Famous People From England
Strings of nylon or steel bound together on a wooden device when strummed with fingers or a pick create music that is food for the soul! Confused? Well, it’s the music by a guitar that we are talking about! Guitarists are people who are well versed with the technique of playing a guitar. Broadly divided into the category of classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, the genre of guitar music has greatly evolved since its emergence. Guitarists have seized quite a sizeable popularity when it comes to music fan following, with their rock, metal, jazz, folk, classical and acoustic forms. While Americans are credited with popularizing guitar music, it were the Brits’ who refashioned the music style to make it edgier, harder, inventive and melodic! Spearheaded by Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame, British guitar players pushed the art form to celestial heights with their inventive technique and powerful play. Laced with soulful renditions, dazzling technique and quality content, British guitarists helped the instrument rise up to monumental standards. Some of Britain’s ace guitar legends include Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Steve Howe, Angus Young and so on. Check this section and find out more about the life and works of greatest British guitarists. Find out what they have to offer from their musical arsenal!
David BowieDavid Bowie
08 January 1947
Ringo StarrRingo Starr
07 July 1940

Cat StevensCat Stevens
21 July 1948

Keith RichardsKeith Richards
18 December 1943

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett
06 January 1946

Jimmy PageJimmy Page
09 January 1944
Pete TownshendPete Townshend
19 May 1945
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Composer

Brian JonesBrian Jones
28 February 1942
Founder of the Rolling Stones

Joe StrummerJoe Strummer
21 August 1952
Singer, Guitarist

Steve WinwoodSteve Winwood
12 May 1948
Jamie Campbell BowerJamie Campbell Bower
22 November 1988

Ronnie WoodRonnie Wood
01 June 1947
Musician & Songwriter
James RightonJames Righton
25 August 1983

Steve ClarkSteve Clark
23 April 1960

The EdgeThe Edge
08 August 1961
Oliver SykesOliver Sykes
20 November 1986

Rex Orange CountyRex Orange County
04 May 1998
Recording Artist
Paul WellerPaul Weller
25 May 1958
Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Mick TaylorMick Taylor
17 January 1949

Winston MarshallWinston Marshall
20 December 1987
Matthew BellamyMatthew Bellamy
09 June 1978

Tom FletcherTom Fletcher
17 July 1985
Danny WorsnopDanny Worsnop
04 September 1990

Adrian SmithAdrian Smith
27 February 1957

Matthew HealyMatthew Healy
08 April 1989
Musical Performer

Declan McKennaDeclan McKenna
24 December 1998
Max GeorgeMax George
06 September 1988
James BayJames Bay
04 September 1990

Ben BruceBen Bruce
31 October 1988

Roger TaylorRoger Taylor
26 July 1949

Andy FowlerAndy Fowler
16 February 1994
23 July 1965

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Blake RichardsonBlake Richardson
02 October 1999
Singer, Guitarist

Robert SmithRobert Smith
21 April 1959
Singer, Guitarist, Lyricist

Bradley SimpsonBradley Simpson
28 July 1995

Richard ThompsonRichard Thompson
03 April 1949
Musician, Singer-Songwriter
James McVeyJames McVey
30 April 1994

Peter GreenPeter Green
29 October 1946
Musician & Songwriter
George SmithGeorge Smith
09 March 1999
Pop–rock Singer, Instrumentalist

Andrew RidgeleyAndrew Ridgeley
26 January 1963
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician

Melanie CMelanie C
12 January 1974
Laurence FoxLaurence Fox
26 May 1978

Roger WatersRoger Waters
06 September 1943
Composer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist,
Mark KnopflerMark Knopfler
12 August 1949
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Record producer,

Gary KempGary Kemp
16 October 1959
Actor, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Damon AlbarnDamon Albarn
23 March 1968
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Composer, Songwriter

Jeff BeckJeff Beck
24 June 1944
Guitarist, Composer, Musician, Jazz guitarist,

Kate NashKate Nash
06 July 1987
Roger DaltreyRoger Daltrey
01 March 1944
Actor, Singer, Film producer, Singer-songwriter,

10 May 1946
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,

John EntwistleJohn Entwistle
09 October 1944
Singer-songwriter, Bassist, Guitarist, Hornist

Gary MooreGary Moore
04 April 1952
PJ HarveyPJ Harvey
09 October 1969
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Artist, Singer,

Neil TennantNeil Tennant
10 July 1954
Tony IommiTony Iommi
19 February 1948
Guitarist, Composer, Musician, Songwriter

James McCartneyJames McCartney
09 December 1977

Adam AntAdam Ant
03 November 1954
Guitarist, Actor, Singer
Dhani HarrisonDhani Harrison
01 August 1978
Singer, Guitarist, Composer, Pianist, Model

Greg LakeGreg Lake
10 November 1947
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter
Ritchie BlackmoreRitchie Blackmore
14 April 1945
Guitarist, Songwriter

Mike OldfieldMike Oldfield
15 May 1953
Composer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Shaun RyderShaun Ryder
23 August 1962
Johnny MarrJohnny Marr
31 October 1963
Guitarist, Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Record

Roy WoodRoy Wood
08 November 1946
Oboist, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,
04 January 1989

Iwan RheonIwan Rheon
13 May 1985
Actor, Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Midge UreMidge Ure
10 October 1953
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Singer

John McVieJohn McVie
26 November 1945
Jarvis CockerJarvis Cocker
19 September 1963
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer
Ray DaviesRay Davies
21 June 1944
Guitarist, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Record

Ian AndersonIan Anderson
10 August 1947
Composer, Singer, Guitarist, Flautist, Songwriter

Shirley MansonShirley Manson
26 August 1966
Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Musician, Model,

Guy GarveyGuy Garvey
06 March 1974
Composer, Radio personality, Singer, Disc jockey,
Robert FrippRobert Fripp
16 May 1946
Guitarist, Composer, Motivational speaker, Record

James FoxJames Fox
06 April 1976

Billy BraggBilly Bragg
20 December 1957
Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Guitarist, Writer,

John MartynJohn Martyn
11 September 1948

Dev HynesDev Hynes
23 December 1985
Guitarist, Singer, Record producer, Composer
Paolo NutiniPaolo Nutini
09 January 1987
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Eddy GrantEddy Grant
05 March 1948
Richey EdwardsRichey Edwards
22 December 1967
Guitarist, Songwriter, Lyricist

Steve HackettSteve Hackett
12 February 1950
Guitarist, Songwriter

Holly JohnsonHolly Johnson
09 February 1960
Singer, Writer, Artist, Guitarist, Painter
David A. StewartDavid A. Stewart
09 September 1952

Jonny GreenwoodJonny Greenwood
05 November 1971
Guitarist, Banjoist, Composer, Ondist,
Guy BerrymanGuy Berryman
12 April 1978
Guitarist, Singer

Jonny BucklandJonny Buckland
11 September 1977

Steve MarriottSteve Marriott
30 January 1947
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Record

Tom ChaplinTom Chaplin
08 March 1979
Robin TrowerRobin Trower
09 March 1945

Vivian CampbellVivian Campbell
25 August 1962
Guitarist, Association football player
Martin GoreMartin Gore
23 July 1961
Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Composer, Singer,

Stuart AdamsonStuart Adamson
11 April 1958
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist
Mike McGearMike McGear
07 January 1944

Paul CarrackPaul Carrack
22 April 1951
Joan ArmatradingJoan Armatrading
09 December 1950
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record