy SotomayorTommy Sotomayor
44, American

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Alfred de MussetAlfred de Musset
46, French
Dramatist, Poet, Novelist

Elliott CarterElliott Carter
46, American

Amon GoethAmon Goeth
37, Austrian
World War II Nazi Officer

Tiffany AlvordTiffany Alvord
27, American
PJ LiguoriPJ Liguori
29, British
YouTuber, filmmaker, producer

Prachanda Prachanda
65, Nepalese
Prime Minister of Nepal
Javi MarroquinJavi Marroquin
27, American
Reality Star

Osho RajneeshOsho Rajneesh
58, Indian
One of the most controversial spiritual leaders

Condola RashadCondola Rashad
33, American
Sophia Phalen BertolamiSophia Phalen Bertolami
28, American
Instagram Model, Girlfriend of Bryson DeChambeau

Xime PonchXime Ponch
17, Mexican
YouTube Star
Oscar GutierrezOscar Gutierrez
45, American
Professional Wrestler

Ally HillsAlly Hills
27, American

Rodolfo AmoedoRodolfo Amoedo
47, Brazilian
History Painter

Sam WilkinsonSam Wilkinson
24, American
Viner, Instagram Star

Kyndall HarrisKyndall Harris
17, American
Kyrie PrinceKyrie Prince
3, American
Son of Damien Prince & Biannca Raines

Nick MayorgaNick Mayorga
20, American

Tina BallTina Ball
52, American
Basketball Player

Rita MorenoRita Moreno
88, American
Actor, Musician, Singer, Stage actor, Television
Brenda LeeBrenda Lee
75, American
Singer, Songwriter

Mos DefMos Def
46, American
Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter,
Samantha PonderSamantha Ponder
34, American

Jermaine JacksonJermaine Jackson
65, American
Guitarist, Singer, Dancer, Musician,

Karla SouzaKarla Souza
34, Mexican
Jon BrionJon Brion
56, American
Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Record producer

Christina OnassisChristina Onassis
37, Greek
Businessperson, Socialite
Nikki BenzNikki Benz
38, Canadian
Adult Film Star, Model

John JayJohn Jay
84, American

Chris HughtonChris Hughton
61, Ghanaian, Irish, British
Ben ShephardBen Shephard
45, British
Journalist, Television presenter

Dayanand ShettyDayanand Shetty
50, Indian
David GatesDavid Gates
79, American

Lynda Day GeorgeLynda Day George
75, American

Stevie YoungStevie Young
63, British

Devdutt PattanaikDevdutt Pattanaik
49, Indian
Ben BrowderBen Browder
57, American
Sara LorenSara Loren
34, Pakistani

Michi BeckMichi Beck
52, German

Steve NicolSteve Nicol
58, British
Association football player, Association football

Yalitza AparicioYalitza Aparicio
26, Mexican
Big Mama ThorntonBig Mama Thornton
57, American
Musician, Singer

Roy HibbertRoy Hibbert
33, Jamaican, American
Basketball player

Jim HarrisonJim Harrison
78, American

Carlo PontiCarlo Ponti
94, Italian
Film producer, Screenwriter

Javier SaviolaJavier Saviola
38, Argentinian, Spanish
Association football player
Tim SoutheeTim Southee
31, New Zealander

Ronald DworkinRonald Dworkin
81, American
Lawyer, Philosopher, University teacher
Leon LaiLeon Lai
53, Chinese
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Shareef Abdur-RahimShareef Abdur-Rahim
43, American
Basketball Player

Marie WindsorMarie Windsor
80, American
Tom ShadyacTom Shadyac
61, American
Film director

Michael OakeshottMichael Oakeshott
89, British
Philosopher, Political scientist, University
Jean-Louis TrintignantJean-Louis Trintignant
89, French
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Audio book

Derek ParfitDerek Parfit
74, British

Fabrizio RavanelliFabrizio Ravanelli
51, Italian
Association football player, Association football

Hamish BlakeHamish Blake
38, Australian
Writer, Actor
Mohamed ZidanMohamed Zidan
38, German, Egyptian
Association football player

Qian XuesenQian Xuesen
Astronautical engineer
Jean MaraisJean Marais
84, French
Film actor, Actor, Sculptor, Painter, Theatre

Nesta CooperNesta Cooper
26, Canadian
Actress,Miscellaneous Crew
Macky SallMacky Sall
58, Senegalese
Politician, Engineer

Enrico MaciasEnrico Macias
81, French
Singer, Singer-songwriter
David LimbaughDavid Limbaugh
67, American
Lawyer, Journalist

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 11

Endowed with an intellectual mind, forgiving attitude and high levels of tolerance, December 11 individuals have much positive attributes in them. These people have the ability to inspire people to give their best and expect the same in return. They have a warm and friendly disposition and pleasant mannerism that make others feel comfortable and happy in their company. As such, it is due to these traits that December 11 individuals enjoy a life filled with true and loyal friends and colleagues. Emotionally these people have intense nature and are extremely passionate about their views and ideas. They feel that ideas and opinions should be such that they should help make a difference in the environment. December 11 individuals are totally dedicated to their work and believe in setting up harmony in personal affairs.

The health of individuals born on December 11 is mostly robust. These people though experience a healthy life and proper condition more than often; it is their indulgence in a few bad habits that can cause a detrimental effect on the overall vitality of those with this birthdate. Since December 11 folks are prone to smoking and alcohol indulgence, they need to get rid of the same to experience a good life. Also, these people should take care to include lots of dairy products and meat in their daily diet. Taking calcium supplements is also advised for December 11 individuals. The only thing they need to watch out for is that poor eating habit would rob them of their vitality and energy. Thus, they need to be careful and efficient in the same.  

Financially, December 11 individuals hardly have any trouble. Though these people enjoy the comfort and luxury that money can buy, they do not worry about the greens much. In fact, money isn't an important factor in the lives of these people. Wise spenders, December 11 individuals do not spend frivolously and are cautious while expending the money. They understand the value of money and thus spend only on necessities. Though generosity does get the better of them once in a while in the form of charity to worthwhile causes, for rest, these people do not have much trouble while managing their finances.  

December 11 individuals are much different from their counterpart Sagittarians. More than earning a fat pay-cheque, it is the work satisfaction that plays a dominant role while choosing a career in the life of those with this birthdate. These people are energetic and committed folks who believe in making world a better place to live in through their work. They are foremost dedicated to their work and work efficiently and tirelessly.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Sagittarians born on December 11 are family oriented folks. They enjoy being the center of attention and enjoy a great rapport with parents, relatives, friends, neighbours, siblings and love interest. Romantically, these people are avid believers in the fairy-tale romance. Idealistic and perfectionistic sorts, these people are extremely loving, caring, attentive and observant to the needs and desires of their mate. However, it is their idealistic nature that may be a cause of worry as it can come in between reality. Nevertheless, it is believed that December 11 individuals unconsciously set themselves up for failure as they don’t believe that they deserve happiness always. As far as parenting is concerned, December 11 folks are so engrossed in their career that they plan about having children later in life. However, once they do so, they are thoroughly involved and take meticulous care to attend to the needs and desires of the little ones.

Lucky Color: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Number: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 20