Cancer has been known to be the #2nd biggest killer in developed countries while it takes the crown to become the #1 in the underdeveloped. Though there aren’t any ground breaking solutions for cancer, the latter stages of it can be prevented by early detections and medications. But the treatments that come with exorbitant bills prove to become unachievable for the under developing countries, which lead to massive death rates. Dig into the matter and cancer is mostly the consequence of poor diet and lifestyle habits, and also the lack of information regarding the symptoms. Cancer is deadly and can affect almost any part of the body and a very small percentage of it is caused by genetic links. Cancer never really goes well with anyone diagnosed with it, worst of which is when kids are affected. According to a source, more than 40 kids are diagnosed with cancer almost every day and is known to be the #1 cause of death in children. Switching gears and looking into the cause of deaths in the music and movie industry, there are a number of artists who have lost their battles against cancer. Though some of them recovered and were blessed to be given a second chance at life, actors like Paul Newman, Farah Fawcett, Alan Rickman, and Dennis Hopper, who were gone too soon due to cancer. Musicians like David Bowie, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra are few names who shook the music industry by their sudden deaths because of cancer. This isn’t it- keep reading and find out more about the life of these famous people who died of cancer.
Beau BidenBeau Biden
03 February 1969, American
Son of Joe Biden
David BowieDavid Bowie
08 January 1947, British

Steve JobsSteve Jobs
24 February 1955, American
Co-founder of Apple

Bob MarleyBob Marley
06 February 1945, Jamaican

Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra
12 December 1915, American
Singer and Actor

Bob RossBob Ross
29 October 1942, American
Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze
18 August 1952, American

George HarrisonGeorge Harrison
25 February 1943, British

Paul NewmanPaul Newman
26 January 1925, American
Walt DisneyWalt Disney
05 December 1901, American

John Wayne John Wayne
26 May 1907, American
Harold WilsonHarold Wilson
11 March 1916, British
Former British Prime Minister

Sheldon AdelsonSheldon Adelson
04 August 1933, American
Chief Executive Officer of Las Vegas Sands

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett
02 February 1947, American

H. P. LovecraftH. P. Lovecraft
20 August 1890, American

Dean MartinDean Martin
07 June 1917, American
Actor, Comedian, Singer
Humphrey BogartHumphrey Bogart
25 December 1899, American

Charlie MurphyCharlie Murphy
12 July 1959, American

Tokugawa IeyasuTokugawa Ieyasu
31 January 1543, Japanese
Military Leader

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett
06 January 1946, British
Roger MooreRoger Moore
14 October 1927, British

Desi ArnazDesi Arnaz
02 March 1917, Cuban, American
John CazaleJohn Cazale
12 August 1935, American

Peter FondaPeter Fonda
23 February 1940, American
Actor, Director

Jack RubyJack Ruby
25 March 1911, American
Nightclub Operator
John Hurt John Hurt
22 January 1940, British

Joe FrazierJoe Frazier
12 January 1944, American
Carl SaganCarl Sagan
09 November 1934, American
Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Writer

Little RichardLittle Richard
05 December 1932, American

Philip II of SpainPhilip II of Spain
21 May 1527, Spanish
King of Spain
Allen LuddenAllen Ludden
05 October 1917, American
Game Show Host

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Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington
29 April 1899, American
Composer, Pianist and Bandleader
Ann DunhamAnn Dunham
29 November 1942, American
Barack Obama's Mother

Andy KaufmanAndy Kaufman
17 January 1949, American

Roger EbertRoger Ebert
18 June 1942, American

Miguel FerrerMiguel Ferrer
07 February 1955, American
Jack LemmonJack Lemmon
08 February 1925, American
American actor
Nat King ColeNat King Cole
17 March 1919, American
Vocalist, Pianist

Luciano PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti
12 October 1935, Italian

Henrietta LacksHenrietta Lacks
01 August 1920, American
Source of HeLa Cell Line

Jackie GleasonJackie Gleason
26 February 1916, American
Robert ForsterRobert Forster
13 July 1941, American

Michael CrichtonMichael Crichton
23 October 1942, American
Author, Screenwriter, Film Director

Edith PiafEdith Piaf
19 December 1915, French
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Audre LordeAudre Lorde
18 February 1934, American

Paul AllenPaul Allen
21 January 1953, American
Co-founder of Microsoft, Philanthropist
Peter MaiviaPeter Maivia
06 April 1937, American Samoan

Gregg AllmanGregg Allman
08 December 1947, American
Singer, Guitarist
Marcheline BertrandMarcheline Bertrand
09 May 1950, American

Chuck ConnorsChuck Connors
10 April 1921, American

Diahann CarrollDiahann Carroll
17 July 1935, American
Walter PaytonWalter Payton
25 July 1954, American
American Football Player

Adam YauchAdam Yauch
05 August 1964, American
Buster KeatonBuster Keaton
04 October 1895, American

Mary AnningMary Anning
21 May 1799, British

Edward HerrmannEdward Herrmann
21 July 1943, American

Sally RideSally Ride
26 May 1951, American
Physicist, Astronaut

Jeff HealeyJeff Healey
25 March 1966, Canadian
Hubert HumphreyHubert Humphrey
27 May 1911, American
38th Vice President of the U.S

Roddy McDowallRoddy McDowall
17 September 1928, British

Michelle ThomasMichelle Thomas
23 September 1968, American

Robert VaughnRobert Vaughn
22 November 1922, American
Agnes MooreheadAgnes Moorehead
06 December 1900, American

Terry MelcherTerry Melcher
08 February 1942, American
Bing RussellBing Russell
05 May 1926, American

Dinah ShoreDinah Shore
29 February 1916, American

Vivian LibertoVivian Liberto
23 April 1934, American
Rosanne Cash's Mother
Peter CushingPeter Cushing
26 May 1913, British

Jessica TandyJessica Tandy
07 June 1909, British
Jack KlugmanJack Klugman
27 April 1922, American

David Lloyd GeorgeDavid Lloyd George
17 January 1863, British, Welsh
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Mobutu Sese SekoMobutu Sese Seko
14 October 1930, Congolese, Moroccan
Joanna MooreJoanna Moore
10 November 1934, American

Friedrich EngelsFriedrich Engels
28 November 1820, German
Golda MeirGolda Meir
03 May 1898, Israeli, Ukrainian
Former Prime Minister of Israel

Merv GriffinMerv Griffin
06 July 1925, American
TV Host

Don AmecheDon Ameche
31 May 1908, American

DeForest KelleyDeForest Kelley
20 January 1920, American
Lee RemickLee Remick
14 December 1935, American
Milton BerleMilton Berle
12 July 1908, American

Cassandra HarrisCassandra Harris
15 December 1948, Australian, American

Victor FrenchVictor French
04 December 1934, American

Sydney PollackSydney Pollack
01 July 1934, American
Film Director, Producer, Actor
Frederick III, German EmperorFrederick III, German Emperor
18 October 1831, German

Mako IwamatsuMako Iwamatsu
10 December 1933, Japanese, American

Andy WhitfieldAndy Whitfield
17 October 1971, Welsh

Ted KnightTed Knight
07 December 1923, American

Karen BlackKaren Black
01 July 1939, American
Cynthia LennonCynthia Lennon
10 September 1939, British
John Lennon's Ex-Wife

Rob FordRob Ford
28 May 1969, Canadian
Former Mayor of Toronto
Brett SomersBrett Somers
11 July 1924, Canadian
Actress, Singer

Carol Ann SusiCarol Ann Susi
02 February 1952, Italian, American
Juliet ProwseJuliet Prowse
25 September 1936, Indian, American, South African
Wendy RichardWendy Richard
20 July 1943, British